Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Carrots. Carrots. Carrots. Carrots. Carrots.
A Carrot Post

Ever really look at a carrot? They have their own beauty. Beautiful, deep orange, root vegetable. I love the vibrant color of them. Orange is sort of our family’s color (its is the national color of the Netherlands after all!). I like the fact that they crunch when you bite into them. You already know that carrots are good for you. But do you know why? Well, carrots are loaded with beta carotene, which is why they appear orange according to David H. Ver Eecke at LiveStrong.Com. “Carrots are also a good source of thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, folate and manganese, and a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium.” Carrots contain antioxidents and fiber, which make them great at controlling inflammation. A great deal of power packed in a small and cheap package. There are only about 50 calories in a full cup of cut up carrots (Web MD).

With all that nutrition you might be surprised to find out that until recently, I despised raw carrots. Detested them. Loathed them. But, no more. First, I discovered that organic carrots have a wonderful taste. I am talking about real carrots, not the little baby carrots which I still think are tasteless chunks of cardboard.
Plus, I discovered Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper
Hummus (RPH). Have you ever had this hummus?
Mighty tasty. One tablespoon has 40 calories, so not too bad, but guess what? They make for a great, great light dip for carrots and of course other veggies. So, now I am a raw carrot eater. I like them quite a lot actually.

I clean and cut them up a bag at a time.
I have found that they store really well in the fridge, especially in a Tupperware type containers. That is a good thing, because carrots have become my salvation on THOSE days when I am hungry and feel like I could (and would!!) eat anything that is not nailed down. I can go to the fridge, get a few carrots and a little of my “dippy” and chomp away. They fill me up. As a matter of fact I have an image of a carrot dangling over me most days. That image entices me to eat more carrots, because I know the more I eat of carrots the less I eat of other things that I shouldn't and the closer I come to my goal of becoming fit and healthy.

How about you: what carrot do you dangle to keep yourself from not eating things you shouldn't during your journey?

Have a great day and stay strong my blogger friends and please pass the carrots!


  1. I don't buy hummus. I cannot. I know 1Tsp is only 40 cal but there is no way I can stop at one, two, or even three spoons. TJ's used to have (maybe they still do) this three flavor hummus, nicely layered, colorful and oh, so yummy.
    OK, I am getting really hungry now. :)
    I learned to like raw veggies and I eat a lot of them. Even without hummus. :)

  2. I've always loved raw carrots, although I don't care for them cooked AT ALL! I was so happy when mini-carrots first became available in stores because I remember spending lots of time chopping carrots into snack form. As for Hummus, I discovered it a while back and almost wish I hadn't. I love it and it easily becomes something I can't STOP eating. Even with veggies, that can be dangerous.

  3. I love carrots, they are my snack of choice. My husband likes garlic hummus with his. I tried that & the roasted red pepper hummus. I am not a fan. So I eat my carrots plain. Btw, my dog loves baby carrots, I think she'd choose them over any doggy treats.

  4. I love carrots and hummus, but often omit the hummus. It is fairly high in calories, and I can't easily stop with the kind that I enjoy.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them also. So crunchy and yummy. Glad you've come around about them. And hummus...yes! Love it.

  6. So I used to "like" carrots well enough but only if raw. Then I had cooked carrots at a restaurant and they tasted like candy! I figured out my own version to roast them and add sugar free maple syrup. Who knew I could like cooked carrots?! I think the regular sized ones taste better than the minis but maybe it is all in my head.

  7. i love love carrots. I used to hate them, but around 22 my tastes changes and bam they're my favorite veggie. I love to cook them, then spray two squirts of "I can't believe it's not butter" and a half of pack of truvia and they taste just like the ones from cracker barrel. yummy!

  8. Since I am following low-carb I have to watch the carrots though I really like them. Carrots are one of the higher carb veggies. I opt for a hard boiled egg, dry roasted unsalted peanuts, or raw almonds. Another thing that helps keep me on the straight and narrow is publicly committing to this STS Challenge. So many people KNOW that I am a part of this (loving it by the way), have read my goals, have been encouraging and commenting on my progress - I would feel like such a worm if I didn't follow through. :-)

  9. I saw a carrot that was like as big as a friggin potato!!
    I had to do a double take!

  10. Hi Friend, I think I figured out my comment problem - woo hoo!!

    Carrots are wonderful. Love them and have them raw or cooked.

    Keep focused!

  11. I need to pick up some hummus. I've been eating my carrots with Laughing Cow Cheese as a "dip". French Onion flavor. It goes better with crackers, but carrots is what I've got! :)

    Stopping by from the Slimmer this Summer challenge.

  12. I like all veggies raw and I hate hummus, or at least the hummus I've tried. I am proud of your choices that is excellent and really they are so good to eat.
    Thanks for all your kinds words this week Michele (well always but mostly this week).
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  13. Celery and berries - not together though. Celery with a little laughing cow cheese is a great crunchy snack! And blueberries or blackberries always help me through my morning if I get a craving for something extra. Thanks for the carrot post. We forget!

  14. Raw carrots - yum. Also really good shredded fine with lemon juice, a dribble of olive oil, a dash of salt & pepper and a few chunks of apple. I introduced my mum to this recipe this summer and she can't get enough of it! And nothing better than crudités - love raw sticks of carrot, slivers of red/yellow/green bell pepper, chunks of raw cauliflower and sticks of celery around some yummy low fat creamy dip like tzaziki or low-fat hummus. Over here in the UK, Tesco does a nice version, not too garlicky.