Monday, October 4, 2010

How was your weekend??

It was a great fall weekend here in Minnesota, cool temps and beautiful leaves everywhere. I logged 21 biking miles on Saturday (6) and Sunday (15). Now that the temperatures are falling (it was only 41 degrees when I went out on Saturday) I decided to invest in some cold weather wear, including this little skullcap that fits easily under my biking helmet.
It was the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday. Both my son, Jacob, and his wife, Jenn ran the 10 mile which starts before the marathon (7:00am) . I am hoping that next year, I will join them...
One of my Hot 100 Challenge goals is to eat more 1200-calorie days than 1500. Well, my eating was good over the weekend, but both days came in at 1500 calories. But, I continued to plan for eating around events. I knew we would go out to breakfast after the 10 mile and really wanted one pancake. I am happy to report that I had ONE blueberry pancake (thus, 1500 calories for the day) and enjoyed every SINGLE bite!

A few more fall pictures. Enjoy!

Stay strong in your journey to better health!


  1. I'm happy to hear that you had a good weekend--both in terms of fun and food. I did too. We did the Renaissance Festival, and what a beautiful weekend for it. I did relatively well with my food, also. Have a great week!

  2. I missed riding this weekend; back problems. Sigh. Not sure I will go today either. I am trying to be smart. But I feel guilty.

  3. Your fall pics are gorgeous! Great goal for next year's run. I'm betting that you will do it!

  4. You're doing well, lots of cycling happening. Fall is a great time to bike, not too hot, not buggy, just right.

  5. Your fall pics are LOVELY. This time of the year really is gorgeous. Have a great week!

  6. love your fall pictures... and am hoping to see of that beauty soon.. when we head to the mtns of nc and n ga and tenn.. love your goals too... excellent!