Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday and Hottie Update!

Happy Friday!
It has been a great week for exercise. I have logged about 20 miles of walking. That is the most walking that I have done in one week, even more than when I was in Yosemite. Eating has been overall good. Travel abroad is a little more complicated, but overall I did well.

I completed my seventh-week of the Hot 100 Challenge!
Here is my update: Hot 100 Challenges

1.Lose an additional 12 pounds by December 24, 2010. This is doable because there are 12 weeks until Christmas Eve and I lose about 1.3 pounds per week. (I will not weigh in until after Thanksgiving)

2.Keep up my biking (at least 45 miles a week) AND include more walking (4 times a week at least 2 miles at a time) outdoors until the weather forces me inside.
(As I wrote above, exercise was really good this week in terms of walking. I know that on Monday when I walked 5 miles, I burned over 500 calories. So that was excellent. If the weather permits, I will get back on biking once I am in MN. ).

3.Take care of myself each day by eating less, moving more, and eating plenty of fruits and veggies. (Yes, especially fruits. Veggies were a little harder, just because I was not usually the one preparing the meals, but good overall).

4.Have more 1200 days in a week than 1500-calorie days. (I did okay here; three days of 1200, and 4 days that were 1500. With one day about 2000: grilled fish is cooked in olive oil here in Spain! This will be better once I get back to the States.).

5.Drink more water. At least two liters per day.
(Yes, every day. A habit).

Have a great weekend everyone. Stay strong in your journey to better health!


  1. great job Michele!!! That is how you rock a challenge. I have to tell you I am a doofus. I read that you had walked 20 minutes at first and was like WHAT!! then I realized it was 20 miles and settled down... haha. Glad your trip is proving not only educational, but healthy for you too! It is great to realize the health benefits isn't it? I want to share one with you that hit me like a ton of bricks the other day. I went out to start my wife's car to warm up for her the other day. It is a low sitting car and when I got it started, I went to stand up out of it, and it was effortless!! I remember last year having to rock and gain momentum to stand up out of her car!!

  2. This might be the very Christmas season you'll look back and say "Look at what I did that year!" I KNOW it's do-able ..... cuz you sound really determined!

  3. I am so impressed with how well you are doing sticking to your goals while in Spain!!!

  4. You have done a great job this weed! Your 20 miles is fabulous. We have been traveling all week, so I have done well, but not great. I'm taking my 1 pound loss in stride, and will take inspiration from folks like you for next week's efforts.

  5. You are doing so great. Poor you with having to deal with the food in Spain, ha ha. It is hard when you travel, but you're doing great.

  6. Great Post! 20 miles is amazing - it's way more than what i've been doing lately!!

  7. Way to go Michele!!! I am so impressed with you sticking to your goals while you are away from home. You are an inspiration!!

  8. Awesome with the calories!! Good for you! I so can't wait until you reach your goal!

  9. Great update, especially while you are away from home. I hope you are having a great time!

    ~South Beach Steve

  10. You are doing so great!!! Keep it up!!

    Keep focused!!!