Sunday, August 21, 2011

Apples and STS updates

It’s the beginning of apple season in Minnesota! One of my favorite apple varieties is a Honey Crisp apple followed closely by a Haralson. Both apple varieties are hybrids developed through research at the University of Minnesota. Our countryside is doted by apple orchards selling all things apple and seasonal. I stopped last week at one of my favorites. While at the check out I could not help but notice a very large man with a number of apple sweets, including Carmel apples. This man was tall and plainly morbidly obese. He exited the shop heavily and I could easily see ambulating was difficult for him. A few moments later I was out in the parking lot loading up my apples into my car when I saw him in his car, chowing down on his Carmel apples. Eating in his car along the side of the parking lot. Alone. Scarfing them down. Alone. Probably not even tasting them. Alone. I could feel his desperation.

I will carry that sad image with me for a while. Like many of us, I have been in his shoes. Not necessarily scarfing down carmel apples, but other things. It was not the time to talk to him, but I wish I could. If I could I would tell him that there is hope. I am proof of that and so are many of you. It is a hard road, with no short cuts. But, it can be done. Eat less and move more. It can be done. But, I also realized as I left that apple barn that I have slowly developed a more normalized attitude about eating. I still crave certain foods, but because I eat a few of them here and there and always count them into my caloric budget, I never feel the urge to binge or to scarf those same foods down. I have come a long way. Many of you have come along, way, too. He can, too.

Now for my second to the last Slimmer This Summer update:

Weight loss:
No weight loss to report. I will weigh in this week, Thursday August 25. I am excited!

Tracking food: Yes, each and every day. I averaged 1400 calories each day. That works well with my average of 10 miles per day of biking.

Move more: I did not make my goal of 85 miles per week, but did log 58. Most of my miles have been in that hilly area around where our new cabin is. I will get in another 10 miles today.

Blogger love: I continue to do this. I am happy for many of the STS bloggers who report their successes, whether in weight loss or fitness. It all counts. But more importantly are the new life style habits that are being forged. Those new habits will continue long past the conclusion of this challenge.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your support. Have a great start to your week! TTFN, Michele


  1. Ahhhh to be the person sitting in the car inhaling some calorie laden sweet or fried food. I have been there so many times. It's terrible. I saw something like that yesterday, I went to a buffet and in the next table was a big guy who reveled in the fact that he 'got his money's worth' out of the buffet. I hope I never go back to that place. This post was awesome, your hopeful perspective for us on this challenge as it comes to an end and to a stranger you didn't know..... Weight loss and obesity are tricky businesses!

  2. Oh, I agree. So many times I have wanted to stop and talk to people, to let them know that there is hope and that it can be done. It especially breaks my heart to see kids...I just want to shake their parents.

    I'm excited for your weigh in, too! How can you wait so long between scale visits? The suspense would drive me nuts! :)

  3. I love the Honey Crisps! Congrats to the Vikings, even though last night's game didn't matter. I'd rather have the Vikings hand than the home team's. Maybe I should skip football this season and ride my bike more...

  4. I second Karen's comment! I am DESPERATE for a decent apple and it's just too early here. Honey Crisp's are one of my favorites also - how cool to know where they originated.

  5. My heart breaks for that man. I've soooo been there too!! The gummy bear incident - not proud of that one for sure! This is a hard and slow journey, but so worth the effort!!

    I hope your path crosses with this man another time. Maybe you will have an opportunity to spread some love & acceptance and offer some truth. Might change his life forever!!

    Keep focused!

  6. I really appreciate the way you give love on my blog. It is so hard reaching out to ppl in need. I try to be an example and share my story with anyone who will listen.

  7. 1+ for the Honey Crisp!

    The picture you painted of the man with the carmel apples brings back painful memories for me. I hope I never go back there! I hope none of us do!

  8. I need to get some apples shortly. The two places I use to get them are no longer available so hopefully my uncles tree keeps ripening so there will be plenty for us all.
    You are doing awesome and I can't wait to hear Thursday how you're month went. I know that scale will be terrific.
    Take care Michele and have a blessed week.

  9. I have seen the same thing going on around here and I want to stop and talk to them too. But I don't. It's difficult to watch but it's even more difficult to see myself in them. But you're right, it CAN BE DONE!

    You're doing such a great job, I can't wait to hear how much you've lost!

  10. Good luck on your upcoming weigh in and enjoy those apples! I like apples, but their appearance does make me a little sad that we'll be losing a lot of the other varieties.

  11. Thanks for your great comment on my post. It sounds like you have a new cabin on a lake. You will love it. Having a getaway is very nice. The honeycrisps are delicious, and I can't wait to bite into one. I do love fall in Minnesota. I'm hoping for a good one!

  12. We just bought kayaks today (used rentals, on sale), and I've been riding my bike a lot. Your health and weight loss journey continues to inspire me.

  13. Honey Crisps are my favorite but why do they have to be double the price? I've never seen Haralson apples here. Can't wait to hit the orchard and the corn maze. I love fall!

    You've been doing so great with the challenge. I hope you're proud of yourself no matter what the scale says.

    Rock on!