Monday, February 28, 2011

And the winner is....

I adore movies! Although I watch movies at home, it is at a theater where I am lifted away and can leave my world behind. Like reading a great book, I am drawn into the story that is delivered via actors, writers, cinematographers, producers, and as Natalie Portman said all the “behind the scenes” people like make up artists that is multilayered, humorous, dramatic, romantic, brutal, dark, poignant, endearing, silly, tragic, fantasy, mesmerizing, hopeful, and mysterious. When I leave a theater and recognize that I was pulled in for two or so hours away from my life I know I have watched a good, if not great movie.

Beyond the glamour and glitz of what we see on the Oscar night, there are many, many stories. Natalie Portman spent over a year preparing for her role as a dancer, including losing 20 pounds; David Siedle's (73) own mother proclaimed that he would be a “late bloomer.” Colin Firth charmed us with his self-depreciation and humility. In every acceptance speech it was clear that although the awardees was carrying the statue, there was a village of folks behind the scenes that strengthened and broadened their artistic gifts. Then there are the movies themselves: stories of overcoming self doubt and physical challenges (the King’s Speech), discipline (Black Swan), triumph (the Fighter), perseverance and determination in the throes of dysfunction (Winter’s Bone), resolve and urgency (True Grit), and friendship and moving forward (Toy Story 3).

As I ruminated on the story of the nominated films and the stories conveyed to us through the varied acceptance speeches I found many parallels in my own getting fit sojourn: late bloomer (yep, that's me), preparation (is everything!), discipline (needed daily!), overcoming self doubt (I can do this!), triumph (NSV AND SV), perseverance and determination (so many months and still a way to go), resolve (I am doing this for me!), urgency (I am not getting any younger and the health risks are too grim), friendship (bloggers!) and moving forward (each and every day no matter what I do or do not do). I bet many of those descriptors fit you, too! Every day that we stay the course we are winners just like those who paraded in front of us last night at the Oscars. The difference is: this is my-your-our stories and they are real to us. Stay strong and TTFN!


  1. I haven't seen any of the top movies yet. I am one who waits for them to come to my library and then gets the DVDs. I guess I am both cheap and hate the crowds in the theaters.

  2. I love movies too - just wish they hadn't gotten quite so graphic and violent. So many could have the same impact and tell the same story without all the gore! I've loved Natalie Portman since "Where The Heart Is" and have enjoyed watching her grow into such mature roles. We could all learn from the discipline they show in doing whatever it takes to prepare for the role. I'm preparing for a role (getting older) every day and should be at least as diligent in the discipline it takes to arrive there in my best shape. Wonder if the promise of millions of dollars would help? LOL!

  3. Jane here...another movie lover. The parallels are there for me also. No one ever said it would be easy, although there I times that I think (wrongly) that it is easy for everyone but me. When I get feeling that way, I have to give myself a "kick" and move forward again. You are an inspiration to me--the way you are handling your own weight loss journey. Thanks...

  4. BTW, Michelle...I forgot to skies, blue water, white beaches, sunshine, and 80 degrees here in Ft. Myers Beach. That's like "gold" go a Minnesotan this winter. Doing great with my eating too!

  5. Hi Michele! I was just reading this post when I got your comment from mine! :) Sweet. I agree... we are living our own stories and it is real. Our stories not only affect ourselves and those who follow our journey but also our extended families and posterity! All the more reason to never give up and be persistent.

    I love a good movie too!! :)

    Have a great week.

  6. Michele - I'd give you an oscar for this post alone! You have a gift for chunking things down into something useful. Who knew the Oscars could have more meaning than just being entertaining? You've turned the show into a learning experience that has meaning for you - and now me! Thank you for being part of my "my-your-our" story. Great post.

  7. Great post! I have seen some movies that have shown me that I can push through and achieve my goals. In fact, the movie Julie & Julia helped inspire me to start my weight loss and fitness journey. I thought, I would figure out a plan and give it a try, just for one year and see what happens. Well I got success!! Lost over 50 pounds!! Now, I'm working on my 2nd year!

    Keep up the great work my friend, you are doing awesome!!

    Keep focused!!!!

  8. Live and learn through the movies!
    And there are some good ones!
    Love your take on things!

  9. Cool post. I'm not a movie goer but here in the sticks not to many brand movies right away. So a bit easier to wait and watch. I do love the way you discribed them and you.
    You are rocking along on the new you. I am so proud of you and your work.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  10. Love how you tied the Oscars to your own experiences :). I LOVE movies and the Oscars (yay Black Swan and the King's Speech). So glad to have found your blog!