Thursday, August 5, 2010


, MarionWater. Water. Water. I think most of us would agree that part of moving toward better health is making sure we drink plenty of water. Right? But where does all that water come from that we drink? What choices do we make every day when we get a bottle or glass of water? My post today will present some food for thought on the topic of water.

First, here is how I get my water: straight from the tap and filtered through a Brita filter.

I do not know about you, but I have a hard time drinking plain water, so I add a little taste. What I do in the summer is slice a few lemons or limes and put them in a 2 liter container of filtered water. The water becomes very slightly flavored and is much easier for me to drink. I also carry around a refillable bottle to sip in my bag or backpack; easier on my water footprint.

How many glasses of water should we drink a day? What about sports drinks, should we drink them? Marion Nestle tackles the 8 glasses of water a day and the value of sports drink questions in one of her latest blog posts.

Do you prefer water that is bottled, filtered, or straight from the tap? I am guessing that some of you, my dear readers, like to drink and can afford to drink bottled water. Certainly bottled water is convenient and easy to use. But there are many downsides to this unnecessary and expensive commodity. I would like to invite you to learn more about the issues around bottled water by watching this short video.

Here are some additional water facts from:

Here's an idea: I know many of you bloggers are working on the Just One Thing Consistency Challenge. Maybe that one thing can be using refillable water bottles. Here is a link to where you can take a pledge to take back the tap as we move toward better health for ourselves and our natural resources:
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  1. I have a 32 oz nalgene bottle with a handle that I repeatedly fill and carry around. It's just tap water. I probably should filter it. I got a britta filter for my sink but it kept popping off and was driving me nuts so I just drink plain old tap water.

    I used to refill bottled water bottles but my trainer said that was dangerous..something about the chemicals in the plastic.

  2. Thanks for the post, Julie. Glad to see you are already on board with a nalgene!

  3. Well, I'm going to raise my glass of water in the air and drink to your post! My favorite comes out chilled from the filter on the fridge, and I aim to chug at least 10 glasses a day.