Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More power to you!

Yesterday’s Star Tribune featured a wellness article with tips to “boost your energy instantly.” Many of the tips were taken from two recently published books: Get Energy! Empower Your Body, Love Your Life by Denise Austin and Jim Karas’ The 7-Day Energy Surge. Here are a few of my favorites with direct quotes italicized:

In the Morning:
Eat breakfast to jump-start your metabolism. “Breakfast kicks off your day and makes you feel better. Include a mix of protein and quality carbohydrates into your meal, says Denise Austin, author of "Get Energy! Empower Your Body, Love Your Life."

Crank up some tunes. Crank up your favorite music to wake you up and get you moving!

Let in the light. Open up the drapes and blinds and let in the great outdoors, including sunshine!

Sit up straight. This simply not only improves your posture but opens up your chest so you will your lungs with more oxygen.

At your desk:

Allow yourself mini breaks. Denise Austin suggests that we break up our day by taking 5-minute breaks throughout the day and advises us to stand up and stretch. These simply stretches get the blood and oxygen again flowing to where we need it: our brains.

Breathe deeply. Deeper breaths bring more oxygen to the brain, again, where we need it most.

Sip green tea. It's packed with anti-aging antioxidants, reduces inflammation, hydrates your body and can boost metabolism to help you slim down, Karas says.

Eat regular meals. Breakfast is important, but so is eating at regular intervals. Eating at regular intervals keeps our blood sugar balanced.

Have an energetic day and stay strong! TTFN, Michele


  1. Great tips, simple things that anyone can incorporate into their life. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope your week is going well.

  2. I've finally become a green tea drinker! I found one that is relatively palatable. Here's hoping it does all the great things I heard it can:)

  3. Thanks for sharing this today - so awesome to be reminded of the little things and remember that you still have to take care of you by just doing little things through out the day.

    Have a great week!!!!


  4. Hi Michele,
    Great post with many good ideas and words of wisdom. Even though I am no longer blogging (at least for a while), I am still reading blogs and commenting a bit. I hope things are setting down for you. Take care of yourself.

  5. I know about the breakfast. Once in awhile my mind tells me to just skip eating, don't need it....well later on my body rebels and it would of just been better to take the time for a good meal.
    I love all that information. Thanks for sharing Michele.
    Is it snowing there today? Up here it is, all day. Minnesota.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon!!

  6. Woo Hoo....while I read this, I was actually sipping a cup of green tea. Great tips, thanks Michele!

  7. All of this is so true for me. Especially the sitting up straight and the light. I used to get so mad at my mom for harping on me about my posture. BOY am I glad she did. I have excellent posture now and I think it helps me in many ways. (Don't tell mom I said she was right!)

  8. I am a green tea drinker. Thanks for the other tips, all 'doable' and I think I needed this reminder.

  9. Great tips! I have been having trouble getting my 10000 steps in each day, so today I started taking mini walk breaks. I will see if it works!

    Keep focused!!

  10. Solid advice. I'm trying to remember that the goal is feeling good and being productive as much as it is losing weight. Some of these can have immediate impact on quality of life.

  11. Today I rode my bike downtown, worked out with my trainer person, rode my bike back up the hill to work, huffing and puffing. Finally a sunny day. Thanks for being an inspiration, Michele!

  12. Wonderful tips. I love the one about putting on music (I like dancing around my kitchen).

    I recently gave up caffeine and find I have more energy (I was abusing coffee, my sleep and moods went out of wack).

    Now, where is my favorite cd ... time for some music.