Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fifty humans

Well, you all know that I am just back from a great trip and conference in San Francisco. I am privileged to be able to be in a profession that allows me to travel. You all know, too, that a great Earthquake (9.00 on the Richter scale) hit Northern Japan and resulted in a Tsunami. All of us in San Francisco were lucky that the wave did not amount to much, but that was not the case in Santa Cruz a mere 45 minutes drive.

It is the folks in Japan though that takes my breath away. Not just the misery, the desperation, the devastation, but something else. Fifty people have “volunteered” to stay at that nuclear power plant. Fifty humans are more than likely donating their own lives for the sake of others. Fifty people who are really no different than any of us. I am sure they have families who are VERY worried and concerned about them. I am, too. To me, they represent the best of the human spirit and they take my breath away. In a time of unparalleled challenge, they stepped forward, or that is what I believe.

Whatever maybe your spiritual center, it is time to pray for those fifty as well as all of Northern Japan. Then send money. Lots of it. But head these guidelines.

The story and events of Japan hit home to me as a weight loss and going to be fit blogger and humanitarian. The vulnerable, including the elderly and the young are always at high risk in natural disasters like these. But what the news does not report on are the vulnerable people, like me about 7 months ago, who because of their unfitness (not sure that is a word), were at high risk, too, and would not have had the strength to take cover, run, climb or lend a hand, or even more, where it was needed. I hope I never experience a natural disaster like they are in Japan, but if that happens, I want to know that I am as fit as possible to help others and lend a hand. I DO NOT want to be the one carried out because I cannot. I want to step up like those fifty. I would bet that you do, too!

Keep those fifty and their families and of course all the others in your thoughts and prayers.

Take care my friends, Michele


  1. Thank you for the thought provoking post. I would want to be like those 50 too! Amazing and Inspiring. New things to include in my prayers tonight.

    God Bless!

  2. great post Michele as usual. And I too have been worried about the Japanese for the past few days. I have been trying to figure out a way to get them some aid even though I myself am cash strapped.

    I have to tell you, your post struck a chord with me in that on more than one occasion, I thought about how I would likely be of little help should my family, my city or my state come under a dire threat as I was incredibly out of shape. I have thought, albeit fleetingly, on occasions how thankful I am that I have gotten into better shape so that should the need arise, I could respond to a physical challenge against my safety and the safety of my family. One more thing to be thankful for in this journey.

  3. I hadn't heard this yet. We were just discussing those plants at dinner last night.

  4. Could you even imagine, knowing you have to flee, but you are stuck in your house because you are too fat or unfit to leave. Terrifying! I am so praying for the 50 courageous ones and for all who are suffering!

  5. They're so brave those 50 people. I admire them tremendously.

    When I did my First Aid course ages ago, one of the first directives was to make sure the area was safe and that I was safe before attempting to give aid. I'm very much reminded of this from what you say, about being ready by getting fit and well. I'd like to think if the need arose in my community I would be able to help too. Another reason to get out there and walk off those pounds! Thanks Michele!

  6. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post. I will pray for those 50 people and their families, I had not heard about them before reading your post. You brought out another great reason for taking control of our health and getting fit.

  7. Very profound insights here today, I am glad I stopped by. It is so devastating and my thoughts have been on Japan, too, pretty much all day, even while doing my normal, everyday stuff. Those fifty people are amazing!

  8. I agree with everything you have so beautifully written here, Michele. God bless those fifty people who are living and will perhaps die with the beautiful purpose of saving others. ("No greater love has anyone than to lay down their life for a friend.") I, too, have blogged in the past about not wanting to be the struggling fat lady that six people risk their lives to rescue because I'm too fat to help myself. I keep forgetting this until a disaster occurs. Now it's time to remember and change! Thanks so much for the reminder and for this heartfelt, beautiful post.

  9. Wonderful post, Michele. Your thoughts about fitness and safety during emergencies are so relevant. I recently traveled to Florida, and I thought about this very thing when I was on the plane. What would I be able to do if we had an emergency and had to evaculate. It is a very real concern.

    You are a truly compassionate person, and it comes through as you write about this devastating event. I can't imagine what it is like for the Japanese people. And they are not really out of danger with the radiation risks. Bless them. Take care.

  10. Great post, and thoughts that I have quite often. Am I physically able to help someone in trouble? Yes, but more for comfort and keeping wits in check, and less for physical assistance. I can't lift and physically support others. But we're getting there, aren't we?

  11. I agree the 50 are amazing courageous people - but as a nation, isn't it clear how brave, self controlled and dignified the japanese are. Had that happened in the UK I can imagine the behavious of a large chunk of society would not be so dignified. They are courageous people, living in the most challenging of times

  12. Well, hello fellow science teacher! I was on the planning committee for the SF NSTA conference so I got a front row seat to Dr. Jeff Goldstein. I follow him on twitter and totally loved his message! He was no. 1 on my list for speakers so I was glad that he got picked to be the keynote.
    I have been thinking about the 50 all day. What brave men they are and you are right I would want to be in a position that if I had to- I would step up to be one of the 50. My thoughts and prayers go out to those courageous people and their families.
    Keep moving forward!
    You can do it!
    Never give up!

  13. Thanks Michele for the thought provoking post. I sometimes wonder would I give my life for someone else. I almost did for my sister when she was dying but for strangers? I'd hope I won't be at my best then. Praying is all I can do for these brave people, but praying I am.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  14. Keeping all affected in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Lovely post Michele. The people in Japan have been in my thoughts all week.