Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Exercising at dawn!

Some days it is hard to get my exercise in during daylight hours. I am committed to get OUTSIDE for exercise as long as I can (which in Minnesota could be only another month or so). A couple of days ago, I rose early (5:45 am) and went out in the predawn. Come with me on my early morning walk and let me show you what I do. First, you will need a flashlight. Here is mine.
Next, you need to take your friendly dog with you (just in case there are any coyotes
(yep, we have these) or other wild critters). Meet Giovanni:
Let’s go outside. See, it is dark! Here let me shine a little light on Govanni so you can see him:
Continue walking down the path with me (we are doing a two miler this morning!).
Still dark. But, we can just start to see the light of dawn coming now.
Oh, here comes some more light!
And some more! See that wasn't too bad.
Stay strong in your journey! TTFN, Michele


  1. Your predawn exercise routine shows great determination. You will win this battle. BTW, Giovanni looks like a sweetheart!

  2. I love you photos, and cute dog! I also start my weekend walk/runs in the dark, but it is on my block and all the houses have street lights out by the road, so not pitch dark. I so love watching the dawn break on those days. It is life affirming and beautiful.

  3. Cool photos! Nice doggie!

    Who is this Dawn person and why does she have to get up so DOGGONE early???

  4. That's cool and more power to you! For me, you won't catch me out walking at that hour. Actually I am up at 5:50 to start the day anyway but for a walk I'd have to be up at 5! That ain't happening for me...

  5. I prefer exercising outside, but with where I live, it's just not safe to exercise by myself. So, I try and fit it in the late afternoon and evening. Looks like a beautiful morning!

  6. I do it from time to time, but I do not like it.

    Michelle, how do you measure your mileage when you ride your bike? Does it have an odometer, or have you clocked it before, and you just know how far it is? I want to go for longer rides, but can't find the best way to measure my distance. Thanks.

  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. :) I get outside everyday, too - winter too! The fresh air is wonderful for renewing our cells. I could tell the budget was down for plowing last year, as the streets were really rough for walking. We will see what this year brings!

  8. Those pictures are wonderful! Being outside in the early morning is the BEST. Love the pic with the dog in the flashlight too. Awww.

  9. Thanks, Michelle, for the answer to my question.

  10. Awesome, Michelle! Thanks for visiting my blog & following it. Let's do this together!

  11. Thanks for letting us come along on your walk. I'm really impressed. Better woman than me.

  12. Ooooh. That's EARLY!:)

    There is something incredibly beautiful about being out on your own when there is not another soul around and the world is still and quiet. I love to see dawn breaking. Beautiful day-break picture.