Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Uncovering the promise of new....

Yep, time for just a few more pictures of snow!
We have a monumental amount of snow on the ground in Minnesota!
These pictures are around my neighborhood where I walked this morning.

Our back yard. You can barely see our four-foot high
fence that goes around the perimeter of the yard.
All of our plants and shrubs are nestled snug in their beds.
No kidding! Snow is an insulator to plants that have to
have terrific defensive mechanisms to survive our climate. All that snow helps.
Now, you might be a little smug thinking about the weather where you are. Chances are most of you have little if any snow. But, for me, seeing that snow means one thing: the promise of spring and new growth and life. To me all that snow signifies SPRING (!!) is coming. It is February, for crying-out-loud, so it won't be long till it melts for good. As the snow melts the plants will grow and the diversity of life that we know here will be uncovered.

I was of course bundled in my red winter coat, snow pants, hat, gloves, scarf and of course winter boots with YakTrax on my walk. It was a beautiful and warm (20 degrees F) morning. All of a sudden I found my self thinking: “If I can walk 5 (actually 5.13) miles without hardly blinking an eye, how about a little jogging?” And that is just what I did. I slowly started jogging along the side walk, more like a fast walk/jog. I was cautious at first. Even with YakTrax I was still not confident about having sure footing. No problem, though, my feet were secured and I did not slip ONCE!! Over that last mile and a half, I maybe jogged a third of it. Maybe a half mile all together. It felt great!!! Great!! A new milestone happened for me today: I am finally, and slowly, uncovering the runner within! Building up my stamina with walking is paying off. Oh, don't worry I am not going to start jogging like crazy. I can't: first C25KM program and better conditioning. But I am ready. I know I am! The promise of all that is to come as I stay the course of my getting healthy sojourn could not be any sweeter!

How about you: what promise lies just ahead for you in your own journey??

Stay strong and TTFN!


  1. New...I love new, especially when it comes to products. Whoa, that's a lot of snow. Lot's of new promises down the road - how nice.

  2. I am so ready for spring!! We get a lot of snow too so im used to it, but Im def. ready for a little sunshine :)

  3. OMGosh, Michele. You JOGGED in the snow. Wow! My dream is to "wog" (walk-jog) the Denver half-marathon in October of this year, Yet I haven't even started walking yet. You are inspiring me no-end and helping me to create goals and dreams that I gave up on long ago. If you can jog in all that snow, I have no excuses for not walking in the dry, unseasonably warm weather in Denver right now, do I? The promise of walking 5 miles this week is just ahead for me on my journey. Bless you for your spirit and inspiring success and thank you for being my blogging friend. = )


  4. Good for you! 'd like to do a pull up one day. Just one. Then maybe more. But even one would be great.

  5. You are an amazing and inspiring woman!! I love your attitude and your zest for life. You are really stretching and growing ~ every day!!

    The weather people are predicting a mega snow storm for our area. I think I've seen 3 snow flakes. Bracing myself!

    Keep up the amazing work my friend. You are doing awesome!!!

  6. Love it! There are days when I am on the treadmill walking, listening to tunes and suddenly it grips me just like it did you today and I just start jogging - just because I can...I never thought I would again. It's not much by other folks standards but to me it is a gift!!!

    Loveeeee It!!!

  7. Hey - I'm your 100th follower! Pretty cool spot!

  8. Lots and lots of snow.
    We are gonna need a bigger shovel!

  9. Love this post. You are an "ongoing inspiration"!!

  10. THAT'S what I have: a monumental amount of snow -- 80 extra pounds of insulation waiting to melt off showing the new me springing forth. (I dunno -- I'm kinda in the antarctic over here, not much melting).

    Love the pics. My hubby just finished 5 weeks of training in Minnesota and says our Utah weather of 35-40 degrees F is balmy compared to MN.

    Yay on the jogging! Just keep that plantar fascia stretched (and avoid getting plantar fasciitis like I did).

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned how you've inspired me in my blog post today. Thanks so much for how you've driven me!


  12. Cool pics. We are having a snow day here - five or six inches, which is a fair amount for Seattle. Little League practice is scheduled to start Saturday, but with a forecast high of 36, I don't think that will be happening.

    Are you still ice skating?

  13. Great job on the jogging! Woo-hoo!

    When I saw that first photo, it looked just like my street!! lol Gotta love Minnesota in the winter, eh? lol

  14. :) Wow! Actually jogging on your walk? And in the snow? How marvelous. So pleased for you, and well done.

    We have no snow here - Middle England had its dose earlier in the year. Lots of bulbs peeking out of the dirt now, so cute.