Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Easy to Prepare Salad

As I continue to move into forming healthier habits I am reminded of the importance of planning. My life is a little topsy-turvey right now with my father in hospice. Planning for meals is carrying me through this difficult period in terms of eating. Here is a little salad that I made today:
The salad has the usual crispy lettuce (I use a salad spinner) with some grated carrots. I added raisins and a few cut up grapes, too. Today (and for a little zing), I threw in about a half of cup of mixed beans (red beans, garbanzo beans and black beans) and a little corn. It traveled well in my little cooler and was delicious and cold. One of the nicest things was that it was easier on my carbon footprint because it was vegetarian, yet still a good source of protein. (Yum, yum!).

What do you like to throw in your salads these days??


  1. Salad looks great! I'm going to try the beans - saw that on someone else's blog also. Lately, I've been trying craisins, corn nuts, raw squash, and whatever kind of fruit I happen to have. Have had some interesting combinations, but none that were awful.

    Thinking of you with your dad. As you know, we're going through much the same thing. What is his diagnosis? (I apologize if you've told me that or it's in your blog somewhere. My mind is kind of muddled right now.)

  2. At the local Stop and Shop, bags of different lettuce mixes, cleaned and washed and with other veggie stuff in them, are $1.88 per bag. The wife and I bought a few. Romaine, butter, mixed greens, some stray cabbage. Mix it up, your picture looks great. Add some colored veggies to make yourself smile...Fat people like me need rainbows....

  3. I just discovered snap peas!! Love them!!!!

  4. @Allan, you crack me up. Your salad really does look yummy. I need to jazzz up my salads more. My fancy go to salad is: shredded cabbage, carrots, cilantro, broccolini, tangerine, whatever fits in a zip lock bag so I can fix it up quick for my lunches at work.