Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Challenge Update 3!

Happy Friday!
As I write this update post I can see the sunlight just beginning to come into our yard. We have a rain gauge in our yard that measured close to 4 inches of rain!! Southern and Central Minnesota are soggy and some rivers are again on the verge of flooding. Not a great week for outdoor activities. But hey the sun is out now!

Overall, I continue to do well on my three summer challenges.
My goals are:
1. Exercise every day at least one hour, with twice a day for 3/7 days in a week. Due to the rain, I skipped one day of exercise all together. So, 6/7 days. I actually watched the weather forecast to find the window of non rain for biking. Several times this week we had a dry spell late in the afternoon so I just hopped right on my bike and off I went. Biking of course can be done in the rain, I just prefer to stay dry if possible. My total bike mileage is at 38. Even with two more rides today and Saturday, I will come in under 85 miles. So, I will not quite make my mileage goal. Two days this week I did additional exercise (walking up and down hills) and one more ride. With all the beautiful sunshine this morning I plan another double dip for exercise today and tomorrow.

2. Start stair climbing: Work on increasing my walking to include hills. I did hills twice, but no stairs. Maybe that will be my double dip activity for today and tomorrow.

My target for week 2 for Small Change Challenge was (June 19-June 25): Prepare my lunch every day. I am happy to report that I did this every single day!

Next week, save more calories for the end of the day. I will explain more in a minute.

Weight loss: I have not weighed myself yet (this will be on Monday), so can not report any loss or gain for that matter.

Moving more: As I wrote above, I am at 37 miles biking so far. I will easily pass 60 miles, but think I will come in short of 85. I did climb hills twice, just not any stairs.

Tracking food: I plan to aim for 1250 calories a day or 9,000 a week, except when I am biking long rides where I am increasing my calories to 1400-1500. I did great tracking both water and food every day. Every day!

Next week, I am going to try to tweak my calorie budget so that I have more calories at the end of the day. I tend to eat too many calories in the morning, so I am going to try to not snack in the morning so I can have more calories late in the afternoon and for dinner. I tend to do my long bike rides late in the day, so this will also bank some extra calories to keep my going strong.

Blogger love:
It has been great checking in on other challengers. Most of you are doing really great! Honestly, I think it is just easier to try to move more and eat less in the summer. Some of you are renewing your efforts, too, to overcome a tentative start. Good, for you, too. I will continue to do my best to support all of you, too! We are in this together and it is for life!!

Weekend plans:
Two of my adult children will be attending weddings, so I will be watching 5 grandbabies!! With the beautiful weather you can bet we will be on our bikes to the beach at one of the area lakes. What are your plans for the weekend?? Have a great weekend and stay strong! TTFN, Michele


  1. Hi Michele, curious to know how the shifting of food to end of day goes? I often am out of steam by 5pm, get home and overeat. I can't seem to line things up so I don't have that hollow leg by dinnertime. My bike -- love yours, by the way -- is a Cannondale. It's a big, blue and white urban cruiser model. I think they discontinued it a few years ago, but it's great. Like riding a bike comfy Harley! Have a great weekend.

  2. My snack binges hit at around 4:00. I have learned that nuts satisfy me best, but sometimes I sneak back into the chips and salsa habit. Just a few, though. You are doing great with your exercise!

  3. So glad to see you staying on track this summer and doing so great on your exercise. Enjoy those kiddos this weekend!

  4. YEAH for Michele. If something doesn't work you find something else that does. If you add up this week's rain for us it's 7.2 inches. Way to much to get into my garden or to even mow. Soon we'll be baling our yard.
    Keep up the great work Michele. I am so very proud of you and you are such a great inspiration.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  5. Another great week! So far so good for me this week. June Boom has been a help for me.

  6. Good week! Wow, all those miles down. You rock!

  7. Wow! I see your doing great! I had to go out and buy a digital scale cause my in-law's don't have one. I'll finally be able to do another weekly weigh-in...

  8. Hi Michele, I totally had to refocus my food. I too was having too much early in the day and left with 300 calories for dinner. I always came in way over my calories for the day. Now I have have more calories at the end and it's working a lot better!!

    Keep up the awesome work my Friend!!

    Keep focused!

  9. I too eat more at the end of the day. Mostly cause it's hard for me to get myself to eat lunch. I do a breakfast and snack and then try a protein shake at lunch with maybe a snack & then dinner. Usually breakfast and dinner are my meals and lunch is just the shake with fruit or an egg or veggies... simple easy to do while I work:-) It is nice to have a bigger allowance in the evening so that you can have a good meal or a snack (healthy of course:-) Great job on the bike riding, I too am in Minnesota and sick of the crazy weather but you know, the smart adapt so KUDOS to you for finding your dry windows:-)

  10. Way to go Michele, you are so on track!!!

  11. You're doing great. Will you have all 5 grandkids at once? Phew, that will keep you busy ;-) have a great week.

  12. It's good to read of your success. You are doing so well. Keep it up!

  13. Looks to me like you're doing really well! 5 grandkids?!?! you don't look old enough for 5 grandkids!!!

  14. Great stuff, Michele. Try stairs. Don't push it too hard. Slow and steady - go for number of stairs over speed and intensity.

  15. What The Fork?
    I've had it with the blogging hating!

    Ok. Back to telling you how Freaking Amazing you are!
    And what a great job you are doing!
    Onward and Downwards!

  16. First, Allan CHANGED that email that I sent, I just checked with the one that I sent him and he changed MANY parts of it. The first sentence started with I am NOT one of your haters. There are more inconsistences. Clearly he has issues.

    Anyways, enough of him, so glad you are doing well! Nice on the tweaking for the food, I have to do some tweaking myself. Keep it up!

  17. I work shifts and like to sleep in on my days off, so it often works out that I do more eating late a night, and keeping calories for it make such a difference! Working with your natural habits rather than trying to fit your calories to a lifestyle you'd have trouble keeping.

  18. I am a nite owl. I was a nite owl as an 8 year old, so this is nothing new. Hubby finally said, "Stop fighting it and just live by your normal rhythm." I do that most of the time, which means my last meal is usually 11pm to 12:30 am, bed by 4 or 5AM. It's hard, cause if I need to see the doc or have an early family event, I miss sleep. Argh. But yes, sometimes, you just have to accept what your individual needs are--the same way we prefer certain meals, certain types of exercises. Eat via a timing that works for the things you have to do as you do them. The body gets used to all sorts of eating schedules. :)

  19. Yeah!! Great work this week!

  20. Just here to say thanks for the encouraging words on my blog.
    Thank you for not judging me and for trying to give me some support.
    I appreciate it.