Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Challenge Update 2!

That number above might not mean much to all of you who are reading this post, but it represents my FIRST loss of 1.5 pounds in a long while! I am now only 1.5 pounds away from a total weight loss of 30 pounds. Finally... Yes, it has taken me a while, but, then this is for life and this is for keeps.

It has been a great week for exercise and good eating.
Updates on my three summer challenges. Let's start with:My goals are:
1. Exercise every day at least one hour, with twice a day for 3/7 days in a week. I exercised every single day!!!! You can see by my daily mile tracker that I was up to 51 miles bike riding this morning. Like last week, two days this week I did additional exercise (walking) and one more ride. Plus, Alan are you ready??, I climbed stairs twice this week. Not many, but 120 each time.

2. Start stair climbing: You know from above that I did some stair climbs. For next week, I hope to add 50 more stairs into my "training" each time.

My target for week 2 for Small Change Challenge was (June 12-18): Document miles walked and time, number of stairs or hills climbed and water intake.
I did document miles walked (total of 6 so far this week). I am walking about a 15 minute mile. I documented my water intake (way over 4 liters a day). I also added another small change goal last week to eat my meals at the table: Done! I did great. Set the table for every meal, too!

Small change challenge for next week: Prepare my lunch every day because I will be teaching where there will be catered food that I should not eat. So, plan ahead for my lunch and snacks while at work.
Weight loss:
You already know that I lost 1.5 pounds. My goal is to lose 10, so 8.5 to go!!

Moving more:
As I wrote above, I am at 51 miles biking so far.I took Thursday off from biking a long distance, so I am sure on Friday I will get in another 20 and on Saturday another 20, too. So, I should be over the 85 miles at the start of week 3.

Tracking food:
This week I experimented with increasing my calories to about 1400-1500 a day vs 1250 because of my dizziness. My average has been 1500. My "spells" were better. I took the advice of Dr. Fit and brought along some nuts on my rides and ate more protein each day. This seemed to help. I also bought some of those Cliff energy bars. There are 10 grams of protein. On my long rides I have one. Again, seems to be doing the trick.

Blogger love:
Love, love, love all my new followers who have come on board as a result of these challenges. Thank-you for your support, encouragement and tips. I have visited at least once every Slimmer and June Boom challenger. Next week, I hope to make it around to all the Small Changers, too. I can see that these challenges are really giving us all a great boost.

Weekend plans:
No big plans. Today, 5 of the grandbabies and I will head to a local park with a pool and a picnic. Father's Day is Sunday, so I am sure we will gather as a family. Have a great weekend and stay strong!
TTFN, Michele


  1. Good for you! I love the bike. And your cargo is gorgeous. Getting around on a bike with kids is so much more fun that rolling around in a car. Rolling around in a car and being single eating out instead of cooking was my road way to being way more obese.

    Those grand babies do keep you running.

    Have a great Father's Day weekend!

  2. Love your enthusiasm!
    I hope it's contagious and I am ravenously affected.

  3. Congratulations on the big loss1 You are doing great, really making an effort and meeting your goals in the challenges. 4+ liters of water is amazing, way to go! Enjoy our weekend with family.

  4. Good for you! And have fun with those kiddos. I am having a bit of biking envy. We just can't seem to get our schedule and the weather to cooperate.

  5. Yay! Congrats on the loss!!! You are doing great in all your challenges! Glad you dizzy spells are better! Got to find what works for you. :) Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Wow, that's an impressive list of accomplishments for one week. The challenges are always just that, challenges, and spur us to new heights. I'm hoping to be a latecomer to some of them once we return home and I'm back to regular posting. Remember, we've both got a July 30 goal to get as far along on our goals as we can!

  7. Awesome week for you! Congrats on the loss!

  8. You've got the mojo going, and you can totally make that weight goal. Totally. Ride, on, sweet thang, ride on!

  9. YEAH!!! Keep up the great work Michele. You are doing amazing. Once you put your mind to it, you have really kicked some butt.
    WOW, are you so inspiring. I am so proud of all your hard work and more.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  10. Woo Hoo!!! WAY TO GO MICHELE!!!!!!! Congrats on the 30 down, and giving your all on your challenges. Have a great weekend.

  11. Nice on the weight loss!! WAY TO GO and keep it up! :-)

  12. Whoot!!! I'm so proud of you!

  13. You are doing great, and well done on the lbs lost. I started walking/jogging more on my treadmill this week, unfortunately it's triple digits here and too hot to bike, or I would start to consider it! I'd have to buy a bike first though:-)

  14. You are doing sooo awesome!! Keep up the great work. You are making things happen. So proud of you!!!

    Keep focused!

  15. That is so exciting!!!! You are so close!!! Great job and can't wait to see how you do next week!

  16. Awesome job!! You did wonderful this week I am praying for the same tomorrow!! Congrats Nicole @ Colie's

  17. Great job on all the challenges. Keep up the good work! Ride on!

  18. Congrats on the loss! Great job!

    Hubs is supposed to top off my bike tires tonight and I will be adding cycling mileage to my exercise regimen starting tomorrow.

    Your accomplishments are quite inspirational!

  19. Nice weight loss !!! Congrats on successful week !! Woo-hoo !

  20. You are doing great. I see continued success in your future.

  21. Way to go! Keep after it and you will make your 30 lost in no time at all!

  22. Great job!!! Keep up the good work. Here comes week 3!