Friday, October 22, 2010

Blazing saddles (2) and Hottie Update!!

Happy Friday, Blogger Friends and Followers!
You may remember in late August, I posted about the hills I tried biking over near our hobby farm in Mankato. Well, I am here to report to you that I made it up those hills and another one with ease. Ease. Easy, I tell you. Easy. Easy. I was winded, but, I was AMAZED at my ability to bike up the hill. Mind you these are Minnesota Hills, but never the less, a great victory for me, bike rider, Michele! Here is what they look like.
The picture above is the Le Sueur River that runs through this river valley where I rode. The picture below is ANOTHER hill I rode up and very steep (hard to see here, but it is!).

The sun was just falling below the horizon as I made my way down that last hill.

I completed my third week of the Hot 100 Challenge! Here is my update:

Hot 100 Challenges

1.Lose an additional 12 pounds by December 24, 2010. This is doable because there are 12 weeks until Christmas Eve and I lose about 1.3 pounds per week
(I weighed in this week. I have not lost any weight since I started the Hottie challenge. But I am holding my own at 19 pounds off. )

2.Keep up my biking (at least 45 miles a week) AND include more walking (4 times a week at least 2 miles at a time) outdoors until the weather forces me inside.
(This week was intense for me with work, so I only logged (so far), 32 miles. I walked 4 miles. So, definitely did not meet this goal).

3.Take care of myself each day by eating less, moving more,
and eating plenty of fruits and veggies.
(Yes, better than last week.).

4.Have more 1200 days in a week than 1500-calorie days.
(Yes, I have. So far, 4 out 7 days have been 1200 calories or less. I am finding that I can do 1200, but I did not exercise as much as I have been. So, may need to adjust as I bike more (thanks, Glenn).).

5.Drink more water. At least two liters per day.
(Yes, every day. I am impressing myself with how much water I am drinking-more that two liters (thanks for the reminder, Dr. Fit.).

Have a great weekend everyone Stay strong in your journey to better health!


  1. Please add to your list - "Safety First!"
    Make yourself Highly Visible when you are out and about!
    Please! And thank you.
    And good job getting all that working-out done!
    Beautiful pics!

  2. great pics as usual and don't diminish your accomplishment by saying they are Minnesota hills! Those look like boogers to me!!

  3. Oh HILL cycling? Well done! Those hills look long and quite steep to me Michele.

    I like your challenges. With the exception of the cycling one - I could do exercise bike/walking instead - They look do-able for me too :)

  4. You may not have met every goal, Michele, but holding your own is worth something. Good work on what you did!

    Make it a great week!

    ~South Beach Steve

  5. Yay, Michele!! And that hill looks HUGE ...

    Great job!!

  6. I find that I eat more on the days I bike. Not sure if it is because my body legitimately needs it for fuel, or because I am using the excuse of the calorie burn. FYI - I had to reset my blog yesterday. (Long story.) So I lost your comment on the drafting post, sorry, but I did get to read it:)

  7. There's still time. You can do it. I posting some metabolism boosting hints on my blog today ... maybe one or two might help you. I'm thinking they are helping me because my scale went down another pound today.

    You CAN do it! And good job on the calorie count and drinking water. Vee at

  8. Great job on the Hot 100!!!! And holy smokes, sure looks like you live in a gorgeous part of the world!!!

  9. Your doing great!! Hills are the one thing i'm not so good at :(

  10. Beautiful pictures! Those hills look miserable to bike up. It looks like you had an awesome week!

  11. Fantastic!

    Your heart is LOVING you!!

  12. Congratulations on conquering those hills!

  13. I'm so happy for you to be able to bike up those hills. What an accomplishment! HIGH FIVE!!!!! Doing great meeting your goals! Coast down a big one for me! Happy Friday! :D

  14. Absolutely amazing; and the photos of those hills look intimidating to me! Can you bicycle without worrying too much about traffic or is this a busy road? I can imagine getting to the top of each hill and then just sailing wide open down to the bottom, kind of like a roller coaster!

  15. Hi Hottie!! I can't believe I didn't even have your blog on my list. I caught you commenting on Karen (waisting time)'s blog.
    SO... great job this week.
    Your photographs are gorgeous. I'm glad you shared them.
    take care...

  16. Way to go Michele, I can totally appreciate the hill thing!! For me it is so mental!! I see one and instantly think I can't do it. I am getting better with this, now I can do them!!

    Keep up the great work - HIT THOSE GOALS!!!


  17. Great job on the biking. Hopefully you'll get that scale moving soon.

  18. Conquering hills that once conquered you is one of the best feelings! Happy for you.

  19. Beautiful pictures! I always think about MI when I read your blog. The hill biking is amazing. It's wonderful to discover we have the physical/mental stamina to do new things isn't it? Great for you. :)

  20. Congrats on the hills, they are big, Minnesota can manage a good vertical climb!

    And what gorgeous pictures, how nice to not only conquer those hills but enjoy the scenery that you might not otherwise have seen.

  21. Good evneing Michele. Thank you so much for stopping by and your encouraging comments. I know Minnesota hills (I live about 90 miles north of you). Their not mountains but can still be pretty steep. You are doing wonderfully. Officially starting November 2nd I'm going to start my indoor exercises since we know what's coming but until then both you and I can keep up the outside stuff.
    Keep up the great work. I'm off to read a bit more of what's happening in your life.
    Again thanks for stopping by. Take care and God Bless!!

  22. Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog. Um, yeah, I do think those look like big hills! Looks like you're doing great with your Hot 100 goals. Keep it up, and I'll definitely be back soon.