Monday, August 2, 2010

Being kind to ourselves

We all have our methods that are moving us forward on our journey to better health. For me it is simply: eat less, move more and go easy on the junk foods. That little message is straight out of Marion Nestle’s book: What to Eat. Simple and makes sense, at least to me. That simple message guides me in nourishing my body, both physically and physiologically. But there is more to regaining better health than just the physical and the physiological.

This journey to better health is also one of self-discovery that is cognitive, psychological and yes, emotional. For me, my focus is not just on the physical side of obesity, but on the cognitive, psychological and emotional sides, too. I am a life long learner, so when I am faced with something I want to know more about, I read about it. I ask questions. I investigate. I bet many of you are investigative detectives, too, about things you want to know more about. I, like many of you, am learning more about the cognitive, psychological and emotional side of obesity by reading some books about food, overeating and regaining health. Currently I am reading Geneen Roth’s (and listening to it on audio tape): Women, Food and God. I guess Geneen has a strong following, almost cult like. I can understand why. Her message is simple: begin to know yourself, to understand yourself and to be kind to yourself. Powerful.

Here is something I am learning about myself: I can eat less, but I can also enjoy a few foods that I like. If you have been reading my blog you know about the bag of potato chips, the cookie, In and Out and ice cream. Sure that is not much “junk” food, but it is some (remember Marion suggests that we go easy on the junk food). Every time I ate one of those items over the past 5 weeks, I enjoyed every bite. I ate them mindfully and really tasted them. Relishing the taste and slowing down to really enjoy them quenched my desire to have more. I am learning that I do not have to deprive myself of the foods I enjoy. I lost 10 pounds since I started this journey, which is evidence to me that my simple plan of eating less, moving more, and going easy on the junk foods is working for me. It is working for me. It is working for me. I believe this simple system can work for others, too. Eating less moving more and going easy on the junk foods is the foundation of my journey and is at the root of how I am being kind to myself. Because, I am worth this kindness and it is long overdue.

Thanks for reading my ruminations. TTFN.


  1. hi! Congrats on your first 10 lbs. I've given you a blog award! come on over to grab it:

  2. I just followed Julie over from her blog:) I saw Roth on Oprah a while back but have not seen the most recent episode or read the book yet. It is on my list. She does seem to have quite a following. Maybe when I read her book I will have my own aha moment.