Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Friday!

I am happy to report to all of you that this has been an incredibly good week again for me. I logged an additional 42 miles this week so far on my bike!! Today, I actually went about 8 miles in under 45 minutes (which is a record for me). My eating has been excellent. I am closing in on almost 20 pounds off!! Here are a few pictures of a fall maple and a monarch that I found nectaring while I was on my bike this morning.

I decided today that I would just mention one more person that will be featured at the Nobel Conference: Frances Moore LappĂ© is a democracy advocate and world food and hunger expert who is the author or co-author of 16 books. Her first book, Diet for a Small Planet, has sold three million copies and is considered “the blueprint for eating with a small carbon footprint since long before the term was coined.” I know that many of us our just trying to move forward on our own personal journey to better health. Her work helps us to think about how we can move forward to better health for us and our planet by eating with a smaller carbon footprint. I read her book many years ago as a young adult. It is much more than just a book: it is also a cookbook, chockfull of healthy food ideas and recipes.

To learn more about the other three speaker at this Conference click on the following names: Paul Thompson, Bina Agarwal and Linda Bartoshuk.

Have a great weekend and stay strong in your journey! Michele


  1. Michele,

    You are doing awesome - Keep it up. Love the pictures!!!


  2. Happy Friday to you, too!
    Love the butterfly especially!

  3. Glad you are having such a great week:) Keep up the good work!

  4. We are in our second day of rain. I found it soothing until our sump pump in the basement died and DH installed the backup after 6 inches of water covered everything down there. However, it didn't hurt my wine, so I won't whine. Your pictures put a smile on my face and a bit of peacefulness to me as I meditated on both of them while drinking my morning tea. Thank you. Also, I never thought about how large a carbon footprint I now have. Dear me! But I do recycle...

  5. Hello, fellow Minnesotan. Hasn't it been beautiful here this week! It sounds like you're doing great with your weight loss journey. I'm doing better now that we're not traveling. Thanks for sharing the information about the conference. It sounds very interesting. Have a great weekend--it's the Renaissance Festival for my husband and me and our kids and grandkids!

  6. Lovely pics. Lovely progress and GO VIKINGS!

  7. WOW...42 miles..that is awesome!!! Keep it up!!