Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First light of dawn and planning

Good Morning Everyone!!
On Monday I went out early on my bike. The early bird catches the first light as well as the worm. Enjoy a few pictures of the sun's beginning light...

Planning ahead: This is not a new subject to this blog. But for today's post, I thought I would share with you how I plan ahead with salads. Salads are good for all of us trying to regain our health, right?? How many times have you thought: "I wish I had time to make one..." I was always one of the first people to say I have no time to prepare a salad. Sure, I can buy the pre-made variety, but they never taste as good. So, what to do?? Well, here is what I have been doing the past couple of months. First I cut up a couple of different kinds of lettuce. For this salad it was iceberg and romaine (about 50-50). I rinse and throw in salad spinner. Next I grate up a few carrots (because I do not like carrots and this way I eat them!). Then I chop up some other veggies or fruits. In this salad I cut up some red grapes. Often times I throw in some drained and rinsed beans like black or kidney, some zucchini, some cashews, raisins, radishes, etc.
I put all of it in a good Tupperware type container and place in the refrigerator. Takes all of 10 minutes to cut and prep. I then have a premade salad that I like every single day.

To top it off I use a vinaigrette salad dressing. At the moment I enjoy the TJ raspberry vinaigrette.
Try it! It is super easy! There you have it!
Enjoy! Stay strong on your healthy journey!


  1. That first picture is sensational! Great post about planning. My wife (who thankfully does our cooking), has committed to planning. It keeps us out of trouble.

  2. I love that first picture! That is God's work if I have ever seen it!

    I love the meal planning gene I seem to have discovered. Kathy and I have made the house a healthy snack kinda place for just that reason. If you plan on snacking, gotta make it so that you have the right options. I can't believe how much celery I eat now!

    Have a great day my super blogging buddy!

  3. An awesome and delicious way to get those pesky little carrots!
    Looks great!

  4. Great plan and advice! One caution that I learned from experience. Back in late spring, I was eating salads like this at least once a day, but not losing weight. Kept trying to blame it on the OTHER stuff I ate, but finally took a good hard look at my salads. Yes, they were healthy, delicious and fresh - they were also HUGE! Even a salad with all low calories ingredients must be eaten in proper portion sizes. When I cut the size of the salads in half, I started losing weight. Just sayin......

  5. You are so smart to plan your salads! And I love fruit on mine:)

  6. Great post, Michele! Thanks for the gorgeous pix and the sage advice. Reading it helps keep me centered in my journey. (Especially helpful today, on the day before my WI)

  7. Those are gorgeous pics. The salad looks good too. What type of sweetener is in the TJ vinaigrette?

  8. Michele, I gave you an award today on my blog. Check it out.

  9. i want a trader joes here in alabama darn it... will have to go to the one in atlanta soon i hear to many good things about them.. i love your salads.. great ideas...