Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holland and Vacation!

Greetings from Nederland!!

First thanks for all the congratulatory words about the bike ride! I am totally recovered, not even sore. My hubby and I are on our annual trip to the Netherlands to see his family. This time we brought or granddaughter Ellery who is 6 to meet all of her Dutch relatives including a great-grandfather, aunts and uncles and many cousins. My hubby is the eldest of seven children so there are many new faces for Ellery to get to know. The region that he is from, Noord Holland or North Holland, is what many of us think of as quintessential Holland: canals, windmills, loads of tulips and farmers who continue to wear wooden shoes. Those shoes actually keep their feet dry as they work in the fields. Younger folks do not use them, but in the villages, one sees the older generation clomping around in them. Plus they are easy to leave outside the door when you step into your home. We are staying with hubby’s sister Lia in Onderdijk a small village along the Ijsselmeer. Across the street from the house is the dijk that holds the water back. Onderdijk means under the dijk-aptly named, don’t you think. Here are a few pictures:

From the potato field in back of Lia's house
(two story house behind the barn in the foreground)
Ellery in the potato field.
Ellery standing on the bike path in Onderdijk.
Along every road in the Netherlands is a dedicated bike path.
Standing on the bridge looking at the canal in back of Lia's house.
Lia has already found several bikes for us so that we may show Ellery the countryside around Onderdijk. So while in Holland, I will definitely keep up my exercise! Thanks for stopping by to read. Dag and tot ziens (bye and see you soon) and TTFN, Michele


  1. Have a wonderful vacation!! Ellery is a very lucky lil girl ;)

  2. Excellent on the pictures, I LOVE them! Nice on the bike riding too, good for you!

  3. How wonderful and exciting for you to be able to share this trip with Ellery. Have a great time with your family.

  4. Oh - a great way to celebrate your Saturday accomplishment - a vacation!!! Enjoy!


  5. Love, love, LOVE!!!!

    So much fun!

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    And thanks for the comment about my face. I was getting so tired of looking in the mirror and seeing so many chins! Now, I can't wait to see my jaw bones completely. It's so exciting!

  7. Michele, you are amazing. You finished your ride and then just sped off on a long trip. I would have needed a week to recover! Have a wonderful time and keep posting those photos.

  8. Your trip is amazing!

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  9. When you get back, I gave you a blog award:) You can find it here: http://waistingtimeblog.com/2011/05/25/adorable-me/

  10. Congratulations on your ride Michele!!!!!!! Have a wonderful time on vacation. (what a beautiful looking part of the world you are visiting!) Take care.