Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Friday and Hottie Update!

Happy Friday, Bloggers!

It has been a great weather week in Minnesota. Cool (40-50) which is perfect for bike riding. Now that I know my bike riding days out doors are numbered, I got in a few days of “over” biking this week. Yesterday, I completed at 12-mile ride around three of the lakes in Minneapolis. On Monday morning, I had to be to work early, so got up at 5am (!!!) to complete an 8-mile bike ride. I do not know about you, but if I do not get my exercise in before I go to work, I have a very hard time keeping it up. So, 5AM on my bike (with lights of course) was perfect, except, well, it was a little dark.

Yesterday when I was on that 12-mile bike ride, I almost fell off my bike when I saw for the first time an elliptical bike. The concept looked intriguing, especially for someone like me who wants to be outdoors as much as possible to exercise. How about you? Have any of you seen these before or ridden on one?? They are expensive, the one below comes in at about $2000, so not in my price range, but there is always Craig’s list. What are your thoughts on this bike?
I have to also report that I know I am addicted to riding now. Here is why: Wednesday was our bimonthly day care day for our sweet GB. I took 5 of them to a park near the bike trail where I ride often. While I was pushing their swings, I was watching the riders zip by and feeling a “longing” to hop on my bike. Of course I fixed this as soon as I dropped them off by hopping on my bike and doing that 12-mile ride.

I completed my fifth week of the Hot 100 Challenge! Here is my update:
Hot 100 Challenges

1.Lose an additional 12 pounds by December 24, 2010. This is doable because there are 12 weeks until Christmas Eve and I lose about 1.3 pounds per week
(I weigh in on Monday, so nothing new to report here. )

2.Keep up my biking (at least 45 miles a week) AND include more walking (4 times a week at least 2 miles at a time) outdoors until the weather forces me inside.
(I am really proud to say that I did 45 miles on my bike this week.
Including some “over” biking rides that I reported above.
I came in a little under in walking, only 5 miles).

3.Take care of myself each day by eating less, moving more,
and eating plenty of fruits and veggies.
(Yes, I have done really well, especially on the fruits and non-salad veggies.
It is finny how I am eating less salad overall and
enjoying loads of carrots and broccoli).

4.Have more 1200 days in a week than 1500-calorie days.
(I had 4 - 1200 a calories days, so I made this goal!! That is super exciting for me).

5.Drink more water. At least two liters per day.
(Yes, every day. A habit now, I think).

Have a great weekend everyone and stay strong in your journey! Michele


  1. Great job Michele!! I am so proud of you! You are cruising along this path with nary a stumble it seems! I have never seen one of those bikes and not sure I could even make it work to be honest. Looks cool though. Keep up the great work, those Hot 100 goals are being knocked on their butts!

  2. Wow, you are doing GREAT on that exercising, Michele ... have you planned winter replacements for biking? The winters in MN run ... what? Thanksgiving through July 4th, before the ice comes off the lakes? TEASING (but only just) ... hahaha

    Great goals too! You are really doing a fantastic job. Another 12 lbs gone by Christmas? You can SO nail that goal - go for it!

    I've never seen such a bike (as pictured) in all my life, but I'm intrigued like crazy. I would love to see one of those in action. Does your local bike store carry them? That is so interesting - I'm always amazed at people's ingenuity. If you shop Craig's List and get one, you have to let us know what it is like, to ride one of these things.

    Onward and downward!

  3. Awesome job Michele!!!

    I saw two guys on those when I was biking in MN this summer. Oddest looking things. Hubby came home and googled them. I think it would be great to cross-train and work some different muscles. But not sure how much balance it takes. Oh - and giving the old butt a break now and then might be nice too:) If you get one I will eagerly await a report.

  4. That bike looks so interesting! Before I launch into my Lord-of-the-Rings Precious routine about it, I think I will Google info on it. Never would have known it was out there if not for you! Thanks!

  5. Way to go Michele!!! You are doing SO well on your Hot 100!
    That bike/eliptical is incredible, I've never seen on before!! Would love to see one in action!!

  6. I've seen those bikes around alot lately!
    I bought my regular bike on craigslist for $100.
    Then, a "trainer" for another $100
    So I can ride indoors as well as out!

    A hundred bux is a fair price for a bike
    I think,
    that would just be a "place-holder"
    till I find the exact one I want.

    Part of my "recovery" is also trying to
    understand my "all or nothing" thinking.
    And my own personal inability to Tolerate Frustration.
    And my pseudo-perfectionism!

  7. Wowsa's you really have done well with biking!! I really need to get my butt back on Fred :)

  8. Great job on your goals this week! Awesome. I've never seen one of those bikes, but I LOVE to elliptical so it sounds so cool.

    Our Vikings.....sigh.

  9. I've heard good things about that bike but holy cow that is expensive!!

    Lets hope the nice weather continues! Great on the goals!

  10. You're rocking your plan and your goals, Michelle. Great job on the exercise and the 1200 calorie days. 12 lbs by Christmas? Very do-able, I think.

  11. Nope, haven't yet seen one of those bikes. Looks cool, but without a seat to rest every now and then I wouldn't be able to make it very far. Oh heck what am I talking about, even with a seat, I wouldn't be able to make it very far! Some day.

    I would love, love, love to exercise before work, but I head out the door at 5:20 am for the commute to work. I get up early enough w/o trying to fit in exercise. So afternoon workouts are for me, except on my days off and then I prefer to do them in the morning.

    You're doing great with the challenge, especially the exercise. Good for you!

  12. I love all the "I have done really well"! Woot!

    Eliptical bikes look awesome. I am entirely too cheap to buy one, but I sure want one.

    ~South Beach Steve

  13. You are doing AWESOME!! Way to go!!!

    I have never seen a bike like that. I don't think it's for me...The Ellipical in the gym still scares me. At least I am finally willing to at least give it a try, but it's not my favorite ~ yet...

    Keep focused!!

  14. Great job on the Hot 100! Thanks for commenting on my "Love your body" pics. I've never seen a bike like the one here - interesting. I really, really want to get biking but I need a new bike. Maybe for Mother's Day! (can't ride over the winter here anyway.)

  15. That's awesome! You're doing so well and I'm really proud of you!

    I don't like using the eliptical machine at the Y so I don't think I'd be into the funky looking bike. I think I'd rather run than use that. It's the first one I've ever seen, but I don't get out much!

  16. Great job on your goals this week!!
    I love the look of that elliptical bike. I saw one in a magazine. My husband looked it up and said there are places to go and try one out. I'd love to do that sometime.
    It looks fun, but I have no idea how it would feel.
    I love my elliptical though.