Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tag, I'm it!

I was tagged by my blogger friend Karen. This is an interesting and fun game of tag, because I get to share something about myself (via questions) and I get to tag some of my other blogger friends with a different series(4) of questions. So, I share and I get to learn something new, too. Fun!!

Here are the questions Karen asked:
1.What has been the hardest part for you about losing weight and/or adopting a healthy lifestyle? What has been the easiest?
I think the hardest part for me is the slow and steady progress. I have been at this journey for 5 months and lost 22 pounds. You can do the math. Slow and steady increases my patience and determination, but sometimes it wanes. Easiest: breezing through events (like Thanksgiving and birthdays) knowing that I will eat well. Making the event the center and not the food. Eating less for me has been way easier than I would have ever imagined.

2.If you could invite anyone, living or dead, to a dinner party (or a non-food social gathering if you prefer), who would you invite and why? Feel free to invite more than one.

Well first I would say that I would like to invite a group of people to read a book with me. I am not sure what book it would be, but I think a social gathering around a book talk (probably nonfiction) is a great way to gain insight into the mind’s of others. Most of the people I might invite are not known outside of my little sphere, but a few might be notable to you. There would be food, too, but only healthy foods (!!).

Who would I invite:
Yo-Yo Ma. He is a cellist (most of you probably know this), but in my book, he is also a humanitarian based on Master classes he has conducted.

Jane Goodall: Many of you may know her because of her extraordinary research and life work with chimpanzees, however, she is also a humanitarian and a thoughtfully intriguing person.

Hannah: A former student, an English major, with a brilliant and analytical mind.

Will Friert: a recently retired professor of Classics who epitomizes for me a highly educated, yet, always questioning, persona.

Matt Birk: Highly educated NFL player with a degree in economics. He is known for his efforts at community service and promotion of reading.

My hubby: He never disappoints me with his ability to be outspoken.

3.What would you do if you won a million dollars? What if you won 100 million?

This is a good question. With the first half of the million, I would support the performing arts for youth that have little opportunity. With the remaining, I would give the rest to my kids to provide for their own families and their kids’ education.

100 million: Definitely fund something around education. Probably hook up with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help me think how this money would be best utilized. Would want to see half of used here (in USA) and other half abroad. But would also want to use this as seed money to set up an endowment, again all for education. In my mind, education and health are everything.

4.What role does blogging play in your life? Do you see it changing over time?
An important role in terms of my own accountability to my journey to be healthy and a way to connect with others who are also on the same journey. This connection is a wonderful network of encouragement and support.

I know my role will change because it already has. When I first started blogging, it was my way to document and help me to process my journey to better health and of course still is. I spend most of my blogging time reading other blogs and supporting my bloggy friends. I enjoy this aspect of being connected to so many other people!

Passing on the tag. I will pass on the tag to:

Now here are my questions for the quartet:

1.What can you do now that you could not do before you
started your own journey toward better health?
2. Who are a few people whom you most admire and why?
3. What are three of your favorite books and why?
4. What are three of your favorite movies and why?

And, I will borrow from Leslie:
***By the way - you don't have to be tagged to answer the questions! Feel free***
TTFN and stay strong in your journey! Michele


  1. Wow! How creative you are!
    Awesome to get to know ya a wee bit more, eh?!

  2. I suspect that your two answers for question one are connected. The slow and steady is a lifestyle change and that has led to you being able to so well handle all the stuff thrown at your.

    I love to read so am going with that one. Some of my favorites but maybe not top three, just in my head first: "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," "Expecting Adam," and "Tuesdays with Morrie."

  3. Making the event the center and not the food... that is a hard one for many of us to adopt. We for so many years have so looked forward to the holidays for the feast involved. Yet, we can certainly make this change. Treat holidays like any other day, a day to be healthy & have fun, and it will be done.