Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow and exercise

Greetings on a SNOWY day!
What a difference a couple of days make. Last Friday I went out on an early morning walk around the lake near our home.
The promise of spring was in the air over the weekend. I took my bike out on Friday for about a five-mile bike ride. With an air temp at 20 degrees definitely not for the wimpy. I dressed in layers and was actually “hot.” That ride was exhilarating, and of course gets me hungry for the real bike season coming up!

Walking: I am regularly doing about 5 miles a day of walking. Most days I split it up with a three mile in the morning and the other two in the evening. I have a pedometer app on my iPhone that will help me to keep track of miles walked this year since I am in Julie’s 400-mile challenge. I never tire of trying to find interesting places to walk that are accessible right out my door. Lately I have been heading down to the Lakes area where there are some small hills. Walking up and down those Minnesota "hills" will help to prepare me for the real hills later this spring (Lake Superior Hiking Trail) and summer (Olympic National Park).

Yep. We have a ton of new snow in the Upper Mid West last night. Thirteen inches and still coming down!! According to Paul Douglas, our nationally respected meteorologist, 13 inches fell as of 10 pm Sunday evening in the Twin Cities, bringing the season total up to over 73, making this winter the second snowiest to date. Only 1982 saw more snow as of February 20 (76"). Here are a few early morning pictures, the first one right outside our front door.

So, yes plenty of the fluffy white stuff.

All that snow did not keep hubby and I from going out and taking in a movie (Another Year: Quirky, fun, and at times poignant British film about relationships). We dressed in layers, including a rain coat on top of our winter coats and hoofed it about a mile through all the snow to the movie theater! You can say we continue to embrace winter and are thank full for warm and dry gear.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods??

Stay strong and TTFN!!


  1. Right now, it's still gorgeous in East Tennessee although expecting a bit of rain tonight. Looking forward to another week of spring-like weather before a cool down. Thanks for keeping the nasty stuff north of us this time! LOL!

  2. Hi Michele,
    Snow doesn't keep us Minnesotans down. We took in a movie, as well--"Unknown" with Liam Neeson, which we really enjoyed.

    The snow is beautiful, but I hope it's the last hurrah for big snowfalls. We had even more snow here in the southeastern part of the state, along with sleet and some thunder. We're off to Florida on Saturday--can't wait!

  3. If you get this twice - please delete one. I screwed up with the darn captcha!

    I am impressed with your outdoor workouts! I am a wimp with weather. But we had a few nice days last week so I got some extra calorie burn in the afternoons, walking with my neighbor. Winter temps are back today so I am back indoors.

  4. That's a great workout!
    I have the AC running !!

  5. Crazy weather...and that bike ride sounded so good. It must have been awesome in light of the 13".

  6. I grew up in the Northeast and actually miss the snow. We have a weather emergency here if we might get an inch or two. Glad you're making the best of it. We saw The King's Speech yesterday, well done, but more appeal to my wife.

  7. Wow weather looks fantastic - I live in uk and we don't get snow like this - I love snow - Lucky you.
    The walks sound great fun!

  8. I am jealous of your snow, I would be more tempted to walk outdoors right now if we had it. Instead, I am doing indoor activity as the weather here in WA is grey...we had our first day of sun yesterday in a long while and we walked 2 hours (hubby, dog and I) and enjoyed the 20 degrees with Sun!

  9. Wow...that is QUITE the snowfall. Yikes. We're supposed to break records this week - it's supposed to be SUPER cold and snowy. I'm ready for spring!!! Have a great week, stay warm.

  10. Love the pics. Way to keep up your walks. It was cold and cloudy here

  11. Wow, Michele. Denver used to have winters like yours, but we've hardly had any snow in Denver this year. Thankfully, the ski areas have been dumped on so the skiing is great. When I look at the pictures of all that snow, maybe I don't miss it as much as I thought - the shoveling at least! You're doing great with your exercise and I'm intrigued by the 400-mile challenge you're doing. I'll check that one out now. Stay warm. If you want, maybe I can send some Colorado sunshine your way! On second thought, I'll send some cyber-sunshine anyway 8-)

  12. Don't ya just love all this new snow. At least it's sparkling clean out there.
    This morning it ws -2 when I walked Jon to the bus. At least it warmed up. We only got about 8" of snow up here. Plenty to shovel though.
    Take care Michele and God Bless!!

  13. I am jealous of your 5-miles/day walking. I was doing that for nearly 1-1/2 months without missing a day till my poor body gave out in exhaustion. I still haven't gotten back to my routine, and I miss it. You're doing great!