Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reverse Rewards and a Little Wager on Myself

I have to confess something: I like rewards and recognition (and I believe most of us do, too). So far, I think I am doing great on my path toward better health. I know that the challenge will be to stay the course over time. Because I am concerned about my ability to sustain my journey I am tangling a little carrot out in front, except in my case the carrot could be a reverse reward. First my goal: I would like to be 20 pounds less by the end of the year, which for me will be in the mid 180’s. There are 22 weeks left in the year, so I think my goal is doable and realistic. Second, my carrot: If I meet my target: I will donate $15.00 for each pound lost to a cause I support (I have many to choose from so the decision on which one can come later) and if I don’t (this is the reverse reward part) I will donate $50.00 for each pound I am over my target to a particular political candidate (who is running for reelection) who I absolutely despise and will remain anonymous on this blog. How about you? Have you ever tried reverse rewards to keep yourself motivated on your journey? Thanks for reading!

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