Sunday, February 6, 2011


I am back from a wonderful winter break to California! The picture above of Ellery is one of my favorites from our trip. Yes, it rained a little, but a little rain did not dampen our spirits and enjoyment of wonderful and mostly warm (in the sixties) weather in Southern California. Hubby and I were accompanied by three of our sweet grandkids whom we affectionately call "the triplets." It was a joy to be really present with them on this trip. Sure, they had their squabbles, but their laughter, singing and shenanigans lightened each and every day. It was the first vacation in a long while where I put all work related activities on a back burner, except for responding to one e-mail.

We alternated a day at a Disney park with a day at the beach. If you are thinking of going to the California Disneyland resort I highly encourage you to think of late January and early February. We seldom waited more than 5 minutes in line and as a matter of fact, we walked onto most attractions. We stayed in one of the good neighbor hotels that was a short bus ride away from Disney. Here are a few pictures. First the girls in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle:
With Minnie Mouse
On one of the vehicles in Toon Town
Nani in the Buzz Lightyear Rockets
More fun!
Oma with the triplets and my favorite character, Woody!
Opa on Thunder Mountain with Owen.
Ellery's first roller coaster ride!
World of Color light and water show at night.
Time to leave Disney, money is all gone!
Huntington Beach Pier

We rented bikes (!!) for the day at the beach.

How did I do on eating and exercise, you may wonder? Good, especially on exercise, not perfect, but good. I walked most everyday. I also biked. Wow, did it feel great to get out on a bike! I had a solo ride, i.e. no kid in the trailer, one afternoon. It was exhilarating to be at the beach riding on the bike trail with the warm sun! Looking so forward to getting back on my bike for good in April or so.

As far as eating, I did keep track of my calories for the first few days, but then stopped. Instead of counting calories, I practiced eating in moderation. I ate lots of salads (dressing on the side). I once again never binged on anything; however, I did enjoy some of my favorite foods including an ice cream cone, some fudge, and one day two pieces of pizza. My goal was to enjoy our vacation, pay attention to what I ate, not go crazy, and have a few treats. Mission accomplished!

One last tidbit:
On the night that we stayed to watch the world of color the temps went down into the 40’s which was chilly. Hubby and I each bought a long sleeve shirt. I am not a big fan of large characters across my clothing, but we found two suitable shirts with a small Mickey in the men’s section. I reached for the medium and hubby said: "No. I think you are a small.” So, I tried it on and it fit great! A small men’s shirt! In the past I have on occasion bought a men’s shirt for one reason or another, but never in a SMALL!! Now that was an unexpected NSV!

Now it is time to check in on all of you! Here's to a great week everyone! Stay strong and TTFN, Michele


  1. WTG on the small!! It sounds like an awesome vacation :) I'm glad y'all had such a great time. Gorgeous pics!

  2. Love the photos. Sounds like a great trip all around:)

  3. A small-wow that is awesome-was it short on you? You seem to tall for a small! How cold was it during the day-I see you are all dressed for cold, but not bundled...
    I love the pic of Ellery (great name), too, especially her up on her toes.
    Sounds like you had a blast and had a very healthy approach to food in the process, too cool.

    Polar's Mom

  4. That first one's really artistic and cute. Glad you had a great vacation!

    Enjoy the big game today.

  5. Michele, yeah for a fantastic trip. Cute pics!! What a great nsv!
    its 80 here in ca today, crazy

  6. Glad you are back - looks like a blast!
    And a men's small! You look great!
    Wonderful pics!

  7. Welcome back. Looks like you had a blast. And who wouldn't, with grandchildren and Disneyland, priceless, precious memories. I totally love that picture of Ellery too - first thing I thought, "I love that picture." LOL. To me it shows that even the rain cannot break the pure joy and spirit of a child.

    Glad you had fun and accomplished your mission, Michele.

  8. Glad you're back, love the pics. Sounds like a great trip all around!

  9. You have the luckiest grandkids to have the grandfolks they have. Great pics and I especially love hubby's hat. Very rakish.

  10. Wow... What an awesome trip!! That looks SO fun. And getting a men's small shirt... PRICELESS. You are amazing. :)


  11. Welcome home! Looks like you had a great time. I've never been out to CA and I would totally ask for my money back if it got that cold there on my vaca!

    your grandbabies, as always, are precious!

  12. Wow looks like you had a grand time, awesome vacation pics! And you kept active and did well with the eats too, awesome!

  13. Hi Michele, Welcome Back!! Looks like a great trip!! Love your photos, and I agree, the photo of Ellery whirling is priceless!!! Congrats on the NSV too!!! All your hard work is paying off!!!

  14. I am so glad you had the time of your life. And the weight difference made you have an even better time. You go girl, I am so proud of all your work. The pictures are amazing. I am so happy you had a blast. I'm also glad you are home. I wish you lived closer to me, I'd love to have an exercise buddy. My buddy has different plans and ideas so we've sorta went out own ways but maybe will meet again. We'll see.
    Take care and have a blessed night sleep.