Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Binge. Binging. For each of us these words conjures up different images where I will bet each of us have a starring role. I am scared of the "binge" factor. Scared of the overeating that this defines. Scared that it will sneak up behind me and grab me when my guard is down. I eat sensibly, for the most part and you all know I am committed to the eat less, move more adage (no apologies Allan!!). But binging still is out there; waiting to creep into my sensible and my emerging healthy habits. I am afraid of the binge because my past history is such that once I begin overeating, I have stopped eating healthy. I know I am different now; I think I actually get it. Weight loss and healthy habits are how I am taking care of myself and it is a life long effort. But, there is still the fear factor...I know I am not alone. I remember an Oprah years ago where she described her binging on HOT DOG buns and ketchup because she was overcome by the binge and that was all the food in the house.

Searching through many of my favorite weight loss and get healthy type blogs, I found many bloggers using "binge" and "binging" in many ways. For starters: Patsy’s post offers a plethora of definitions of binging. Chris’s post helped me to think about triggers. Karen talks about the shoulda, woulda and couldas. Shane avoided binging in a recent post. Becky has another story. Many of you blog readers probably have blogged about binging, too. But what I find missing in what I have read so far are the "how tos." Meaning, what do you all do when you feel a binge coming on? When you can not stop with one serving of _________ (you fill in the blank). What tricks do you have to keep your mind OFF that tempting BINGE item? To keep yourself in check and not to overeat?? What has worked for you in the past? How do you say "No" when temptation is squarely looking you in the eye? I invite you all, my readers, to share some of your wisdom. (Pretty, please!).


  1. Unfortunately I am not one to give advice in avoiding a binge! For me, my problem seems to be that I am a very black and white, all or nothing thinker. Which means if I slip on my diet, I go full hog and binge. And I have managed to binge on the healthiest of foods! So the best thing for me - to avoid certain triggers that almost always lead to a binge. (Yes, I threw out my last jar of peanut butter this morning!) I have seen several bloggers come up with written lists of things that will distract them from wanting to eat. It could be taking a bath, or cleaning the bathroom.

  2. If there is a food that I know I'll binge on, I don't buy it. Plain and simple. But, the most important part of staving off binges is regular healthy snacks. If I eat my snacks, I'm not hungry, more likely not to binge.

    When the urge for a binge happens,(Like after reading one of Allan's look at all the crap I can't eat posts. Ha ha) I honestly have to stop and count to 10. Sometimes I tell myself, "no.no.no. Stop it."

    Sometimes I use what I call "the Apple test". I ask myself, "Am I hungry enough to eat an apple right now?" If the answer is no or , "but I don't WANT the apple." I know I'm not really hungry. I tell myself no and look for something to do that doesn't involve food. And if you are like me, there's always something to do.

    If the answer is, "Heck yeah, I want that apple," then I'm hungry and I eat the apple.

  3. I have a funny trick. If I feel like binging, it becomes all encompassing and I think and think and think and inevitably I do it. Now, the second I think about binging, I replace that thought by playing "pomp and circumstance" in my head and sometimes even humming it or mouthing it. I used that trick alot the first couple of weeks, but lately it hasn't been such an issue. I have it on standby if needed though.

  4. I do something similar to you, Doc. I make myself slow down and figure out if I'm really hungry, which I'm usually not. If I find it's just a compulsion, I think about what's triggered it (phone call with my sister?) and think through my feelings about it instead. It's not as much fun, but it does work.

  5. You know what I think, Michele? I think that if there is a "problem" here, it isn't that you might binge, but your FEAR of that possibility. The fear itself is what puts the capital B on binge and makes it feel like a big animal waiting to leap on you when you don't expect it. So ... fear. Hmmm. What are your tips and techniques for handling your own fear, whether it's about binging, about a loved one dying, or anything???

  6. Sorry, not been around much and missed this post originally...

    I've posted a lot recently on what I'm using to help control the urge to binge. It works for me right now, but I don't imagine for one moment it will work for everyone...

    I am a compulsive overeater/binger. When the thought "I want to binge" has entered my brain in the past, I can't remember a time I was able to ignore it... :o( Kudos to those who can!

    I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful on this subject! :o(