Monday, September 6, 2010

News, learning more mindful eating and Friends Making Mondays!

My first news is that I am down another 1.5 pounds to 14.5 pounds off. I am now lighter than 200 pounds!! Wahoo!!

My second news is that I learned that I am still not as mindful about eating as I think I am. Let me explain. First on Friday, we celebrated a family birthday. I made the cake: low fat carrot cake. I planned for a piece of cake, (300 calories), no problem here because I budgeted this piece into my calorie budget. But I had TWO, so now I was over by three hundred calories!

Saturday morning started great with a 12 mile bike ride pulling Ellery (5 and 42 pounds) in the Burley to Minnehaha Falls and park (again). Salad for lunch. Then a return trip to Minnesota State Fair (trouble). Before I went to the fair, I had 700 calories left to spend. Here is a summary of my food and beverages at the fair:

Corn dog: 350
Blackberry malt: 450
Fries: 450
Total: 1440
740 over my calories budget!!

It was the fries that made me realize that I have more work to do by being mindful of what I eat. I bought the basket of the “World’s Best Fries” (It is the State Fair after all, and almost everything is the “Best!”) for our table of about 10 adults. I knew going in that 27 fries was a serving at 450 calories. But, here is what I found my self-doing. I was so in the moment of enjoying my family (all of our adult children had babysitters-so it was just us ADULTS) -having some beers and of course fries that I realized after I had scarfed down maybe a dozen or so fries, that I was not even aware of eating them. I had reverted back to my old ways of just eating and not thinking back to where I had been. The good news, is that although I estimated I had eaten about 10-12 by the time I became mindful: I did not give myself permission to continue to eat. I counted the next 15 mentally as I ate. I also slowed way down in eating and once again found myself really tasting every morsel!
Yum! So, I leave the weekend being over 1000 calories over my budget, but having learned a few lessons on my weigh (way) to a healthier me.

Friends Making Mondays

Shane posted this little ditty last Monday. So, I am passing it now onto all of you. it's called Friends Making Mondays. Copy and past the answers to the following and then paste the link and teach some other bloggers more about yourself and learn more about others.


I don't like...people who are wishy-washy.

I hubby. I am so blessed.

I dream of...going back packing in the Sierra or hiking down the Grand Canyon.

I wonder...why we make our lives so hard sometimes.

I know...that life is short and that we need to live every day as if it is our last. Because I know this: I try to enjoy every possible moment with the people I love, hubby, children and those six grandbabies and my few special friends and siblings.

I Barrow, Alaska last April to supervise some students. I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the Inupiat people, their culture and their values.

I have...a great and supportive family. My hubby and my adult children are behind me in life through thick and thin, up and downs, ebbs and flows.

I think...there is hope for all of us fatties.

I be on sabbatical next calendar year (2011)!! I plan to work on several research studies, read, and find my balanced center.

I regret...not starting on this journey to better health years ago.

I do...think about my blog posts when I am on my bike.

I drink...too much caffeine in a combination of coffee (2 cups) and at least two diet sodas daily. I am getting better at drinking water-about 2 liters per day.

I wish...junk food were not so cheap.

I am...extremely loved.

I am good at being an environmental steward as I would like.

I need...some alone time almost every day.

I graduated...from CSUN, FPU and U of MN. I always had to couple college and graduate school with raising a family and working. Most of the time working full time all the way to my recent stint at the U of MN where I received my terminal degree.

I grandbabies will be life long learners and continue to enjoy the natural world as they do now.

I plant a prairie at our family farm from seeds that I am harvesting from this year’s plants..

I sometimes...try to do too many things at one time.

I counted on to do what I need to and to step up when the moment comes.

I work...way too hard in my professional life. I have made it a priority to start this academic year with a finite numbers of hours allocated to work (no more than 50), including reading and writing professionally, so I can continue my journey to a healthier me and exercise. Learning to balance my work (which I love) with my personal life is a life long challenge for me.

I cannot...WAIT for the Vikings to start their regular season.

I, except for groceries. I am just not a shopper….except the day after Thanksgiving with my daughter and daughters-in-law.

I some kind of a race (5K, 10 K or something) sometime soon and within the next 6 months.

Now it's your turn to answer these questions my friends! Have a great Labor Day! Michele


  1. First of all, congratulations on the weight-loss this week. I'm so very proud of you!

    "...I realized after I had scarfed down maybe a dozen or so fries, that I was not even aware of eating them."

    Do you know how many times I've have done this very same thing? When in the moment, as you said, it's easy to lose focus on what we're putting into our mouth. At least you did become aware of it and took steps to rectify as best you could. Keep up the great work!

  2. How fun to read all that stuff about you:) And I think you are doing well, despite your little "unmindful" eating slip. But I have empathy. So the other day we are biking along and there is an oncoming biker with a burley and in it is a huge dog! Cracked me up.

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss and falling below the big 200. :D

  4. French fries are satan's tasty tasty tools. I can't have them near me or I lose all control. I can't yet trust myself to go to the fair.

    congrats on reaching "onederland." I can't wait to join you there. Please make sure there are no delish fried taters waiting for me.

  5. Welcome to One-derland! Doesn't it feel great?? Yes, the fair is a veritable smorgasbord, as Templeton sang so rightly in Charlotte's Web. It doesn't happen again for another year. Maybe by then, you'll be so happy with your new, slim, healthy self, that you won't fall prey to unintentional fries! Hope so.

  6. Thanks for sharing your calorie budget and your overdrawn status! :-) I am just starting to track my food. What a confronting thing for me, I'm learning :-) Keep on, sister. And thanks for the encouragement a few days ago. Read my new post when you get a chance. It was an incredible few days! Much love to you!
    Becky from

  7. Yes, wonderland is a great thing. I barely remember, but I remember it fondly. Thanks for posting about mindful eating, Michele. It is a skill I need to work on and I truly believe a key to our success. I'm a little late on the friends making Mondays, but I'm going to post.

  8. This comment is from Shane (I accidentally deleted it).

    Shane G. has left a new comment on your post "News, learning more mindful eating and Friends Mak...":

    Yeah, I would have to say that one of my greatest achievements so far is I think about every morsel that goes into my body. I am guessing that you will too from this point forward. You are doing great.

    I had no idea you were so educated! I would have bragged about that on day 1!! You go Michele!!

  9. Michele Congratulations on breaking the 200 barrier!! It must feel great. I loved the friends making Mondays and will try to remember to use that next week.