Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday! Day 15!!

Well, if you were, like my family, cheering for the Netherlands in World Cup soccer, you are not so happy at the outcome. They did have a great run and it was fun. And, I would like to report that through all of the games-I continued to watch what I ate. I am getting good at planning to bring some good foods and this really paid off over these past few games with the FAM. So, the Dutch lost, but I am a winner!

This will be a challenging week for me because I start teaching at the U on Monday. The teaching is the fun part. The hard part is the delicious meals (lunches and super snacks) that we provide for the teachers. I have no idea how the delicious food is prepared, but I do know that it will be high in hidden calories, so a no-no for me. I plan to bring a lunch instead.

Bike: about 35 minutes today. Today, Jan and I biked around the Lake together. He actually commented on how much “faster” I am getting. So, another win for me!

I started reading Geneen Roth, When Food is Love, book. A little over the top-but some good points. Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Michele - I resonate with your comments about your life partner, and totally understand the desire to be healthy together as you age. I myself decided to indulge over my birthday weekend, which was a pleasure but one tinged with guilt. Yes, I did have dessert but, no, I was not at all hungry. So it was an example of what the "Mindful Eating" author would call mind hunger, e.g. it's my birthday, it's typical to have a sweet thing for a b'day, ergo I have the sweet thing. The next day we went to the Como Park zoo. I am deeply ambivalent about zoos! Cheers.

  2. HI, Carolyn, the lone comment-tor (so far!),
    We are both fortunate...truly.. (i know you don't like that overused word).

    I am glad that you indulged on your BD. Good for you. Did you see the B-fly house at the zoo??