Friday, October 14, 2011

Ruminating on challenges....

Happy Friday!
I just completed a 22-mile bike ride. The brisk wind and the fact that it was 48 degrees made the ride not easy. As I rode into the wind sometimes hardly able to hold my bike straight I thought of cutting the ride short. I was cold and let’s face it, it was not my idea of a FUN ride. But, I did not stop. I kept going. I persevered. I faced that wind and cold head on.

And here’s the deal: I could have easily quit or not even started in the first place. Along that 22 miles there were plenty of land mines in the shape of wind and cold. I kept on going on my bike because this is my NOW. I am deeply committed to renewing my health, my fitness level, and ridding myself of my obesity NOW. Not tomorrow, not on a calm and warm day, but NOW. Today. Because each day I stick to my basic plan of eating less and moving more, I am closer to realizing my gift to myself.

You all know that I am taking part in three weight loss bloggy challenges. You have read my statement for the Give Yourself the Best Gift challenge: (I plan to give myself a gift this holiday season. It is the gift of commitment to continue to move forward toward good health and renewed fitness by eating less and moving more. At the end of the season, my gift will be not only quantifiable in terms of pounds lost and miles cycled or walked, but will be the feeling of satisfaction and pride in my continued efforts to regain my health, even during the holiday season). To achieve my gift, I have outlined a plan and I am committed to following it. No one really would know if I shortened my ride or did not even go out and exercise today. But, I would know. I am not giving into the multiple landmines that I face every day on this journey to better health. Because this is my NOW and my gift will be better health and better fitness.

What about you? Is this your NOW?? I read many challenge update posts this week. Many of you are achieving your goals. For those folks: Bravo! But..... some of you (and you know who you are) are falling short of your goals. Your landmines might not be cold and windy weather, but they are there. You identify them in your blog posts. Whether it is overeating your caloric budget, failing to exercise, eating fast food or whatever, you are falling short. If not now: when? When is your NOW? When will you give yourself the gift of renewed good health and fitness. When my friends? It is a long and slow process, but it can be done. I am proof that eating less and exercising more works. So is Dr. Fit. So is Debbie. So is Mike. So is Deb. So is Empty Nester. Give yourself that gift. Face that cold and brisk wind, like I did, head on! You can do it.

Now for the rest of my updates:
I tracked food again 7/7 days, coming in about 1550 calories every day. I exercised 7/7 days (total hours: 8); cycling total as of today is 74 miles, walking 3.5 miles and did the stairs twice. All of those efforts paid off, because I am DOWN 1 pound to a new low of 177! I believe I checked in with all challenge bloggers spreading some love, but also kicking some butt. I failed to read more about changing metabolism as we age and weight loss, but will! In sum, I think I am doing great for the Christmas Dress Challenge and Give Yourself the Best Gift, too. The fall challenge (next) will also make that little red dress a reality.

My goals for this challenge are:

1. To aspire to 300 miles of cycling in October. I am shooting for 26/31 days on the bike. How did I do: Great! I rode 7/7 days with a total mileage so far of 74. My October mileage is: 197!!

2. Walking: I am going to strive for 10 days of walking and a total mileage of 35 miles walked. How did I do: Great! Walked 2 days for a total of 3.5 miles. I also climbed that set of stairs I did with the June Boom (49 steps) twice.

Thanks for reading. Make today your NOW! TTFN! Michele


  1. Way to go! With commitment like that, you'll be in that dress in no time.

  2. LOVIN this post!!!! NOW is the time, the place and the fact that I am NOW doing it!!!

    Staying MOtivated MO

  3. You rock! I am a wimp and would not be biking at those temps. Just being honest:)

  4. You are a great inspiration Michelle! I can tell you turned a corner somewhere in your thinking by the way you don't make excuses. You get the exercise and the eating for the day right consistently.


  5. Thanks for the shout out Michelle!!! I was just telling my Best Friend that I have finally found my 'want to'. Ive always know the 'how to'. But, I have finally grabbed hold of the true, real, 'want to'. YOure a great inspiration!

  6. Great job! I love the way you are looking at it now :)
    Keep it up.

    Blog Wobble a.k.a Lazy Girl

  7. Going all out!
    I might not be as hard-core as you!
    I love the idea.... but the reality....WOW!

  8. You were my inspiration to join the Christmas Dress Challenge 4 weeks ago and now you are my motivator and cheerleader! Congrats on hitting your new low weight, Michele, and sticking to your program with such focus. You are definitely my inspiration. On to a new week!

  9. Michele, you are an inspiration, and I need one right now. I did a 45 minute ride yesterday to my son's soccer game and was similarly cold. Please share in a post how you dress/bundle up for the ride.

  10. YEAH!!! Michele, you are donig awesome. I am so proud of you!! Tomorrow starts a whole new different routine for me. I'm not sure what yet but I'll get it figured it out.
    Keep up the great work. Take care and have a blessed week.

  11. You are so inspiring!! Keep up the great work!! you are doing great!!

    Keep focused!

  12. You are so right - those that do not push themselves know it. I am one of them. Thank you or continuing to remind us that there is only one solution to the situation we are in - eat less, move more. We ALL owe ourselves the gift of better health...thank you for giving us the push we need to get there.

  13. Now that's what I call a PEP TALK! You go girl! Woot!!!

  14. Thank you Michelle for your honest comment on my blog. It is also encouraging to read your blog and to see how you look at it. It's true, if we don't fight for a healthy body now, when will we??? It has helped me to stand up again and try again. Thank you so much for reading me and kicking my butt. :-)

  15. 22 miles? YaHoo that is incredible!! I am competing in a 15 mile bike rally in May 2012, and I am starting training this week. We also have cold/rain/wind, so tomorrow I will be riding my stationary indoor bike for and hour and see how many miles I can just gave me great inspiration!!