Monday, July 26, 2010

One MONTH: Thirty Days!

Today marks one month; !!thirty days!! since I made the commitment to better health. Over our lives, a lone month is but a flicker in time and not long. We often loose sight of what happens in our lives across a month’s time. I know I sure do and have. Each and every one of the thirty days that are now part of my past I thought about the decision I made to revive my health. Each and every day I made some progress toward this renewal and in so doing, I deepened my own commitment and resolve to continue. Success begets success.

One month: thirty days. Some moments and days were filled with joy and exuberance like the Dutch going to the World Cup Finals, others were darker and oozing with uncertainty as my father entered hospice and others filled with relishing the natural world as a teacher, a learner and a human being. As many of you know, such a dichotomy in emotions can lead to choosing unhealthy foods, overeating and even binging. Whether we celebrate life’s events or ponder the end of life, food and eating are never far away. I blogged earlier about the aromas and the palette appeal that faced me everyday at lunch while I was teaching my summer course at the U. And as you know doubt might guess, what made this month a success for me is the way I planned to eat at every event I went to. Every one. What do I do? Simple. Pack a lunch box. Here is mine.

I take it with me wherever I go. I bought a couple of small freezer cold packs to but in it. I pack it every day when I am on the go depending on what I will be doing or where I will be. My favorite lunch box snack right now is a cup of red grapes. I love them because they CRUNCH when you bite. Plus, eating one at a time takes awhile. By the time I finish my 1-cup, I feel like I have been chewing for a while. Yum. I also pack often the Trader Joe’s fig cereal type bars. They have only 120 calories per bar. They are relatively good for you-no high fructose sugar. And they are delicious. Yum!

BTW: I am 6 pounds lighter going into my second thirty days. Yippee!

Goals: Move more: I did great for the first 20 days, but the last third, was tough. Work and life made it difficult. So, my goal for the next thirty days is to move more at least 22/30 days. TTFN and thanks for reading! Michele


  1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! We want this Oma around for a very long time. We love you and support you in every way. Congrats on taking charge and making health happen. We love you!! And look forward to many more posts! I must add are already the most active person I know...hmmmm...if you get more active, you might combust!

  2. Thanks so much for being my FIRST follower! It is so great to have your support and love...