Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meet Morgan and Challenge Updates

Meet Morgan:
She is an older model mountain bike and remarkably fits me great. Yes, I am somewhat of a bike junkie. This one is used (left at our family cabin by the former owners) and in pretty good shape. She needs a little adjustment to the derailers, but rides quite nice. I took her out today for the first time (14 miles). The area around our cabin has a number of hilly roads. Many of the roads in NW WI were once logging roads so at times the pavement runs out and they become gravel which makes for rough terrain for my road bike.
Plus, our driveway is sandy.
Like her sturdy horse namesake, Morgan took to these surfaces with ease.
Today, I went up and down a few hills...
To here:
The St. Croix River
And back around a lake...

A perfect fall day in Minnesota for cycling!

Now onto.....Challenge Updates!!
Let me begin by update with:
My statement:
I plan to give myself a gift this holiday season. It is the gift of commitment to continue to move forward toward good health and renewed fitness by eating less and moving more. At the end of the season, my gift will be not only quantifiable in terms of pounds lost and miles cycled or walked, but will be the feeling of satisfaction and pride in my continued efforts to regain my health, even during the holiday season. To achieve my gift, I plan to adhere to the following action goals:

1. Track my food intake daily: I did this 7/7 days. If I do say so myself: I rocked this action point every day!

2. Stick to under 1500 calories on average a day: I stayed below 1500 calories per day all week!

3. Exercise, rigorously, at least 8 hours per week: I can easily check this one off, too. I exercised for about 10 hours, with 93 miles biked so far this week (my highest weekly total). I also did a couple of great and long walks.

4. Weigh in every two weeks: I am happy to report that I am down TWO pounds!!!!! Back to 178!

5. Plan for eating for the big holidays and other events during this challenge, including football games, Halloween, concerts, Thanksgiving and of course Christmas: I am going to the Lynx final game today. I plan to have a diet soda and maybe some popcorn, but that is it.

6. Continue to learn about what works best for me in this journey to better health, specifically losing and maintaining weight loss as we age and our metabolism slows down: Okay, still did not get to this....

7. Support and encourage other weight loss bloggers (including some butt kicking as needed): I am still making the rounds, but it looks to me like most of you are doing great!!
In sum, I think I am doing great for the Christmas Dress Challenge, too. I am going to take Thursday's Child's suggestion and just try the dress on once a month.

Another challenge: Some of you are taking up this challenge sponsored by Clyde and Jessica.
I think this will be a great challenge to make that pretty little dress even more of a reality.

It is simply called the "Fall 31-Day Challenge" and started on October 1. I think this challenge will help me focus on some tangible and real numbers that will ultimately pay off in that dress. Here is what I am going to do:

1. I would like to aspire to 300 miles of cycling. October is the last really good month of cycling in Minnesota. So, I am upping the ante. I am going to shoot for 26/31 days on the bike.

2. Walk: I want to increase my walking to get ready for winter. I am going to strive for 10 days of walking and a total mileage of 35 miles walked.

Finally: The best sporting news in the Twin Cities remains the WBNA Minnesota Lynx.
They open the WBNA Finals against the Atlanta Dream at home today.
As a team they have given us something to stand up and cheer about!

Thanks for reading. Stay strong and TTFN! Michele

Many of you know Shane from Losing it for the Family. He had great success in his weight loss, but was absent from blogging for a while. Let's give him a great welcome back!


  1. Bike looks great and what a gift to have it left by the previous owner. So envious of your fall colors, but mine are quickly arriving and with temps at or below freezing in the mountains, color will move in quickly. Keep up the good work on the challenges.

  2. Looks like some beautiful scenery! Great goals. :-)

  3. You know, Michele, when I started reading about your Christmas dress challenge I felt inspired to go out and shop for a size smaller dress and work to get in to it by Christmas. Then, I was overcome by the remembrance of a really bad fixation I had when I was a young woman in my late teens and early 20's. I went through quite a long period of time when I refused to buy anything in my size -- I bought everything one size smaller because I knew, I just KNEW that I was going to lose those extra 10 pounds. I ended up with about 4 items that fit me and a closet of clothes that I couldn't wear. It took me a L-O-O-O-N-G time to change that behavior. And, incredibly, I still had one item of clothing -- never worn -- from that era that I finally donated to charity a few months ago. Then, this AM, I thought about a dress that I had been saving at the back of my closet. It's a beautiful dress, and I wore it several times at my heaviest. It's sort of a long, swing dress, so it would be easy to alter to fit my new smaller body, and that was why I kept it. But now I think MY challenge will be to donate that dress also, and just go and buy a new dress that fits me. Thanks for making me think about this! Marsial

  4. You two will have FUN FUN FUN!
    Till someone takes the T-Bone away!
    lol LoCarb humor, eh?

  5. Congratulations on the bike the progress and continued happiness. Beautiful scenery. I love autumn.

  6. Michele, very cool that you found a bike and it's in decent shape and it fist you (yes?). Beautiful pictures. I am just so impressed how you've accomplished so much on the bike. You're making good use of your sabbatical. (LOL)

    As I write this, there is an ad for the Lynx game on ESPN at 8:30 ET tonight! Our Storm has won - very exciting.

  7. Pretty! We are going to ride this afternoon.

  8. Very beautiful place to ride!! I love your goals

  9. Congrats and the weight loss, and I love your bike. The photos were beautiful, and as a fellow Minnesotan, I feel pride in the beauty of our state. Your goals are great too! Continue to do what you're doing!

  10. (I couldn't comment here again...)
    Nice bike - I need to use mine more! It was COLD here today (3C) and I'm not ready for that yet! Supposed to warm up this week.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  11. YEAH!!!! That is awesome Michele. EXCELLENT!! I am so proud of you.
    I love your new bike. And your cabin roads, now that's country. Loving it.
    Take care and keep up the great work. Blessings my friend.

  12. Congratulation on your lost of weight!
    Your roads on the bike look beautiful. Nature pure! Oh, how I would love to ride the bike there. Enjoy, Michele.

  13. I am in admiration of your cycling! And still jealous of your routes! You never cease to amaze me on those bikes! And TWO lbs down? Woot!!! You rock!

  14. Down two pounds - WooHoo and congratulations! I would LOVE to see 178 again and with your support and inspiration, maybe I WILL see it in time to wear my Christmas dress. Way to go, Michele. (And, I loved the pictures of Morgan and your beautiful bike paths. It almost felt like I was there.) Blessings for a great new week. Jackie

  15. Love the new bike. What beautiful scenery!
    Sounds like you are right on track. I am getting there myself! You make me want to get my bike out and ride...will be doing that at the beach this weekend! :-)

  16. Way to nail it!

    Great place to ride your mountain bike!

    Keep on going!

  17. Lovely pics as usual. TWO pounds! You are so awesome. I love reading your blog. It keeps me reaching for my goals.

  18. Hi Michele. Love the new bike, and those photos?? GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Sounds like you are doing wonderfully well on the healthy living front! YAY YOU!!!! Have a great week.

  19. The pictures are always a welcome site - thanks for sharing. And thanks so much for your great words of support. Helps me with this months challenge and so much more!!!
    I saw a dress this weekend and thought of you and everyone else with the Christmas Dress challenge - keep it up, you are doing great!!!

    Staying MOtivated MO

  20. Love the pictures and congratulation on the loss!

  21. Looks like beautiful scenery for bike riding! I love the fall colors.

    Great job meeting your goals this week and losing 2 pounds!!

    I like your goals for the Fall Challenge. Wow..300 miles of bike riding! You can do it!!

    Have a great week!

  22. I must apologize to everyone for not coming around and visiting blogs earlier this week. It does look like you had an awesome week though!

  23. So exciting to find a fellow Minnesotan. Your goals sound great. I am doing the 31 day challenge too. The challenges are fun and help me to stay motivated. Look forward to following your blog.