Friday, September 3, 2010

Come on down the trail with me...

Come with me on my ride on the Minnehaha trail to Minnehaha Falls.
Starting out the bike path looks like this.
The trail twists and turns through some wooded areas:
Here is an example of how the path follows the creek.

See that little bridge (upper right)? The creek flows under that bridge.

One of the chain of lakes I pass, Lake Hiawatha, on the trail. Look at that fisher-person and notice the skyline of Minneapolis in the upper background toward the right.

Top of the falls

The Falls (You've seen this picture before).

Going back.
Have a great day!


  1. Can't wait to visit Minnesota. Will you be my guide?

  2. I am BEYOND proud of you and inspired beyond words.

  3. Ooooh. What a LOVELY place to cycle! I'd have to get on a bus/train to find open, pretty places like that in the UK. I'd be regularly walking or cycling such open and scenic spaces if I lived nearby :)

    I loved looking at your pictures - and those of others who post photos of their walking places.

  4. A) great pics! Looks like a lovely are to live in!

    B) great job on the riding consistently! You are a super hero chick!

  5. Minnehaha. Hee hee. Makes me giggle.


  6. Time to dust off the bike! I seem to lose track of how much I enjoy it and neglect riding.

  7. Oh my gosh, if I had such a beautiful place for bike riding, I might actually consider getting myself a bike!

  8. I rode really close to there when I was up that way this summer! You are so lucky to have such a great trail system. I have trail envy.

  9. Thanks for the ride! How many calories did I burn?

  10. I want to go out for a ride now.

  11. Take me along!!! Peace is waiting for me there.

  12. Michele, thanks for visiting my blog. I love biking...just explored a new trail yesterday. I hear Minneapolis is a great biking town! Notice from your profile you love the Bach cello suites - me too!