Monday, December 13, 2010

17 inches, Exercise, Vikings at Ford Field

What a weekend of weather!
The total snowfall in Minneapolis was about 17 inches.
Here are a few more pictures of cars buried,
snow up to our windows and what the side walks and roads look like after all that snow.
First, the channel through the snow that marks the sidewalk:
Climbing over snow that was pushed over the sidewalk when the street was plowed!
Clean street, curb to curb. From those of you who do not live in
a snowy place, this "curb to curb" means you have the all clear to park your car on the street.
Looking out through our French Doors to the deck!
You hear about cars being buried on the news!
Our buried backyard BBQ!
But snow is still lots of fun!
Late on Saturday afternoon when we were completely snowed in,
hubby and I pulled out our snowshoes and off we went!!

So, overall, I did great with exercise on this wintry weekend: 3 miles walking
in snow on Saturday, 2.5 on Sunday, plus a mile of snowshoeing
and 30 minutes on my NEMESIS!

If you are a football fan you probably heard that the Metrodome roof partially collapsed due to the weight of the snow. Luckily, no one was in the dome at the time it was damaged. It has happened before, apparently, and reports are that it will be repaired for now.
Here are a few pictures:

The game was moved to Detroit and will be played tonight, Monday.
Well, guess what: I’m going to that game! Yep. My lovely daughter-in-law, Jenn and I will receive an early Christmas present. The incentives were just too good.
First: Tickets are FREE!!
Second: All ticket holders for the Vikings-Giants game
that was to be played on Sunday (that would be us!) are
guaranteed a seat on the 50-yard line at Ford Stadium
(I am sure they are banking on the fact that few ticket
holders can get off work or change their schedules to take advantage of this).
Third: Sun Country airlines put together a little package at a reasonable price
including air fare and bus transportation to the game and back to the airport.

TTFN and stay strong today no matter what the weather brings your way!


  1. Wow - that stadium!
    too much weight of anything, I guess
    is just not a good thing!
    Stay warm!

  2. How much fun for you, Michele! Don't you just love spontaneity and more importantly, the flexibility to take advantage of it. I worked so hard for many, many years with no flexibility at all in my schedule, so I truly appreciate it now and would NEVER take it for granted. Have a great time! Can't wait to hear about it. BTW, your pics make our 3 inches of snow look pretty measly, but believe me, our community has come to a standstill!!

  3. ummm Michele,that is a lot of snow!! glad you have adapted to that kind of stuff, cause good ol' Shane would have run for the south long ago if I was having to deal with that. I want to give you a special shout out for keeping active in it when it would be a heck of a lot easier to just sit inside by the fire and stay warm! You go gal!

  4. Have fun at the game!! Could you imagine a game going on when that roof collapsed? That would have been something!!

  5. Your awful weather and the stadium collapse made the news here in Vancouver. So excited for you that you're going to the relocated game! Enjoy!!!

  6. WOW, Michele! Yaaaay for you--going to the game in Detroit! That is so exciting. How about this weather. We tried to go to St. Paul yesterday to Disney on Ice, but didn't get far before we decided that we were crazy. The roads were drifted in and iced over, and with the "whiteouts" the visibility was very poor. So we went to TWO movies...haven't done that since we were kids in high school, but it was a very nice, relaxing afternoon without road stress, snow blowing, shoveling, wrapping presents, cooking, etc. I will be thinking about you tonight as we watch the Vikings on TV. Bring them luck!

  7. The snow is gorgeous. But if I lived there it wouldn't be quite so. Enjoy the game!

  8. Oh yes, I saw the pics and immediately thought of you. I never understood how this didn't happen more often. But, oh well. should be interesting to see how many detroit fans show up for the free game. I love the snow, when I can stay home. I hate shoveling that crap. That's why I left Omaha as soon as I could!

  9. Maybe I'll do C25K along with you. I'm "training" to do the Landscape Arb Bud Break run the first Sunday or so in May. I usually walk it (happily), but Jim wants to run it so ..... should we train together if only through electronic support for each other?

  10. Like Doc, I also thought of you. You are at the game? That is so frickin' awesome!!! I really believe in seizing the moment like that. As an Eagles fan, I've got to say the Giants caught a break getting to play that game in Detroit. Wow, congrats for making the most of things!

  11. I love your attitude. ;) I am reading so many facebook complaints about the weather and in my mind I am saying, "Do you guys remembering complaining it was too hot just a few months ago, are we humans ever happy???" lol I got out and enjoyed it, too. I am going to keep my eyes on a snowshoe deal, too. HOpe you have fun at the game even though we lost. :( Sounds like a fun adventure!!! Take care, bundle up!!! Janelle