Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brief update for STS

Hello All,
This is just the briefest of updates. Summer is just too short here in Minnesota! I am currently playing at our new cabin with the grandbabies: more later this week!
Slimmer This Summer Challenge update.
Weight loss:
No weight loss to report. I plan to weigh in again on August 24. But, I can feel a difference in my clothes!!

Tracking food: Yes, this is still going well.

Move more: Biking is up to 69 miles this week. I will get in one more ride today, so should be over my goal of 85 miles.

Blogger love: Yes, I did spread lots of love last week. This week will be a bit more minimal, but I will be reading!!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your support. Have a great start to your week! TTFN, Michele


  1. Your biking miles are so impressive! I love that!!

  2. It's always nice to have a difference in your clothes. Yay for being positive!

  3. Great mileage!!! Well done. Even a short check-in is good. Have a great week.

  4. Boy you get the miles in ~ that is soooo awesome!! Keep up the great work and enjoy your family!

    Keep focused!

  5. I'm so jealous- a new cabin?! Lucky duck! Great job on the biking!

  6. I can't wait to see the promised pics of the new place. I am so excited for you Michele. Keep up the great work on all that you've done and are doing.
    Take care my friend and have a blessed week.

  7. Cabin? Fun! Fun! Fun! Keep up with the biking...Teen Son 1 and I did a 30 mile ride on Sunday morning before it got hot.

  8. Spreading love, working out, tracking. Doing all the good stuff. I'm sure the loss will show...

    Let's have a wonderful week, all of us!

  9. Wow! 69 miles. Holy moly! You are amazing!

  10. Feeling a difference in your clothes is a great thing. Congrats.

  11. Keep on pedaling, you're doing awesome! My best friend lives in the MN and she says the same thing you do: summer there is too short not to be out enjoying it; although I heard it had gotten a bit cooler for a few days. Just keep enjoying the warm weather! And keep at it!