Monday, November 1, 2010

Come along the trail with me!

Today I would like to invite you all on a little trail hike to Mirror Lake in Yosemite Park. It is a "moderate" trail with no switch backs or hikes in elevation-so you can all make it quite well!! First, let's find the path. There it is in between the trees. Watch your step, there are many leaves and small branches on the ground.

That is my hubby ahead.
He is quite tall and I am well shorter-so our paces are never the same!
Keep walking along the path.
Lots of shade here from the beautiful California Oaks,
Ponderosa Pines and White Fir trees.

We have arrived at Mirror Lake.
Can you see why it's name is so fitting?

That is the famous half-dome reflected on the edge of the lake!
Don't forget to look up while you are walking.
Magnificient, eh??
Let's go past the lake and walk along the Tenaya Creek.
Let's cross over the bridge.

Quiet: there is a mule deer up ahead.
Watch your step in this area-a recent storm
blew down many trees. Can you see that some of them
were topped-off by the wind?
Keep following the path we are going up hill,
but it is not too bad.
Look over there, a young giant sequoia tree.
As we make our way back, let's stop one more time to look at Half Dome
You just completed a 6 mile hike. Not bad for one morning.
TTFN from Yosemite! Stay strong in your journey, Michele


  1. wow those are some great shots of a majestic place in nature. I am jealous Michele. Enjoy yourself while there and take some of the beauty in for me!


    SO glad to be done with my cardio :)


  3. Always love the hiking/biking posts! Looks like you had a terrific fall break!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great pics:) My husband is more than a foot taller than me so I get that whole unequal stride thing.

  6. Awesome pic's!!
    I'm with Miz thanks for doing my walk for me :)

  7. Beautiful pictures. I'm tired now. How about a nice cold bottle of water?

  8. Holy smokes! What a fantastic hike. Thanks for sharing such great pictures!

    I want to go there, next time I'm in California!

  10. Next time you go, can I come. At least a flat Stanley of me. I love the mountains. We have hills, beautiful ones but nothing like the mountains.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures and your hike. Love it!!!
    Take care Michele and don't forget to invite me next time. :o)

  11. peaceful and grand and humbling. Thanks for sharing.