Monday, November 15, 2010

Gibraltar and stamina

On Saturday, my students and I headed to the “Rock” of Gibraltar, a giant slab of jagged Jurassic limestone to learn more about the cultural and natural history of this unique landform. A few fun facts: Gibraltar is imposing but, small. It measures less than six square kilometers in total. Gibraltar is a British self-governing colony. It is inhabited by around 30,000 people made up of Gibraltarians, British, Moroccans, Indians and Spanish. There is also a colony of famous apes, the only ones in Europe to run free in a semi-wild state (for more information click here). As you might expect, there are magnificent views from many spots on the rock (as the many pictures below will attest).

We walked about 5 miles up and down stairs, steep and narrow paths up and down this rock. My students are definitely more fit than I am, plus let’s be real: they are 21-22 years old. But, here is what I found: I have REALLY improved my stamina. I could not quite keep up with them, but, boy was I close. The stairs were tough, but on most of the hills, I did great. I know that the biking and walking that I have been doing the past 4.5 months paid off in this increased amount of stamina and strength. This was NOT true of me before. As a matter of fact, I inwardly always cringed a little when we planned a trip, knowing that what ever we planned in terms of hiking, walking or anything physical, would be hard for me and I would fall behind the others. Not anymore. This is huge NSV for me!

The Spain Seven
Have a strong day everyone!


  1. Beautiful - as usual.
    Yay for the fitness that NSV 's bring!

  2. wow Michele. Two pronged great post! I love the pictures! It is a beautiful formation! And second prong, I love the enthusiasm and the NSV! See there are real life applications to getting fitter too! You keep it up girly girl!!

  3. I've actually been to Gibraltar it is really beautiful!
    Nice NSV!

  4. This post brought back a ton of great memories. We loved our one day in Gibraltar. It was a port of call on a cruise and we sailed in to Gibraltar at sunrise. Of course, I was on deck watching and it was an experience I'll never forget. Wondered if you'd mention the apes!!

    Due to so little time in port, we rode the funicular to the top, but I'd love to go back and walk. Great job on all the walking. Those are some major hills!

  5. Beautiful pictures and I am glad you got yourself in one:) Great NSV!

  6. Wow.. spectacular!! So jealous! How wonderful to find your stamina increased. I used to dread anything that had lots of walking... it just terrified me because I knew I couldn't handle it for long, especially up hill. I'm so happy for you! What a great example you are to me. :)


  7. BIG woo hoo on the NSV!!!!! And holy smokes, what a GORGEOUS setting. I love the photo of you with the Rock!!

  8. That's a great feeling being able to keep up with the youth! What a great experience for them - what a trip.

    Be glad you're out of the country while the Vikings melt down. It's ugly!

  9. Truly inspirational. You're giving me a bad case of wanderlust!