Friday, January 7, 2011

Snacking and weekly recap

Are you a snacker? Well, I am, too. Here are a few pictures of my favorite snacks. They each come in at 100 calories or less.

Joseph Pita with Trader’s Joe’s roasted red pepper hummus.
The taste in my mouth of those two combinations is just lovely.
Together they are about 90 calories.
Oranges or Clementine’s are in season now.
Each one is also about 65 calories (if they are small). Yum.
Trader Joe’s fig bars.
These are excellent for me on the go.
I keep a couple near me just in case. They are 120 calories,
so a little more than my 100 target, but worth it and filling.
How about you: what snacks are you enjoying lately?

I am now in the habit (thanks Steve and Hot 100 Challenge!) of recapping my week on
Friday so I will keep this up at least for now.
Exercise: I exercised mainly with walking for 60 minutes on 6/7 days this week. I made the loop of my 5 KM training course 3 times, plus, walked in other places, too. I know I am finding my stride. I walk faster, stronger and taller than I ever did. By taller, I mean that I find myself straightening my posture as I walk. It feels great!

Eating: I also did well. I am working hard on more 1200 claries days, and was fairly successful. One thing that continues to help me is to have my pre made salad fixing ready to grab at any meal. Spunky Susie challenged us this week to avoid all distractions at meals. I have to confess this was HARD, especially with breakfast and the morning paper. I found myself trying to read the headlines upside down!! I will continue to work on this (thanks, Suzie!)

Now my self-improvement themes for 2011:
Downsizing: I have not physically downsized any more. But, I worked on downsizing my files in my home study and my office at work. I have downsized (recycled or given away) about half of my paper files and many, many books.

Organization: Worked on this. Research files all sorted in to “topical” bins.

Balance: I am taking SpunkySuzi’s challenge about eating without distractions into other areas of my life this week. In Decemeber Alan wrote about our cluttering and "ability" to multi-task. This week, I am working on shutting OFF my e-mail so that as I work on other computer related tasks, I am not distracted by what is coming into my inbox. So begins my journey to be more mindful of what I am doing presently.

How about you: how did you do with your health journey and
other self-improvement goals?
Have a great week end everyone. TTFN, Michele


  1. I'm following Suzi's challenge as well and I'm finding it is working for me big time. I've always said I will eat at the table and not read or watch tv, but I just never got there. Having no kids at home...who cares if we sit at the table? But it's been fantastic and all it took was the little push from Suzi to get it going. Your exercise is awesome. WTG. A week in review - interesting stuff.

  2. That hummus looks yummy. I have problems eating the same snacks that I know are good then I get sick of them after a while of eating just them. I need to expand my repertoire, so thanks!

    Polar's Mom

  3. I just had my husband pick up clementines at Costco:) In a few minutes I am going to have my usual afternoon snack - a tray of roasted green beans. Really. Later I will probably have some almonds.

  4. Great post. I like the idea of getting rid of distractions. I really think

    Oh look! Shiny Diet Mt Dew can

    What? Oh. Right. Distractions are bad.

    I don't have themes or goals for 2011 yet. I've been way too distracted. Hee heee heee!

  5. I try to fast on alternate days. Not always successfully, but I do try.
    And time goes by so sl.o.w.
    I always think I should be doing something.
    but seldom do. Until it hits me and I get it done!
    But hardly ever as planned.

  6. Chalk this up as a NSV,... finding your stride; straightening your posture... excellent to hear!

  7. I wish I could snack ... I tend to need something finite, like an apple or a small serving of nuts (with the rest of the bag left at home wrapped up), or I end up oversnacking. Fruit really works best for me because unless you get some huge, honking genetically modified franken-fruit, it's hard to go over 100 to 150 calls. The hummus and pita looks great, but I lack your restraint! Happy New Year, by the way. :-)

  8. I am also doing Suzi's challenge. My favorite snacks are mostly fruit. Watermelon is my all time favortie, but getting harder to find this time of the year. Thanks for you comment son my blog.

  9. I love huumus, YUM!! I am following spunkysuzies challenge but I have not ate at the table, I failed this week lol

  10. I'm a believer in snacking. Keeps blood sugar on an even keel and stops over eating at meals. You are doing sooo well at keeping on track!!!

  11. Michele, the walking comment resonated loudly with me!! I have never verbalized it before, but I know exactly what you are talking about! I too get all tall and proud when I walk now! It is funny that before if I was in a store, I often was the guy getting passed by a faster walker in the aisle, now I do the passing!!

    Not sure what hummus is but I would like to see about it if you are eating it! what do you do with it? just eat it by itself?

  12. It's a time of change for me, and I'm working on implementing some serious balance into my life.

    Hummus is one of my favorite snacks too!

  13. I am SO a snacker too! I love hummus, but haven't tried it with roasted red peppers - sounds YUMMY! I love your weekly recap, I think it's a great idea - and I also love your plan to become more mindful. I keep meaning to work on this myself, but I always get distracted :) Seriously, it's like I'm five sometimes. I am definitely going to get with it though. Thank you for your comment on my last post, it was very appreciated :)

  14. Thanks for sharing the healthy snacks!! I am always looking for something new. Clementines are yummy and I always eat 2 at a time. Is that bad?

  15. Great snacks, great challenges! I should check those blogs out. Have a great weekend. ;) Janelle

  16. Michele, thanks for your shout out and for trying on this very good practice. I'm made some changes, but have many more to go. Cleaned my office, including my virtual desktop - a good start. Started my master bedroom closet, but need to do more.

    On another note, my Eagles blew it today, a big bummer. But the adopted hometown Seahawks had a really fun win yesterday!