Saturday, December 11, 2010

The weather out side is delightful!

So, we woke up in Minneapolis this morning to this weather news:Yep, all that BLUE = SNOW!!!
Let's go for a walk before the plows come!
Still a little dark so I will leave the Christmas lights on.
There's my path, follow along!
Here is a picture of hubby and me getting started. We are bundled up!
Walking in the car treks makes it a little easier.

This morning let's go down to the lake. Can you see the horizon?

Not the best picture of our boy because he would
not hold still, but, you can see he is also covered with snow!
This is the path I ride my bike on in the summer
.Can you see me smiling?? I LOVE snow!
The problem with glasses is they FOG up!
We will get up to 18 inches of snow over this weekend!
Hope the Giants make it in.
TTFN from the VERY, VERY SNOWY state of Minnesota!


  1. Yup, i'm in the Twin Cities, Brooklyn Center and hubs just went out to plow. Still supposed to get several more inches I guess. We're so hibernating today!

  2. Hi Michele,
    I also just posted about the big snowstorm and how I used to handle it--staying inside with comfort food, etc. We were supposed to go to Minneapolis for our g-daughter's 5th birthday today, but it was cancelled until next weekend. We also have tickets for the Disney ice show at the Ex-Cel tomorrow. We are soooo hoping we can go with all of our kids and grandkids! Oh Minnesota--You gotta love it! I will say it is beautiful1

  3. I love your pictures, they are funny, beautiful, and inspiring. Snow is so beautiful, I just don't like driving on it since I got my civic...mmm wonder why that is. =(
    Kudos to you for getting up and getting out there even though it's cold and snowy!!!!

  4. I am freezing right with you girl!

  5. Love these pics! We are supposed to get 1-3 inches here and 8-14 in the mountains. Snow in December is so rare for us here in East TN and this will be twice in a week!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's looking less likely that we will get to Disney on Ice at the Exel tomorrow, with highways closed, 20 inches of snow, and blizzard winds. I still have my fingers crossed. We were also there last year for the Princess On Ice. It was fabulous. That's what we do in Minnesota in the winter--keep very busy and try to have a good time with family and friends! Stay warm, Michele.

  7. Wow and I complained when we got a few flurries yesterday. lol

  8. Well no extra snow up here, but it's cold. Already -18 and more to come. It is amazing how 100 miles north can be so different.
    Enjoy your snow, we'll have the extra cold and next week...well it's Minnesota, who knows what next week will bring.
    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend. Stay warm!! God Bless!!

  9. Awesome beauty!
    If I wore a ski mask down here,
    I'd probably get arrested!!

  10. I love snow!!!! So jealous. We had our winter blast over Thanksgiving....I think we got 1-2 inches. The whole city shut down...It was amazing!!

    Right now, I have lake front property and I don't live on a lake!!!! It's been raining so hard, that our streams are filling up. We have protected wetlands behind our house, usually no water gathers there...but today I've got standing water and the creek about 1000 yards from our house is rising!!! Yikes!!!!

  11. this is exactly why I LOVE this time of year! Happy snow fallin'.

  12. I'm so jealous you have more snow than we do!!!!
    Can't wait to go out on my hikes in the snow. First one tomorrow :)

  13. I sincerely hope you have a splendid, wonderful snowy time of year. I hope your package makes it to you safely.

  14. Great pictures. As long as I'm bundled up properly, I love walking in the snow too. Clearly, your dog does too! (he's a cutie!!)

  15. Wow, those snow photos are gorgeous! I especially love the ones with the Christmas lights. :-)

    I'm late making the rounds, but wanted to say thanks for your nice comment on my blog, I appreciated that.


  16. GIRL! I am down here in (relatively) warm Texas, and can't manage to go outside and walk because it's too cold. No more excuses from this lady! You put me to shame :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I saw in your profile that you like cello suite by Bach. I do too!! I play cello :D Do you ever listen to yo-yo ma?

    Have a great week :D