Monday, September 27, 2010

Three months and ruminations on the journey to health

Today marks three-months on my journey to healthy living! As I reported in Friday’s post, I am 18 pounds lighter than I was when I began this journey on June 26, 2010. This is the longest sustained time period of time that I have ever traveled in terms of my own health. Ruminations will be the topic of the day!

First: I am facing my obesity and the solution to my obesity every single day. Openly and honestly. I am no longer in denial. I have and am confronting my own big elephant in the room. I am FINALLY out of the closet about how much I weigh(ed). Posting that number (213) and including a record of THAT number were tangible ways that I embraced who I am in terms of my own obesity and marginal health right from the beginning. From the moment I published THAT number I have been free. Relieved. Calmed. Present. Out of prison. Determined. Facing that number, my own BIG elephant, head on and sharing it with my readers through this blog was one of the most important steps for me to initiate a forward trajectory to better health. You can see my photographic record on my photo page.

Second: Moving forward towards better health is easier than I ever thought it would be. Yes and NO Kidding! I am deeply committed and determined. Simple. Eat less. Move more. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Go easy on the junk foods. Words of wisdom from my favorite nutritionist, Marion.

Third: This blog. I started this blog as a way to keep me accountable and to FACE my elephant of obesity in a weigh (way) that I never did before. I never realized the empowering possibilities that would result from blogging nor the encouragement and support that I would receive from all of you, my readers and followers. It boggles my mind how readers whom I do not know in person and would probably not even recognize in the real world are such a large part of my supportive virtual community. Your simple and kind words wrap around me daily and help me overcome the temptations to stray from my path. I always know “You got my back!” Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you. Here are just SOME of the comments I received recently. Who could stray away when all these people are on your cheer leading squad??
  • Go Michele! Man you are getting after it. Isn't that twice you said adios to two pounds lately?
  • You are doing great, Michele, and I am so glad I'm here to watch your progress and be inspired by you.
  • Sounds like you had a great week, Michele. You inspire me!
  • Awesome Michele! Have a good weekend!
  • Great job Michele! I also just lost 2 pounds bringing my total pounds lost to 18! I remember you said we started at the same time and it looks like we are losing the same too! Keep up the great work!
  • Your posts have given me a much needed boost today, so thanks.
  • FANTASTIC on the weight loss, but even better on the exercising this past week! Impressive!
  • Things are just humming along for you, Michele. Congrats. You must feel pleased with your accomplishments so far. I always love reading your posts - so positive and encouraging. You enjoy your weekend too!
  • Congrats on your success, I am most-inspired. I LOVE your approach and really appreciate what you share here. Enjoy the weekend! Janelle
  • Keep it up - you are doing awesome!!!
  • How great to hear from you, and to find your blog. I love it, and will be reading regularly!! We'll be in touch!
  • Yay for you on the three months towards better health! That is what I would call a big accomplishment.
  • Congratulations, Michele--you're doing great. I appreciate your introducing us to other bloggers. I think that's what this blog world is best at right now.
  • Seriously? How great are you? Love this post; so much love it's palpable! AND thank you for your comment on my blog. You are a gem. Truly, Michele.
  • From a fellow Minnesotan: I loved this post. Keep up the great work!
Fourth: It is not a Diet but a live-it! What I am doing is changing the way I go about living with food and of course eating. I do not feel deprived of the foods that I enjoy. I am learning how to eat within 1200-1500 calories per day, how to manage portion sizes, how to plan when I am going to eat out or with other family, and learning how to plan for higher caloric foods that I enjoy and budget accordingly. I do not feel deprived because I budget in foods (ice cream, cookie, hamburger) every so often into my daily budget. I am not on a diet. I am on a live-it.

Which brings me to my fifth point: For years, I postponed regaining my health because there was a birthday, a party, a holiday, or a potluck on the horizon. You name it if it was an event, I gave my self a license to drive through it overeating at every stop. I did this by telling myself when this event was past (or next Monday or next month), I would start my getting healthy plan. I know now that I can eat healthy and weather my life’s events, including the death of a parent, numerous birthdays, World Cup Soccer, Vikings and Dodger games, summer BBQ’s, vacation, eating out and much more. As I wrote in an earlier post, it is the event that is important, not the food.

I am ready for the next three months! More than ready. When I celebrate my next three-month milestone we will be just past Christmas (December 26). You should all know that for the VERY FIRST time I am NOT worried about any of the holidays. Not one bit. I plan to take the suggestion of Sean Anderson and to budget an additional 1000 calories for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I also know that at my losing rate, I will be all together 30 pounds lighter on December 26 than when I started June 26. I can’t wait. I know you will be with me all along the way. You people rock!

Stay strong in your journey this week! Michele


  1. Isn't it empowering to be able to go into an event, holiday, or party and know you will be in control? For the first time? I went to the big "state fair" in our area this weekend, just for my kids, and only ate one reasonable item - and drank only water - in the four plus hours we were there. This can be done.

  2. Once again a wonderfully insightful and inspiring post Michele. I can see you are gonna just rock this weight loss to the ground! I like the part that you talk about planning accordingly for events that involve eating. I am a stickler now for finding out what will be available. If it will be a poor calorie value, I save some calories and watch my portions. It is great to be in charge!!

  3. Oh this is such a fabulous, uplifting, inspiring post:) Just what I need on a Monday morning. Thank you. And keep up the good work!

  4. Keep on rolling along, it's great to see your progress!

  5. Great post Michelle. My fav was #5. You're doing great!

  6. It is common sense, isn't it? Eat less, move more. Great post! And congrats!

  7. Wow, what a great post!! I can't wait to see where you are in three months.

  8. You Rock! This is such a great post! I never thought when I started that my main source of motivation would be from the blogs I read! We are all a team with one common goal. GO TEAM GET FIT GO!

  9. Very inspiring post, Michele. Especially the live-it and the fact that you are not worried about the holidays. Keep it up and enjoy the fruits of your Live-it.

  10. It is so refreshing when we no longer have to have "food confessions" over the holidays. As I said before.. I love your approach! ;) A "live-it"... yes, yes, yes! I don't think we were sent here to experience "diets" or "weight loss," but rather to experience LIVING LIFE! I am right on board with you. I look foward to your continued successes. :) Janelle (MN)