Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday and Weekly Update

Hello My Blogger Friends and Happy Friday!
Today I will start with a few pictures along my morning walk at our hobby farm in Southern Minnesota. Our farm is in a river valley, a lovely area of the world with rolling hills and hardwood trees (mainly maple) in the woods. The first two are the area in front of the barn and our long driveway.
Here is where I make my U-Turn to go back home.
Here you can see how I walk along the edge of the road.
Not a single car passed me this morning on my walk. Lovely!
It has been a good week for me on my getting healthy journey. Here is my weekly recap:

I exercised mainly with walking for 60 minutes on 6/7 days this week. I made the loop of my 5 KM training course 2 times. I spent three days at the farm where I was able to do an extra walk every day. Plus, well, you know, I started ice skating, although I do not really count that as exercise, yet!

Eating: I also did well. I am working hard on more 1200 calories days, and was fairly successful. I tried to keep up with SpunkySuzi’s challenge from last week and eat without any distractions, which for me is reading. It was hard. But, I did it most of the time. The other thing I am finding is that on days when I exercise or walk hard, 1200 calories is not doing it for me. I will be having my annual physical in about 10 days so I will talk to my doc about it.

Now my self-improvement themes for 2011:
Downsizing: Physically: no weigh in this week, but my clothes are feeling LOSE! I did finish my office at work. I downsized tremendously there: a full 9 filing cabinet drawers are now empty, plus about 6 of my book shelves!

Organization: Office is organized at work!!! Tubs and materials are even LABELED!

Balance: Well, I am making progress here. I am allowing myself to work for about two hours then a break for at least 15 minutes. I am also following the Babauta advice by making my “most important task” list of the day each day. This has really helped. I listed “ice skating” on two days (including today).

Tonight mu hubby and I are going on a date to the Minnesota Orchestra conducted by Osmo Vänskä (the young Brett Favre of conductors in my book!) to hear one of my favorite pieces of music Mozart’s Jupiter symphony and then out to one of our favorite pubs. I am budgeting so I can have one of my favorite brews (Old Speckled Hen) with a salad. Can’t wait!

How about you: how did you do with your health journey and other self-improvement goals?

Have a great week end everyone. TTFN, Michele


  1. Lovely photos - thanks for sharing. :o) I have a phobia of falling over, so normally when it's snowy and icy I try to stay indoors as much as possible... This year we've have more than our fair share of snowfall in the UK and I bought a pair of YakTrax ice grips and they have been worth their weight in gold - I've been out and about in the snow and ice with confidence!

    I'm with you on the *feeling* slimmer, even if it is just losing retained water at this stage!

  2. I love your self-improvement goals and progress! Awesome! I am all for organizing and balance. If bet it feels good. One day at a time. I hope you have fun with the hubs tonight. :)


  3. I love your photos!! Have fun tonight, you deserve it!

  4. What a great week you had:) Brrr just thinking about your walks.

  5. YAY Friday-first and foremost... And I love Minnesota, my family lived in Minnetonka for a year or so when I was growing up, and my parents still talk about it. But I love the Twin Cities-neat places, and so CLEAN! I love it all except for the snow (that you know I hate to drive on). And yeah I was feeling downright lethargic there for a while-had a feeling I was not getting enough calories, and man did my brain not function right! Added in a few more tiny meals, like pickles and celery, and it helped trememdously...

    Polar's Mom

  6. i hope you had a fabulous time at the orchestra - sounds like a great night out. i love your photos - i'm trying to imagine walking along there and feeling the cool air - it's very hot where i am!

  7. So much stuff here, Michele! Glad you are uncluttering and finding your way. I'm sure it will take a while to become a habit.

    So cool about your date tonight. Shannon says the MN Orch has a great reputation. I haven't heard it. Have heard SPCO and was AMAZED!

  8. Love Mozart!
    How was it - wonderful, I'm sure!
    Brrr rabbit - those pics are pretty - and pretty cold looking!

    I appreciate all the support and kind words
    you always have for me on my blog.
    Thanks, Michele - and back at 'cha!

  9. YEAH!!!! for Michele. You are doing awesome. I have pictures that look just like your pictures. Hummm....wonder why. It seems Minnesota is blessed with snow and cold this year.
    Keep up the great work. I am so proud of you and all your work.
    Now take care, relax and enjoy your weekend. God Bless!!

  10. Looks like you had a very good week. Love the snow pictures. I got to take some too... even way down South.

  11. Beautiful walk! I hope you have a great date-night. We had a family date-night last night where we went to the theater to watch Irish dancing and listen to an Irish band and pipe band.

    Thanks for the birthday well-wishes!

  12. The Minnesota Orchestra cosounds like a great time, although anything with Brett Favre is not likely to end well. Have fun :-)

  13. What a wonderful sounding week. Love downsizing both body size and junk in the house. Don't lose clothes feel fantastic? Hope you enjoyed your date night and way to budget for the brew.

  14. Michele sounds like a great week. So impressive how you are working on so many things in a balanced way! Keep it up!
    Thanks for stoppng by my blog. We r excited for disneyland. It wa 80 degrees here in s ca yesterday

  15. Sounds like you had a great week!! You are doing geat my friend!! Hope you had a fun time on your date! Sounds fantastic!!!

    Keep up the great work!!