Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging with substance and another award

Today I am happy to report that I am down another .5 pound!! I am closing in on 20 pounds off! Wow. I had a weekend full of good eating and exercise. I logged another 24 miles on my bike, plus walked about 8 miles. I am going to Yosemite in a couple of weeks for a little get away. This weekend I started walking up and down the small hill near our farm to help me build a little more stamina (Yosemite is in the mountains!). I set a goal to do 5 ups and downs on that hill and did both on Saturday and Sunday with no problem. So, next step (yes, pun!): I will increase to 7 ups and downs that hill between Monday and Friday of this week.

Alan awarded me with the following award a while back.
If you don’t know about Alan’s blog, you should. He is a super sports fan with an affection for classical music. His blog combines his love of sports with a journey to fitness and better health using a play off bracket system. His blog is refreshing. Thanks for the award Alan! But here is something that you may not know: Alan and I also share a mutual gratitude but a healthy does of skepticism about these blog awards. They do seem chain letter like to me, too, and I never know what the award is supposed to honor. But at least this one is simple. A blog with substance. So, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
Thanks, Alan.

2. Explain my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words.

Stay strong, optimistic and encouraging.

3. Give the award to ten other bloggers.
So this is a blog with substance award. To me that means that the blogger goes above and beyond in some way. I nominate all of the following blogs as blogs of substance. I know that some of them have received this award already, so in that case, this is just another affirmation by another blogger about how your blog reaches out and touches others. In my book, there is no obligation to pass the award on. It is voluntary. I hope you do, especially if you have NOT received it before. But, I would like all of you to know that, to me, you each have a blog of substance, award or not. You each push, inspire, hold my hand, cheer me on, kick my butt, and in other ways keep me ruminating and moving forward toward better health. You are all part of my virtual blogging community. In alphabetical order (and way more than 10):

1. Bethanny is a newer blogger. She is quickly building a group of followers who are inspired by posts and messages through cartoons and pictures. Refreshing and graphic.

2. Brenda: Brenda posts great recipes. I mean great. I am discovering my “cook” within and believe me her recipes look good enough to lick right off my computer!

3. Carb Tripper: Anne H. has a blog full of poetry and photography. She sets some of her posts to music (like the Sound of Music). Definitely a blog of substance because of her unique way of sharing her story with us.

4. Debbie: Her beautiful bike caught my eye right away. She has loads of followers so I am sure she received this award all ready.

5. Dr. Fatty Finds Fitness: I bet most of you already read this blog, if you don’t get on board. We all need a doc in our blogger house, a medical doc that is. Dr. Fit commands a great deal of respect from us bloggers because of her in your face blogging (yep, that is right), her credibility in many things medical (notice I did not say All, because I am sure she would agree that her knowledge is broad but not all encompassing of all things medical) and of course her bad ass attitude, not to mention her colorful language. I predict she will acquire more followers than any other, even Jack or Lynn.

6. Faridha: from becoming my best self by FYT614: I already gave her another award, but Fa….is amazing. A single mom who is knocking the pounds off all the while learning more about herself and life.

7. Gina: This blogger is encouraging, finding her inner runner and leraning about another food group: veggies!

8. Glenn: This guy is one supportive blogger. He has his ups and downs like all of us, but he is moving forward. He travels on business frequently and is learning how to plan. Rock on, Glenn.

9. Jo: This is a blogger who reaches out to the blogging community in many ways: consistent and positive comments and support of other bloggers (Like Ann). Top notch.

10. JW: A fellow Minnesotan that blogs with substance and calmness.

11. Mind Over fatter: This is another newer blogger. She got me with her latest post that discusses how to calculate your calories and translate that into pounds off per week using your BMR and BMI.

12. Potato Diva (Potato Diva's Quest for Fat-Free French Fries (and a healthy lifestyle): This is a relatively new blog. The title alone got me, plus, I too LOVE potatoes (umm, mashed with a little butter). She is quickly showing us a blog that is educational and determined, too.

13. Reeve: A VERY new to blogging blogger who is already kicking us all in the butt with her determination and she has her decorations up and ready for the trick or treaters that come her way!

14. Shane G: Shane’s blog is full of inspiration and determination. A blog of substance that is sheer grit and positive attitude. The guy is a full time student, works in a law firm, is deeply committed to his family (he is losing it for the family after all) AND finds time to blog about his journey. A winner in my book.

15. Soul Vision: This is Honi’s blog. Honi greets each reader with a musical selection. Her posts are thoughtful and pragmatic. Besides she is a biker (and not the kind that I am).

16. Spunkysuzi: has a photographer’s eye. Her blog documents the beautiful natural word where she moves about besides her own journey to better health.

17. Karen from Waisting time: I know Karen has received this award. But that is okay by me. She ends almost every post with a question that invites her readers in to an online conversation.

18. Tish: Tish shares with us the joy of being a grandmother over and over. Besides she was a children’s librarian and understands the value of books and a good read. And I love her sticks of butter at her WI (I am a recovering butter nut).

Finally, I am going to try to emulate some of the substance that this blog should have by initiating “Food for Thought and other Words Wednesday” this week on Wednesday (surprise!). Have a great start to this new week! Stay strong! Michele


  1. Thanks Michele for the kind words and award.

  2. Thanks Michele:) I am looking forward to Wednesday!!

  3. Thanks for the award and now i have some new blogs to check out :)

  4. Woo hoo, 20 lbs. That's two dress sizes. I love Waisting Time and SpunkySuzi too!

  5. Thanks Michele. You are too kind! Your blog is great. I'm dreading this week's game-Cowboys v Vikings and they both are playing like shit. My 2 fav teams. Ugh

  6. thanks Michelle, I appreciate the recognition!

  7. Congrats on the 20 pounds, though I really want to say Congrats to taking care of yourself more. :) And thank you so much for including me on your list, I am honored. I am not sure I know enough people to pass it on, yet, but I will keep it mind so I can pay it forward in the future. I really look for blogs such as yours where feeling good, and just good common sense is used to living well, instead of the old way of beating ourselves up. I am inspired by your success! Enjoy this unseasonably warm weather, isn't it awesome??? :) Janelle

  8. Thank you so much! You are so sweet and your kind words mean so much!

  9. wow thanks so much my award.. and it looks like I will be doing some blog hopping soon... and congrats on the weight loss too ..

  10. Thanks for following - and the list of new bloggers (like me)! I've been on the lookout, so I'm loving the list.

  11. You're doing great. 20 lbs is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats on the award and for so thoughtfully recommending these new blogs for us to check out.

  12. YAY-I love Yosemite! Enjoy the weather!

    Polar's Mom

  13. Yay! Thanks for the wonderful recognition of the award!
    the mean so much to me! I'm really terrible at them.
    But they mean so much to me. Thanks again!

  14. I have always wanted to go to Yosemite! That should be pretty spectacular.I think your smart to "train" for it now. Moving from MI to WA was a hge shock...I was used to everything being flat. I think you'll find hill walking to be a whole new experience. It's a great workout, but from experience I would suggest being careful on the way down especially as it can be hard on the shins and ankles.

    Twenty pounds is a big milestone. You should feel very proud, and I bet you are noticing all kinds of positive changes in your health too. It's a priceless feeling. Also, thanks for the kind words on my last post.

  15. Woo Hoo!!! Congrats on your continuing success with your loss! You are an inspiration to us all!!!

  16. Thanks so much, Michelle. Congrats on .5 more pounds gone for good! You definitely deserved this award yourself!

  17. Hi, Michele! Thank you for the mention and award (and for assuming I received many awards -- ha!).

    I'm sorry I haven't been around lately -- my parents are moving to my neighborhood (from another state) in a 55 year old house, and I've been repairing, painting, and cleaning like a mad woman. It'll be good to have them here.

    :) (hug)