Monday, June 13, 2011

The Not Really A Blue Moon Award Fest!

Okay, so I lead you a little last Friday. There is no blue moon on the horizon, nor for anytime in 2011, however, this is my once in a blue moon award post. Meaning, once in a while, I will accept and honor the awards that are sent my way via this blog.

Truth be told: I have mixed feelings about the awards. I acknowledge that they are a recognition of something that resonates with the award-er to my blog as the award-ee. That part is wonderful, cool, humbling, and gratifying. Perhaps I just over think the blog awards in general. I am enamored with the bloggy community and especially to the many, many of you who “follow me” and the many of you who comment on my blog, especially you regulars (you know who you are!!!). I also enjoy keeping tabs on you, too and supporting you in your efforts to get healthier. This blog is about my journey to be fit and healthy and to overcome my obesity. The comments that you share with me with your humor, support, enthusiasm, wise cracks and questions all make this journey easier. I thank-you for that. Truly, I do.

But back to the awards: It is the chain letter similarity of blog awards that makes me wary of extending the love (or passing the award on) to other blogs. I follow a lot of blogs and share my two cents with you. However, if I acknowledge your blog via an award, the rules are that the blogger (some of you) will, upon acceptance, pass the award to others. I don’t like that part. I feel like I am saying: here is an acknowledgment, an award, that I find your blog compelling in some way, but, well, there is a caveat: you have to pass it on to a bunch of other blogs. That is the chain letter part that bothers me. However, I see myself as a good steward of the bloggy ethical code of conduct (is there one?!?!?) so I will play along and pass the awards on. So, now you have been warned~~ you may be an awardee and guess what: pass it on!

Recently my blog received two awards. I received the Stylish Blogger Award from Joy and Beyond Willpower. Joy has been a great virtual friend almost since I started this journey. Beyond Willpower has been a terrific supporter, too. So, to both of you: Thanks for awarding my blog the Stylish blogger award!!!
Rules for the Stylish Blogger Award are:
Thank- the person who nominated your blog (Done).
Share 7 things about yourself (Coming up)
Pass on to 15 friends

The second award I received from two other favorite bloggers: Karen at Wasting Time and right behind her Debbie at Mallwalker. Karen's blog is probably well known to all of you. She blogs not because of being obese or unfit (she is actually NOT either of these) but to ruminate (I know she loves this word) about her obsession with food and her long history of yo-yo dieting. She does that ruminating with aplomb. Mallwalker also praised my blog with this award. Her blog is first rate too, deeply ruminative (is that a word?) about her current journey to be healthy and fit. She has had great success!
I am not sure what they found so adorable about me or my blog, but thanks, ladies!!

The rules for this award are:
*Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post (done).
*Tell us 10 things about yourself (you have been waiting for this!!).
*Nominate your bloggers (Last chance to move on to another blog!).
*Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award (will do).

Seven plus ten (I am a MATH geek!) things about me = seventeen bits and pieces:
1. Just to mix it up a little I will start with a word cloud of me:
2. Without my glasses, I would not be able to see much. I am horribly near sighted. The funny part is that I did not know that my vision was poor, until I was 13. I will never forget that first time with glasses. I was walking home from the eye doctor with the glasses. I kept lifting the glasses up and down because I simply could not believe that is what I should have seen all along. So much detail, so much precision, so much beauty in this world. It was one of the most significant “aha” moments of my life.

3. I got my first bike at 4 years old for Christmas. It was a dark blue adult- sized used bike. I was always small (height, not girth) so imagine this little pipsqueak trying to learn to ride on an adult sized bike. I did. I have always been one of THOSE people who does more than people think are possible. I had it in me already at 4. Born with it I suppose.

4. I love to do laundry. Especially hanging the clothes out to try. We recently bought an umbrella like clothesline which makes it a snap and easy to reach from our deck.

5. I am not fond of household cleaning-lucky for me my hubby is Dutch and a clean house is a must.

6. Speaking of Dutch: I am privileged and fortunate that hubby hails from the Netherlands. I believe our varied cultures, albeit Western, contributed to our worldview toward acceptance and inclusion of all that is such a part of our family.

7. Meet the grandbabies. There are six. They are the light of my life (besides my hubby). I spend as much time with them as I can and never get tired of their antics.
Aiden, 4, is all boy and a comedian!
Owen, 6, can ride a bike now over 10 miles.
He has ridden with me on some long rides!
Nani, 8, a super sports fan (wonder where that comes from?)
Ellery, 6, a self portrait (she loves my iPhone).
Hann, 4, and Noah, 22 months: the only way I can contain their energy!

8. I adore rice pudding and nutella. I do not keep either in the house. Enough said.

9. I have learned to like carrots: I take mine raw and with hummus dip and do plan a whole post on carrots soon.

10. I bought a new swimsuit for this summer! It is purple and I feel great wearing it!

11. I have a green thumb. I love to grow things from seed as a fun challenge. Lately, I have been cultivating native prairie plants. Speaking of native plants:

12. Got milkweed in your garden?? Did you know that milkweed is the host plant of not only the beautiful monarch, but also the queen butterfly and any other of the milkweed butterflies.

13. I take more pictures now with my iPhone than I do with my nice 35 mm digital camera because my iPhone is always with me. I bet you take a lot of pictures with your phone, too. 99% of the pictures on this blog were taken with my iPhone (even the Yosemite ones).

14. I adore off beat movies. Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris is my new favorite showing at your local independent theaters.

15. I wish there was a solution to municipality's stadium complexes that did not involve tax dollars. I am a huge fan of the Vikings, but DO NO want to see our tax dollars, including proposed road construction to and from the stadium, used to support this endeavor. I am an educator: there are simply too many needs for our tax dollars that are currently not being met.

16. I have learned to drink water (up to 4 liters a day)~but I still like my diet-pepsi.

17. I am not a barefoot kind of gal, except at the beach or in the boat. Love, love, love my Merrell Chili Stitch loafers and wear them all around the house!

Passing the awards on: Gosh, there are truly many weight loss and getting fit blogs that I find fascinating and informative. First, I pass on the Adorable blog award to these fine blogs and bloggers:

Julie: Julie writes an honest and heart felt blog about her journey to be fit. She is moving mountains on her journey.

R. Reed: She is just getting started at blogging and already demonstrates a great deal of commitment to her journey.

Starting at 500 pounds: Tackling obesity as a personal Mt. Everest quest.

Ewa: Journey to great and extreme fitness after 90 some off pound loss.

I pass on the Stylish Blogger award to the following fine blogs. All the blogs below are not necessarily new, but, they are blogs with substance and inspiring to all of us, wherever we are on our getting fit journey. They are all worth a look by bloggers who are reading this post. If they have received this award before, now they know that I find their blog "Stylish," too!!!:

Charlene: A weight loss blogger only since May. Some of you may know her through the Simmer This Summer challenge.

Debbi: Many of you know that Debbi is heading up the Slimmer this Summer Challenge. A great and styling blog.

Dawn: Great attitude~great success.

JoBee: A young blogger trying to make healthy changes NOW!

Konnie: A blogger that is not new, but can use our support.

Lizzie: Just new to weight loss blogging.

Marilee: About half way through her weight loss/getting fit journey. Newer to blogging.

Mer and Mo: Two BFFs. Great spirit in their posts about their journey.

Ruby: Relatively new blogger and about 8 weeks into her journey and doing great.

Water Lily: A relatively new blogger that some of you have met through the Slimmer This Summer challenge.

Have a great start to your week. TTFN, Michele


  1. Hey Michele. I too share a mild disdain for the chain letter like aspect of awards on blogs. I have typically in the past chanced the peril of aggravating others by not following the pass it on rule. I do indeed appreciate the thought put into giving me the award, I just don't feel the need for me to pass it on based on or attached with rules to pass it on.

    I love your pictures and love when people give a little more information on themselves. I have come to appreciate the kindred relationship i have with many bloggers and it is really cool to see them in a light not related to dieting or fitness. Have a great day friend!

  2. First, thanks for the kind words. Second, I know what you mean. I love getting blog awards. Warm fuzzies and all that. But I feel pressure about passing them on... who likes them, who doesn't, who did I already give one too recently, who have I left out, and so on. Never thought of the chain letter thing but boy I HATE those! Another think I like about them is that when a blogger passes them on I have a whole new list of blogs to check out:)

  3. Thank you for the award. It is always nice to be recognized for your work. Thank you for the compliment. I share the same feelings about the "chain letter" awards. Thanks again.

  4. Michele - thanks for the award. Going to have to wait to fully accept it until after the 24th of June - too busy at the moment. Just doing my best to plug along at the moment - you know why...and boy, can you come do my laundry. Growing up we had one of those umbrella lines - it was wonderful, except when my grandmother put the towels & our jeans out there - thanks for giving me a fond memory this morning. Have a good week.


  5. Thank you so much for the award...I appreciate it hugely. I share your worries about who I have left out, or the risk that others may feel I prefer different blogs to theirs which absolutely isn't true.
    For me, receiving an award still fills me with a huge sense of wonder and gratitude that anyone reads what I write and follows my ups and downs. Thank you...I appreciate it soooo much

  6. Great post Michele. I feel uncomfortable passing the awards along too, though I am VERY grateful when folks give them to me. Fun to get to know more about you this way though, and I'll be clicking and meeting the folks behind the blogs in the post. Have a great day!!!

  7. Michele, thank you for the award. I am truly honored. This is the second time I received it - I wonder if there is anything more I can say about myself. I am not that interesting. :)
    I never pass my awards to any specific people. I know I am breaking a chain of good will that way but all the blogs I follow (and I follow many) are inspiring, thought provoking - I am unable to pick just a few. Or maybe it is just my indecision. Who knows.
    Again, thank you so much.
    Oh, and I looked at your other blog. Love Yo-Yo Ma. Congrats on the award.

  8. Thank you Michele. I will have to go and check out everyone that I don't know yet. You are such a sweetie and your kind words mean so much PLUS...I love the getting to know you part. I'll also get back to you later on about our get together. I haven't had a minute to think about it.
    Take care my friend, God Bless!!

  9. Why don't you pop up in my feed?!?! UGH! I missed a lot of posts! Must catch up!

    YOU LOOK AMAZING too! WOW! I love the pic of you with your bike. :)

  10. I too am honored by receiving an award but feel awkward about passing them on because I don't want to hurt feelings or pass it on to someone who finds them annoying. But I do love learning more about the people who receive them & it's a great way to be introduced to new blogs.

    What instrument do you play? I love to sing and I sort of play the piano, but only for me. I wear headphones when I play my clavinova. I do have milkweed plants, had to warn my husband & son not to cut them down. Your grandkids are adorable!

    Thank you for the kind words.