Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ya gotta love Minnesota!

First, we have the most amazing State Fair. We took four of our grandbabies yesterday. Here are three of the cutie pies:
Well, if you have been to any fair (county or state) you know about the food on the stick, the deep-fried this and that, the fudge, the cookies, and the corn. You name it, they got it. Well, I am happy to report that I had ONE corn dog (that would be a Pronto Pup, please (at 350 calories)!) and one Sweet Martha’s Cookie (75 calories). I made it because of planning (again). You can bring in coolers. So, I brought in grapes, yogurt and other healthy foods. Snacked on these and enjoyed every last morsel of the corn dog and cookie (ONE!). And, like, Dr. Fatty, I did not miss or even desire anything else. Mindful eating, Michele!

Guess what? Vikings first home preseason game is today. Spouse and I are season ticket holders!! Yippee-skippie!!

You all know who is back!!

Don't worry, I have planned my calorie budget in advance and left room for one celebratory beer. Let the games begin!

Life is good in Minnesota. Have a great week end everybody. Michele


  1. My husband has family there and it was once upon a time on his list of places to think about settling when we finished school. I dreaded the winters! But he got a job in Kansas City, near where we were in grad school, so that is where we lived and stayed.

  2. I stayed away from fairs this year somehow. Good thing too, because those giant onion rings would probably create a giant bellyache these days. My tolerance for fried anything is gone. Wish my taste memory was as well!

    One fair nearby had deep fried Snickers bars. Just hearing that makes me believe in satan.

  3. I accidentally deleted just me's comment. This is a copy and paste. Sorry Just Me!

    From Just Me:great planning. You had what you wanted.You enjoyed it. rought in healthy snack to round out the menus. Guilt free. I like it.

  4. Michele,

    Way to plan!!! You did awesome. Don't you love the grand babies? Yours are adorable!!!

    I gave you a blog award. Check it out at


  5. Hey Michelle, thanks for the suggestions you left for me - I left you a reply at my blog if you want to take a look.

  6. Have fun with the football. I know what you mean about things taking time to heal. But you went a long way having that closure at the end.
    BTW. 1.5 lbs a's a great loss.
    I have lost 110 lbs in about 14 months so that is what??? I am bad at math...I have lost about 1.7 lbs per week. It goes one way the other...the time. Might as well 'go' in your favor. Right?
    Doing good. Doing great actually.
    Keep up the great work.

  7. awesome planning! and I
    ll bet each bit was YUMMU! good for you!