Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Are you ready for some snow???

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (the Holidays) in Minnesota!

Can you tell how much snow we had by looking at the
accumulation on the bush below?
(Answer at the bottom of this post).
Snow covered reindeer anyone??
Okay, well that looks beautiful, Michele, but,

I want to walk and get some exercise. How can I do that?

Well, here is how. First you wait until the road is plowed.

Side walks have to be plowed, too.

But, that sidewalk looks slippery. Yep, you are right.
Let’s put some yak tracks on the bottom of our shoes so
we do not fall.
Here is what they look like:
Here is what mine look like on my tennis shoes
(yes, one is green and one is black).

Happy Trails!
(That was six inches of snow!).
TTFN and stay strong, Michele
PS: Yak traks are available at REI, most sporting goods stores
(where it snows of course!) and in Minneapolis at my neighborhood
Settergren Ace Hardware.


  1. Love the pics, Michelle! I hope to visit Minnesota soon, but think I'll keep it to the summer or fall! LOL! I'm getting some Yax Tracks for Christmas. I did too many face plants hiking in the snow last winter. Hopefully, they will help! We got about an inch yesterday which is rare for early December here in East TN.

  2. Beautiful!

    But only six inches? Is that using a standard U.S. measuring device, or Paul Bunyan's ruler?


    Remind me to visit MN ... in June.

    I love snow, as long as I don't have to drive in it, shovel it, or stay outside in it for very long. Ideally, I'd be sitting fireside at a ski lodge somewhere, sipping cocoa, in a fabulous ski sweater, looking out at the pretty snow ... my ideal "snow" scene. hehehe

    I've known cars to need chains on their tires, but never people needing chains on their shoes! Where does one get those "yak tracks" attachments? I imagine they could come in very handy on ice (and we do get the occasional ice storm). Are they expensive?

    Thanks for the pretty photos, and for teaching me something new today! I love that! Teasing aside, it really is very pretty there, and I admire your dedication to exercise. If the plows can't make it down the street, there are always snowshoes, right? :)

    Enjoy the winter wonderland! It certainly DOES look like Christmas!! Pretty ...

  3. WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL snow pictures. And boy, that's a LOTTA snow!!!! Have a good day!

  4. Do you read Cheryl's blog She is up there too. Brr. Our family from MN will be coming down in just over a week and I hope we have nice "warm" weather for them.

  5. Every mile in the winter feels like two.... so the workout is great! :) I LOVE Minnesota, cold and all! I LOVE the clean, crisp air. I love our low bug population. I love the quiet of winter. I love the other seaons, too... each one offers its own beauty! :) Have fun! Janelle

  6. From another fellow Minnesotan: We have about 10 inches here, and it is beautiful. I love many things about it, but when the temps drop below twenty degrees...not so much! One of the things I do like about winter in MN, however, is the coziness of the winter evenings inside the house. The dog is curled up, the world outside is lit with the white of the snow, and we seem to be more peaceful. Also, my favorite DQ is closed, so not so much temptation to go for a bike ride and then a trip for ice cream. I guess there are positives that come with ice, snow, and cold.

  7. Thanks, Karen for the shout out! I have kidded about getting chains for my bike for winter riding, but seriously....I want those yak tracky things! Do tell us where to find them!

  8. I usually love snow and long for it during most of the year, but this year is different. This year I have outside animals: 4 goats and 17 chickens. I'm kinda hoping that here in Colorado we don't get much snow or cold weather this Winter.

    Beautiful pix! Vee at

  9. I bought yak traks this year in the grocery store!!
    You have more snow than we do :) Never fear we'll catch up.