Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tracking food and cycling!

In my last post I wrote about how I had slacked off about tracking my food. Well, I have learned some very interesting things about my eating since I started back tracking. For one, I now know positively that I was over my caloric budget by at least 500 calories a day. That may not seem like much, but it is probably the exact amount needed for me to loose (500 x 7 = 3500 calories or one pound). I was eating too many calories for breakfast, so I cut out OJ and measure my cereal or oatmeal. Lunch and dinner I do okay, but where I really was in denial was about my snacking. Yep, I try to limit my snacks to 100 calories. But, I had too many of those 100 calorie snacks! Like 2-3 more than my budget allows. Plus, I had bites of this, or a cracker of that and a sip of that tasty beverage. Those little bites and sips add up to another 100 or more calories. So, I was easily over budget. Over the last 5 days I have gone from 1670 calories to about 1200. I am hoping for a GREAT weight loss at my next WI!

Cycling: I am in the home stretch as far as cycling and training for the Tour de Cure. Over the past five days I have ridden twice in the rain. Last Thursday I did twenty (20!!!) miles in light rain. On Saturday I did another 14 (!!). It may not be raining when I actually ride on Saturday, however, I wanted to be sure that I knew what it was like to be out for a long ride in the rain. Here is the evidence!

I wasn't alone on those wet trails:
Look at that roaring creek!
You can see that I am soaked in that picture, too! I ordered a NEW breathable rain jacket to wear that should shed water better than the one above on the day of the event. So, that rain practice helped me to understand what I might need for the actual event in case of rain.

Yesterday, I went out on the hills close to our farm property. Our farm is in a little river valley which makes for great training. I am pleased to say that I tackled the hill pictured below TWICE! The first time I ride on the slighter broader slope of the road. The second time I road up the steep slope of the bike path. That was tough. I have to admit I had to stop near the top to catch my breath. But, I did it!! The bike path is the steeper trail in the picture foreground.

Finally, for an after-Mother's Day pampering, my daughters and daughters-in-law and I had our toes done. Now my feet are ready for the ride, too!

How are you doing in your own tracking food, exercise or pampering yourself??
Stay strong and TTFN! michele


  1. Way to go on taking the time to track and realize how much extra we really do eat when we're not paying close attention!
    Congrats the the riding, looks fun!
    CUte toes too!

  2. I stopped tracking. And, ironically, have been doing well. Snacks add up fast for me too so I have to be very careful. Even an extra piece of fruit a day every day would make a difference over time! Kudos to you for being so on track.

  3. Awesome! I wanna get biking too! Our weather looks like yours - rain, rain, rain! Oh well. Oh and I love the pedicures! Looks great!

  4. Love the toes! Remember the dishwashing detergent commercial that compared two sets of hands - the mother's and the daughter's? Supposedly, you couldn't tell the difference. Well, I can tell you I have no idea which of those toes are YOURS!!

  5. You're amazing and LOOK how thin your face is getting! You're doing awesome! Keep it up!

  6. Tracking really does work wonders! What a beautiful though we ride you had :)

  7. Is the race this weekend - already - wow how time flies. Hoping you don't have rain, but if you do you will have a nice new jacket!! Wishing you a great day on Saturday!


  8. My tracking is 98%. Exercise is 50%. Pampering is, well, haven't had a professional pedicure in over a year. Maybe that will be my next reward for a mini-goal reached. You're doing great on your cycling, by the way.

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  10. You are doing so great my Friend!! Keep it up!!

    I am doing pretty well with the food tracking. I like to do it, help keep me on task.

    Keep focused!

  11. Michelle,

    Sorry I had to delete my comment, but I made a very large error by inserting the word "not" instead of "now." Yes, I am "now" moving down the scale, so I will continue to track. It's been a long day...

  12. You are amazing, your training rides in the rain take a lot of discipline. I know that tracking my food sure opened my eyes. Right now it is the only way for me to stay on top of things.
    I'm still riding my exercise bike every day and I've added a 15 minute heavy bag workout to my routine, I love it. Can't wait to get the speed bag set up so I can add that in too.

    I hope that your Tour de Cure ride is great & you have lovely weather.

  13. I lose it when I stop tracking. Gradually, but I eventually lose it and start taking in that same 500 calories extra without really realizing it. I'm starting a challenge the beginning of June if you want some extra motivation. Details will be posted soon.


    (I put my site in there as the link goes to my food blog I think rather than the diet blog.)

  14. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Great riding!

  15. Michele can you e-mail me your email so that I can send that recipe to you? My email is on my blog. Yours on your blog wasn't working for me.

  16. I need to start tracking again. I think I have been sneaking in a few too many tiny snacks. They look so little -- like a half pecan and two dried cherries (it tastes like candy, but, hey! it's nutritious, isn't it?). Yesterday I did better, I grabbed a couple of stalks of celery when I had the urge to munch.

  17. I absolutely HAVE to start tracking , I don't know why I can't simply write down what I eat! I say I am going to start... and I don't do it! And I am gaining weight! Good grief! I also need to get my butt on a bike! Great post~ those toes look PRETTY!
    Have a pretty day!