Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend recap & Award # 2

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all had a great weekend! You all know about my little excursion to the State Fair, but what you do not know is that on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I completed an additional 42 miles (total) on my bike. I also had the pleasure on Monday of going on a short bike ride on one of the trails near our farm in Mankato with three grandbabies. One of them just graduated to no training wheels, so this little ride was cause for a little celebration. The rest of the weekend (after the State Fair) was focused and on target as far as eating,

I received this award from both Joy (August 31) and Tish (September 4). Thank-you both for this award. I am honestly not sure what it means, but I am grateful.
Rules are:
1. Post who gave you the award.
2. State 10 things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

Ten things I like.

1. I like spending time with my family whether it be counting monarch eggs or larvae with one of the grandbabies or sharing a meal and a tasty beverage with my adult children or sitting side by side with my hubby, both of us independently reading.
2. I like learning new things. You might say I am the epitome of a life long learner. I am known for asking a ton of questions.
3. I like water. I like to drink it, to play in it and to enjoy it’s power and beauty. Liking water’s taste is a new like for me. I have learned to like water recently and enjoy drinking it with a little lemon. I love to play in water, i.e. swimming in it when we are out with our boat on a MN lake. I respect the power of water to carve out mountain valleys via a stream or its response to storms with huge waves and I admire the stillness of a calm water body on a still evening whether it be beach or lake.
4. I like being outdoors and as much as possible.
5. I like the feel of certain fabrics on my skin especially in skirts or pants; like a woolen gabardine, silk, or polished cotton.
6. I like being read to.
7. I like the cello, a lot. The music of this instrument stirs my soul. I played for many years but gave it up, for now, because of a head injury that I had a number of years ago that made it difficult for me to tolerate intense sound (like that of an orchestra). I hope to start up again in the near future. In the meantime, I listen to anything from Yo-Yo Ma and attend as many concerts featuring cello soloists as I can.
8. I like watching insects interact in the natural world like bees and butterflies nectaring on flowers.
9. I like to sew although I have not done much of this lately. When my hubby and I started our family we were both in school. I learned to sew and for many years made most of the clothes that we wore including kids PJ’s, shirts, shorts, dresses and pants (jeans) as well as adult dresses, shorts pants etc.
10. I like receiving comments from my blog reader’s ands supporters. As I have said many times, I know that I am not alone on this journey and feel your support all the time.

Now, passing this award on. This is my blog so I am going to twist the rule about passing it on to others. I know that many of the blogs that I frequent have also received this award. I also understand that passing the award on is another way that we build our weight loss community and network in bloggerland. I know the rules state that this award should be given to ten more blogs. However, I also know that we are all busy people. Lately I have received 10 or so comments per post (Thanks!). What I would like each of you to do who read this post is to suggest a weight loss or getting fit blog that you feel is unique in some way or stands out to you for whatever reason and write about that blog and why we might like it when you comment on this post. So instead of me “awarding” ten blogs with this award I would like each of you to share here (via comments) blogs that are touching you in some way (weigh). This way we learn more about other great blogs and continue to enlarge our community network, but none of my beloved followers and readers will need to go out and tag ten blogs. So, weigh (way) in on one or even two of your favorite blogs that you think others might enjoy. Oh, and no fair suggesting Escape from Obesity or Jack Sh*t Getting Fit because most of us follow these blogs.


  1. Congrats on the award -
    It's always such an honour to be picked by our own peers!

    Kelly and her blog Happy Texans is a good one....

    is also one of my faves...

    Oops I just picked 2 - to get us started!
    There soooo many - how can ya pick just one, right?
    These are links as well...just click!

  2. Debbie at Weigh Down (justquiteating.blogspot.com)
    is a good one. Sorry, I can't make it link. She is on WW and posts her food journal every day. She walks, does 5K's, has grandchildren, a full time job, and on and on. She's very committed.

    Hard to pick just one, though.

  3. Oh that's cheating! For me the hardest part about blog awards (which I love, love getting) is picking who to pass them on to! I follow too many great blogs to select just one.

  4. I loved reading your 10 things. I forgot how much I love cello music. We usually wake to CDs with classical music. One of my favorites is Cello Adagios.

  5. Thanks to Anne, Jo, Karen, yomama, Tish and spunky sue for your comments above.

    Here are some more thoughts about awards and the way I responded in this post:
    I like to push hard on things that I find ambiguous. I think the awards are lovely and I, too, enjoy receiving awards from my fellow bloggers. (Tish, Joy and Julie: Thanks!). I am puzzled though as to what the award is awarded for. Is it the content of the blog or is it something else? I would hope it is the content, but I have no idea. The rules are about how to pass it on, not about what constitutes merit for the award.

    So, in this case, I would call it bending the rules somewhat! In any case, to me, it is about enlarging (y)our blogging community. My hope is that as folks determine their top one or two favorites, others will go to these blogs and see for themselves if it resonates for them. And yes, selecting one or two is tough. Just another way of achieving the goal or the one that I am assuming is part of the award process.

  6. Hi Michele - I like #3, #6 and #8 as well. Well put. Okay, so I went back to my blog and found one of my new favourite blogs just for you - http://weightingfor50.wordpress.com/