Friday, July 30, 2010

Peddling around

My goal for the next thirty-three days is to bump up the exercise. So, today, I woke up and basically jumped on my bike with Ellery, almost permanent houseguest and 5 year old granddaughter) in the Burley. We went around Lake Harriet and back in 32 minutes. Not bad for not being in the saddle for a while. Boy. Did it feel great to get outside and bike. I never thought I would be blogging about how I missed exercise over the past two weeks, but I did and do. I do a lot of thinking on the bike. It clears my head to peddle around. But it is also hard work for me to bike, especially when you consider that I am pulling a 42-pound girl in a Burley and include all my excess baggage. Well that is A LOT to cart around.

I learned something else about myself in California, I have little stamina for walking and for standing. I think this is a result of my weight finally catching up with me. It took a great deal of effort to walk the mile or so back and forth to the beach from our hotel. I had to mentally “psych” myself up for it, too. And because exercise is hard for me, physically, I can find a million and one reasons to not exercise and succumb to that little devilish voice in my head that says: take a taxi...skip it, just this once...tomorrow is another day and so on. It is a mind game that I am playing with myself about exercise. Today I won by getting on the bike. I won each time I walked back and forth to the beach last weekend. But life is up and down right now with my father in decline and all the other things that are part of everyday living. I wonder: Can I keep it up? Can I continue to move forward?? So, I am sending all you bloggers and readers a question: What do you do to keep your exercise up when that little voice, or other methods of procrastination start to overtake you??


  1. You CAN keep it up and you will. I haven't been the best lately (mostly due to my stupid toe!) but exercise does so much for me mentally..the benefits cannot be ignored. For the longest time I had a trainer I went to three times a week, so having that appointment held me accountable. that has just ended so I really need to hold myself accountable and keep my appointments with/commitment to myself!

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Blogging is helping all of us to be accountable, too.