Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Greetings from a beautiful sunny Minnesota!

When I came back from our trip to Washington state, I envisioned three different posts about my experiences there: our trip to Olympic National Park, the wedding of our son, and lastly some rumination about it all. This will be the last post about our trip: ready for some ruminations?

It was a nearly perfect trip. I got a speeding ticket. Let me explain: on the day of our rehearsal lunch we ended up staying behind at the venue to finish up a little business. Our DIL's father lent us his car (a large SUV) to drive back to Fort Worden. Since most of the people were from out of town, we as the grooms’ parents, hosted a little gathering Friday afternoon. Our guests were counting on some simple road signs to direct them to our quarters at the officer’s housing, which we forgot to set up!! We zipped over to Safeway to get some poster board and markers. Now we were running late. I started to envision people getting lost and frustrated which led to my distraction while driving that large SUV. That SUV is of course a potentially speedy vehicle. I was nailed going about 35 in 25 MPH only blocks away from our little gathering. I was not paying attention to the speedometer, so immersed in thinking about our gathering, the bride, and THE SIGNS that were not up. I was driving along, but my mind was elsewhere, not on my driving. As I sat there giving the officier my license and the car’s registration my mind started to whirl about all the things that were going on, including the simple fact that our son was getting married the next day. Immediately I caught myself thinking about excuses: excuses that would some how get me off the hook. But, I was at fault, for crying out loud: I HAD been speeding. Caught red handed. Dang it!

My little speeding ticket is an analogy to my obesity. For years, I was too distracted by my life (kids and their events and lives, grandbabies, my career, aging parents) to really be present and see what was right before me: I was not healthy and was closing in on being morbidly obese. Plus, I used all of my life events to create a zillion excuses of why I could not care for myself right now, well...because there was always tomorrow, once this last “big event” was over. You name it, I had an excuse for why I could not focus on my own health until whatever day. Sitting alongside the road waiting for that officer to finish writing my ticket, I was amazed at how quickly my mind went to creating excuses, instead of just taking ownership of what I had done: speeding. It was the same with my obesity, until I stopped making excuses, I was not able to take ownership of my own obesity, let alone start to look at what I was going to do about it.

It was a great wedding. I am so happy for our family and for us as parents to welcome our new DIL. I am also very proud of how far I have come in my own journey to take care of myself and really take ownership of my obesity. That was just a speeding ticket. It was dumb to speed, just like it was dumb to overeat and allow myself to become so out of shape. I am not proud of that speeding ticket, nor am I proud of my obesity. I am proud of the fact that I finally took my obesity by the reigns and finally looked at all those excuses for what they really were: excuses. That's it. Excuses. How about you? Have you gone beyond your excuses, yet??

Have a great day and stay strong!



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Owning up is what it's all about and taking care of yourself is what's next. You are doing awesomely Michele, I am so proud of you.
    Have a great night Michele. Blessings my friend.

  2. Wow... This was a great post! Congratulations! I've done the same thing throughout my own life, not only with taking care of my physical body but also getting a real grip on my finances... Just today I decided not to make any more excuses regarding my finances like how I don't have time to clip coupons or use a monthly budget. I TOTALLY cannot afford to continue living that way...

  3. Most AWESOME POST! Oh yeah, I've made them. I think I've even mastered them. Now I own up to what I've done. Most times I fight to get things done so I don't have to even think about an excuse. The worse thing is going to my trainer every week and having to tell her what I did not do....Every week, I had an excuse and finally last time, I just said, I did not get it done. Plain & simple! And then I took my lashes from her. Oh she makes me pay :-)

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!

  4. Great analogy! You hit me right between the eyes & helped me see that I still look for excuses when my world starts to get busy & out of control. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I like how you tied your mindset of making excuses to the officer with how excuses got you where you didn't want to be as far as your weight goes. Got me thinking about my excuse making!

    Great post!

  6. I love how you used the speeding ticket as an analogy for your weight issues. This really spoke to me as I am at fault with this also. I am an excuse person. It's an old habit and I think I am finally making progress to break it. Great post!

  7. You are so wise Michele! I love how you can take an experience and turn it into a life lesson. I can see my own excuses. Even reading your post, I was thinking of things you could say to get out of the ticket! I think of things as to why I "need" or "deserve" to overeat. But it just comes right down it this: Do I want the ultimate consequences that this action will bring? I can never say that I do. Self-disciplin is what is needed. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    Take care,

  8. Love the analagy Michele! Wonderful post. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.

  9. Lots of food (ooops) for thought here. Seriously excuse making is a recipe for more trouble. I do try to see bad things as a challenge to overcome. It my idea of competing with myself. :)

  10. Great post, Michele. Yes, I'd like to recite a few "excuses" why things haven't gone as I'd like weight-wise for the past few months, but legitimate as some of them are, they are still excuses. My "ticket" is a few pounds back on. I wish I could just write a check and to pay the fine, but only hard work will suffice. Thanks for welcoming me back.