Friday, February 18, 2011

Summary of the week

Happy Friday!

It was a wonderful week of life.

First the anniversary: Yesterday was our 37th anniversary. We live within walking distance of several fine eateries, which on a fine nearly spring day (almost 50 degrees!) was a wonderful reprieve from the winter blahs. First off to a neighborhood café for drinks, an appetizer and some nice jazz. I sampled a wonderful blackberry Cosmo. Excellent. Next we walked about a mile to a small neighborhood Italian restaurant called Prima. We split every dish including soup, salad, pasta and a Tuscan pot roast. Delicious. I am blessed with a wonderful and full life. Anniversaries are a great way to take stock of the gifts that I have received including a partner for life. I am grateful and privileged to walk through life with him.

As our walks last night indicate, it was a wonderful mild weather week in Minnesota. It is a teaser type of weather pattern that we experience here in between the seasons. But, mild weather after such a long winter is invigorating! The snow is melting and shrinking by the day, Oh, we still have loads of it, but half of it has melted. For me the break in weather meant taking long walks (still with Yak trax). On Wednesday I did a 5 miler, Wednesday over 3 and Thursday another five. I am aiming for another five today, even though it will be back in the twenties. I can feel biking season is coming up!!!! Still a little risky for riding with the ice but I will be prepared when it is safer. We brought our bikes in for a tune up. They will be ready today to pick up. Can’t wait to ride!

Sourdough bread: Do you like sourdough bread? Thought so. So do I. It was my downfall this week. We bought freshly baked loaf from one of our favorite bakeries, Breadsmith (big mistake). I had several pieces of toast (yum) almost everyday. Eating them put me over my calorie budget each day, a fact that I admit to all of you. Time to now move forward. Actually looking back, eating that sourdough bread was kind of my least focused spell of the week and maybe even for the past many months. This blog is about honesty. No regrets. None. Factor in anniversary and sourdough bread, it was a wonderful and delicious week of foods, but time to renew my focus before I do some damage. I know I can refocus.

And here is why I know I will: This week, actually on Wednesday, I decided to try on some clothes that I had put in storage because they were too small. Some of them were new items that I bought on sale, but many of them were clothes that I outgrew. Well, I am pleased to report that they all fit! It was such a joy (!) to try these clothes on and revel in how much I have downsized to fit into them and easily. This little NSV jumpstarted me back into focus about where I am going in my fitness journey. It was once again, tangible evidence of the difference I have made it my body size these last few months. I also figured out that on Monday, February 14th, it was 98 days until my birthday in May. In seven weeks (49 days) I will be at my next conference in New Orleans: I am targeting 6 pounds less about that time. For my birthday seven weeks later: I am targeting another six pounds off. Realistic goals taking into account my history of weight loss. So, renewed focus because of some unexpected tangible evidence. I am back on track.

What about you? What has helped you to focus or renew focus this week?

Have a great weekend everyone, TTFN,


  1. I pretty much stayed on track....
    My life is simple and I live alone...
    Plus I set insanely LOW goals for myself,
    if I set any at all!
    Good luck with your goals now,
    and have a great weekend!

  2. I was able to do an 8-mile hike yesterday and between illness and some less than stellar food choices, I could feel a lack of energy. With prime hiking season just around the corner, that was quite a wake-up call to not just refocus, but hit the ground running. I do not want to miss prime wildflower season or feel uncomfortable about certain trails just because I've not eaten well enough for my body to have the energy it needs.

  3. Biking season IS coming! Yep, love me some sourdough. Haven't had it in years though because I only like it fresh and crispy on the outside. Awesome NSV! And now I am curious to count down to my bday in May.

  4. Hi Michele,
    As a fellow Minnesotan, I rejoice in the warmer weather and melting snow that you describe. It's wonderful to step out on the deck and hear the flow of melting snow, as it turns to water.

    Congrats on your anniversary and good for you in celebrating such a wonderful milestone. Yes, we do have wonderful places to eat in the Twin Cities area--perfect for casual celebrations!

    Also congrats on your clothing NSV. Putting on clothes that were once too small and having them fit and feel good is a fabulous feeling! Stay on your track--because it is obviously working for you! Have a great weekend!

  5. The snow is even melting here :)
    What helped me focus this week? Planning

  6. Congrats on an incredible week and the smaller clothes fitting well. Tangible evidence of always rewarding, isn't it? And, Happy Belated Anniversary. 37 years is a real accomplishment - believe me, I know! My week was full of insights that I think will be helpful since I started the Loving Me Experiment that Darla presented on her blog last week. Hopefully, those insights will produce some tangible evidence soon.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Great blog!! Thanks for visiting my blog as well. What is my motivation for this week? Same as every week...trying to fit into this bridesmaid dress lol! But that's not the only reason tho. I'm just at a point where I'm tired to losing my breath when climbing the stairs or dancing so I'm going to get it tight before the summer!

  8. Big woo hoo for the wonderful week and the NSV!!! Have a great on track week ahead!

  9. Hi Michele!
    First off- Happy Anniversary to you and yours! Thanks for following our blog.
    I like that you are honest and live your life too the fullest with no regrets. SO I am looking forward to following you too!
    Working on managing the stress in my life by blogging and keeping in touch with my BFF. I love the support that I am finding out here in the blog world.
    Looking forward to reading more about you!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Michele, that was beautifully written. I felt I was out having that anniversary dinner with you and your hubby. Mmm, blackberry Cosmo. This sentence made me tear up a little - I am grateful and privileged to walk through life with him. Isn't that the most important thing of all?

    Your clothing NSV was so exciting. I love that feeling when I can fit into clothes that I "outgrew." You are awesome.

  11. I had sourdough yesterday, too. It's a trap! Nice that it's warm there. My 10 year old son has Little League tryouts today and the hourly forcast on says 39 degrees for 10:00 in Seattle. BRRRRRR! BTW, the panel was excellent, as was the concert, especially Berlioz viola concerto/tone poem. Wife (who was playing) like the Brahms Serenade, too. If they post a video of the panel, I'll send you a link.

  12. Good night Michele. Getting into those clothes, I bet it was fantastic.
    Your anniversary sounded just totally perfect. Congrats.
    Trying hard to stay on plan, I really want to wear my wedding dress, at least for a few minutes.
    I got something in the mail today, just picked it up. Thank you so much Michele. I can't wait to give them a try tomorrow. I'm going to go out for a walk. That is if we don't get the snowstorm they are talking about.
    Take care and have a blessed Sunday. Again thanks Michele for the Yak Trax. I really do appreciate them.

  13. This post was just YAY!-YAY!-YAY! all the way! I love happy posts. Happy Anniversary. The warm-weather tease is awesome. Sourdough bread is amazing. I LOVE that you got into some more smaller clothes.

    Happy, happy, happy post! You're rockin' it!