Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lovely Exeter

Lovely is my new favorite word. That is what they say here in Exeter for anything that is delightful, fun, fabulous, pretty, beautiful, tasty, well you get the picture. It was a GREAT conference! I feel like I just completed a graduate course in research. Your brain gets so full of all the ideas and other research. It is really lovely, and of course stimulating. I will spend the better part of the next four months writing and writing some more. For me this was an important conference to immerse my own small slice of research into an international context. Now, that is DONE!! We are on to a few days of holiday here in the south-eastern part of England. We leave tomorrow morning (Sunday) for a few days in the national parks of Dartmoor and Exmoor. I won’t have Internet access now until I get back, but will share all my lovely pictures with you when I return.

Oh, today after the conference finished we went out for cream tea with clotted cream and scones. I don’t know if you ever whipped your own cream (but you should!). I think clotted cream is when you mix whipped cream too long and it becomes very textured. It is not sweet, but tastes, well, lovely! I do not even know how many calories are in the scones and cream might, but I am tallying in 500 for one scone and that clotted cream. Absolutely lovely!

I have done well on eating. Except for last night's gala dinner, I stayed within 1500 calories every day. No biking, but walked between 3-4 miles every day. Exeter is hilly, so all those mile were up and down hills, too.

Enjoy a few pictures:
First some pictures of the Exeter Cathedral.
You can see the square around the Cathedral is full of cafes.

I have a "thing" for church ceilings.
This one is particularly beautiful.

It is a little hard to see, but that is moon and
stars painted on the ceiling below. Just breathtaking in person.
These chairs have cushions that were needle pointed by the church ladies.
They are so sweet and I bet comfy when you are sitting for a long service.
The quaint view from the
University that I looked out on every day!
Row houses built along the hilly terrain
The River "Ex." Here it is channeled
with bike paths on the edges.
Here it is natural
Another view of town
I also have a thing for old trees.
This is an English oak.
That lovely tree next to the Cathedral tower is an English chestnut.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Thanks for reading and stay strong! TTFN from Merry Old England!


  1. So glad you're having such a lovely time! LOL I very much enjoyed the pictures- can't wait for more!

  2. Such an exciting life you are sharing! I love the old things of the old world. If I were to do the Euro would be to see all the old things and imagine the old rivers and almost imagining an ancient fairy or two exposing some ancient relic secret.

  3. What can I say but "lovely." Thanks for sharing the photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip. We'll be in London and Paris in a few weeks. Can't wait!

  4. How lovely - to find someone from blogworld in England! I am so pleased you have found it lovely ( It IS lovely) If I can help providing any UK information for you for your writing in the next few months - just say...I can also post you more of anything you have liked in UK!
    Safe journey home x

  5. How exciting, MIchele! I have been to Exeter and like you, am always fascinatrf with the cathedrals in the villages. Enjoy the remainder of your trip. Will look forward to more pictures.

  6. Lovely!
    I find it interesting to see the motif of stars and moon, just like in you picture, on many church ceilings all over Europe. Very, very pretty.
    Aren't European cities just great for walking?
    Enjoy your stay.

  7. Oh Friend, what a time you are having!! Everything there is beautiful and lovely! Enjoy every moment!!

    Keep focused!

  8. I love the pics. Love them! You're doing so well with your weight loss, too. I'm proud of ya!

  9. Hi Michele. VERY happy for you to be in the U.K. It is the loveliest place to be at this time of the year. Enjoy Exeter and thanks for sharing the photos with us. Safe travels.

  10. I'm so glad you are having a great time. I can't wait to see more pictures. Those churches are awesome.
    Take care and have a blessed trip home.

  11. The trip is great and I am glad that you are enjoying a wonderful experience. What I am most impressed with though is how you fit your lifestyle change into differing circumstances. Watching your calories. Figuring out how to get good exercise in. Great job!

  12. LOVE this - Lovely! I am so glad you are doing all this.

  13. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself! If you fancy 'challenging up' again I'm doing a challenge to take us up to christmas, would love it if you joined:

  14. Provided you check in every week through the linky that will be up, then yes it's fine for you to still join the challenge. I put in the weekly weigh in because it's a way for everyone to keep in track and mark progress, but I know from STS that you don;t work like that and you were good about checking in regardless, so I'd be willing to accept that. If possible, could you have a start weight and an end weight though? The challenge is 3 months so you can weigh in in-between as often as you like, but it would be good to know precisely what progress you made during.

  15. Hi, you asked if I would be using the Mr. Linky for the "Give Yourself the Best Gift".

    I tried really hard to figure out how to add it, but I couldn't get it. So instead, I'll just ask that you leave a link to your post in the comment section of my post.