Monday, January 17, 2011

Award Day and More About Me!

Many thanks (!!!) to Joy, Patrick and Ishmael for bestowing blog awards to my blog during the past couple of weeks.

Thanks, Joy for the Honest Scrap Award.

I had to ruminate about this one for a while, so here goes. My job is to post 10 honest things about myself and then give this award to 4 other bloggers who have shown tremendous honesty through their blogs.

1. Privilege: I am privileged and have a great life and breath of experiences. So much of my privilege stems from being born in this country, always having plenty to eat and good clean water, good shelter and access to education.

2. Love: I have experienced deep love, both receiving it and giving it back. Because of that love, and the feelings of security that come with it, I have blossomed into the person that I am now. I would never have guessed that I would be so deeply loved growing up in the way I did. Love makes the world go round is certainly a true statement for my life.

3.Education: Because I have had excellent access to education, I have a professional career that I enjoy tremendously. My work as an academic is varied between teaching, research, writing and service that keep me coming back for more. I am one of those people who can easily lose myself in the work that I do, thus one of my themes for 2011 is to find greater balance between my professional and personal life.

4. Reader: I am a reader, and a discerning reader at that. I learn something from every book I read. Right now I am reading a fabulous memoir by Katherine Ellison about ADD/OD. I highly recommend this book for any one interested in increasing their understanding of matters of the brain.

5.Life long learner: As noted above, I learn something new each time I read something. I am a quintessential life long learner.

6.Work in progress: I am not as “complete” as I will be someday, as savvy as I should be, as graceful in conversation as I might be, as fit as I might be, as wise as I should be. Thus, I am a work in progress.

7.Passion and curiosity: I am simply a passionate and curious person. Born with it and love the fact that is me! That would be me, the one with all the questions.

8. Cluterer (Not sure if that is a word): Ability to clutter: that is me. One of my themes this year is organization. I am working on de-cluttering my life, thus I am a (maybe??) recovering clutterer.

9. Girlie-girl is not me: 11.I am not a girl who likes jeweler or make up, much. Although, like many women of a certain age, I adore dangly earrings!

10: Blogging: Honestly, I have NEVER been a journal type person, but I have come to adore blogging about this journey to better health, reading other weight loss blogs and of course relishing in the supportive blogging community. Once again, if you are reading this, THANK-YOU for stopping by during your day!

My four nominations:
1. Faridha: Fraidha blogs at becoming my best self by FYT614. I know she is taking a break from blogging right now, but in my book, she is as honest as they come. Take a look if you do not know her: she is a single mom working so hard at life and weight loss.

2. Shane: Shane G: Shane’s blog is full of inspiration and determination. He is, like Faridha, working on so many things at the same time and doing well with all. He is about 90 pounds lighter than when he first started his getting healthy journey.

3. Karen: Karen from Waisting time: I do not know if Karen has received this award, but if so, here is a nod from me. She has done some soul searching through her thoughtful blog posts. Like all of us she is a work in progress, but well on her weigh.

4. Polar's Mom: This is consistently one of the most honest blogs I know about weight loss and other topics about life. Find it here, you will not be disappointed.

Now onto the next award that I received first from Patrick and then from Ishmael.

Ishmael had a unique and fresh style in her "acceptance" of this award, so check out her blog. Thank-you again, both of you! Here are the rules:

1. Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award (Done)

2. Share 7 things about yourself

1.My favorite color is red.
2.My birthday is in May (which by the way is the best month to be born in!).
3.I am a middle child.
4.I like my coffee with a little milk
5.I want to learn to type without so many mistakes….
6.A couple of my favorite comic moves are: What about Bob? and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
7. I do not wear pullover sweatshirts, or anything “pulled over” because I feel trapped in them (I know this is irrational).

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers (or as many as you can)
All the blogs below are not necessarily new, but, they are blogs with substance and inspiring to all of us, wherever we are on our getting fit journey. They are all worth a look by bloggers who are reading this post. I included a few more because I believe some of these Stylish bloggers have received this award! If they have received this award before, now they know that I find their blog "Stylish," too!!!

1. Andi
2. Ann
3. Birchgirl: my apologies, too, for initially misspelling her name with a "t" instead of an "r."
4. Chubby McGhee
5. I will lay down my idols
6. Darla
7. Jennifer
8. Jess
9. Jo
10. Julie
11. Mallwalker
12. JW
13. Loretta
14. Margene
15. Roz
16. Shabby Chic Mom
17. Twix
18. Val

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!
Yes. I am working on the contact!
Stay strong everyone TTFN,


  1. Thank you:) I am honored to get an award that has an honesty theme. I'm trying to be honest with myself as much too! Interesting timing since earlier today I was once again working on the post I promised you that is so darn hard to write! I think it will end up being several posts as my ruminating grows. Love that word:)

    BTW - Such a great list you have in your sharing of honest things. Lucky you. Now about that cluttering...

  2. Thanks, Michele! I needed the encouragement today. Cabin fever here!

  3. Thank you so much, that is so sweet of you to think of me!

    Polar's Mom

  4. Aww, thanks Michele. I didn't expect to see my name on your list. Much appreciated. BTW, turtle necks make me feel trapped too.

  5. Michele, thanks for the award .... I am laughing because I am not bitchgirl (well sometimes I am), but birchgirl. I am sure it was an honest mistake!

  6. Thank you for thinking of me! :)

  7. Thank you Michele. That was fun reading and learning a bit more about you.
    I hope you're having a great day. So far no snow here for us but suppose to start this afternoon and have another 4" or so.
    Hope it waits, want to go and exercise tonight. We'll see.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon!!

  8. Wow, Michele, is your sabbatical time for you to publish in the Journal of Emergent Electrscription? You are finding all kinds of great new blogs. Thanks for passing them along!

  9. Thank you for this award! This is this blog's first award ever! I hope that my journey, mistakes and all, can be inspiring to a better me, and a better you!

  10. Congratulations on the awards! And I look forward to exploring the blogs that are new to me in your awardee lists.

  11. Hi Friend! Love getting to know you better!!! You are a fabulous person!!

    Congrats on your awards - you deserve them!!

    Keep focused!

  12. Thank you Michele for the award. It is my first, you are very kind. Red is my favorite color too. The book by Katherine Ellison sounds intriguing, as I have ADD and I find it interesting to get another take on living with it. I will have to look for that one.

  13. Awww, thank you! What a great surprise after just returning home from Disneyland!!!
    Congrats on the award!!

  14. Good morning Michele. Thank you.
    I love your answer. It has been so much fun getting to know someone from my own state. Well it's fun getting to know everyone but just a bit funner learning someone closer.
    Thank you for sharing a bit more about you. It's so cool reading these things.
    I hope that you have a blessed day today. Not so cold and no snow yet. I sure can handle that. Take care my friend.

  15. Aww, thanks for thinking of me, MIchele. I've been passing on awards lately, but it's sweet of you to include me.

    What About Bob, and Groundhog Day... two of my favorites!
    baby steps, baby steps ;-)

  16. Thanks so much, Michele. I truly appreciate your support and encouragement. You're such an inspiration.