Friday, July 15, 2011

STS and other challenge updates

Happy Weekend, Bloggers!
We are already midway through July! Summer is so short here in Minnesota that I just want to make every day count. Like most of the country Minnesota is in for some very HOT weather this weekend! I will try to get out on my bike early each morning. Speaking of bikes and cycling, this will go down as one of my lowest mileage weeks of the summer. I taught all week at the U of Mn. Summer teaching is always very intense. I worked long, long days. Like many of you have blogged about, getting out early to exercise (like before 6am) was just not realistic. Several evenings I had meetings, too. So, thus, low mileage. I will get another 10-mile ride in Saturday morning.

Challenge updates!

My target for week 5 (July 10-July 16) for Small Change Challenge was to target experimenting with some "core" exercises this week. Well, I did not do any of those core exercises. So, guess what my small change goal is next week: yep, core exercises!

For me, the Slimmer this Summer (STS) challenge is going GREAT!!
Weight loss:I will not weigh in until July 23. So, no news here.

Tracking food: Food was spot on. I am particularly proud of the fact that I packed a lunch each and every day that I was teaching. You see they provide the most delicious lunches for the teachers. Delicious. The teachers rave about them. But for someone that is watching what they eat and calories: a no go. I did not have one bite of that food; nor one single bite of all the candy that was up for grabs either.

Move more: Well, you already know I did not make my 85 mile goal. I will add another 10 miles on Satirday for about 35 for the week. I did do stairs twice for 300 steps.

Blogger love: Yes, I have spread the bloggy love. I can see that the linky list on Deb's blog is smaller. I hope folks are not dropping out. I can not tell you how many times I dropped off of working on my weight and fitness. It is hard, and almost every day hard. But, you know, this is my life and I want nothing more right now then to be healthy and fit. If you are reading this and you are thinking about letting yet another weight loss journey go, think again. You are doing this for YOU! But you are also doing it for the people that LOVE you! Get your fitness together well before I did! Please!!

Finally, this weekend will be another first for bloggy love for me. Julie and I will be meeting for the first time in person!! I am so excited! Many of you already know that she is a Minnesota blogger, too, from Up North! I am betting that we will hit it off just great. As a matter of fact, we already share a common bond: weight loss blogging. We are a special breed, us weight loss bloggers. We know each other's stories at least parts of them because we live and have lived them. So already many shared commonalities. Julie is going to help me become a paddler! Well, at least learn the basics...

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your support. Have a great weekend! TTFN, Michele


  1. Exciting news about meeting another blogger. I can tell you that it's the icing on the cake. I hope someday the blogger you meet it ME!

    Wonder if teaching this week made you miss it or made you glad your sabbatical is only half over??

  2. In 14 hours or so you'll be here. YEAH!!! I'm excited and so ready to start out our friendship in person. This will be so cool. Take care and drive carefully. See you soon.
    Blessings my friend.

  3. Have fun at your bloggy meet up!

  4. I hope you and Julie are having a great time. I need to grab the stair climbing and go with it!

  5. Hope youre meet up was fantastic!! You both sound like wonderful women!!!

  6. How exciting! I love meeting other bloggers!

  7. I am really anxious to read about your weigh-in. I think you are really going to get good news.

  8. I'm so excited and jealous that you get to meet Julie in person! Isn't she just the greatest?! I know y'all will hit it off in a grand fashion.

    Awesome that you could resist all that lovely food and the candy! I'm most impressed!

  9. I hope that you're meeting with Julie went well! I thought of you guys here in the heat!

    You're doing so good and you're right, the list is getting smaller which is sad. Keep it up!

  10. I'm still here! I just don't do my recap posts until Mondays. =) You are doing great with this challenge. Keep it up!

  11. I think the thing that is most impressive for me is the packing your own lunch and avoiding the food that would do you in! It's a lot tougher than it sounds!

  12. Mn definitely has been hot this past couple weeks!! It's great that you are meeting a fellow blogger who is gonna show ya some exercising.. wOOT!